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Disney secretly regrets cancelling the series and is planning to revive it when the time is right
It was one of the few shows not included in the Disney NOW app and is currently not on Disney+. This is because the company doesn't want to release it with nothing but a blatant cliffhanger that will dissatisfy any potential viewers. They are well aware of the fan demand, but are not yet ready to bring the show back because Craig McCracken is with Netflix creating Kid Cosmic while most of the staff is busy with other projects like DuckTales (2017). Since hiring an entirely different crew is a surefire recipe for Seasonal Rot, they're instead going to wait until the old team is ready to reunite for the highly anticipated third season.

Also, The Proud Family is returning for a third season on Disney+.

How "The Box" and "The Robomechabotatron" were supposed to tie in to Wander's Character Development
The titular box was meant to be a "test of character" for Wander. As seen in the episode, he was obsessed with opening it. And in the latter episode, he was reluctant to fight Dominator. The third season would push Wander by introducing him to threats that couldn't be beaten with simple kindness and that in some cases he just has to let go.

The Season 3 villain was written as a Complete Monster
It has been said that the currently cancelled season would have tested Wander in a few ways, and that the villain would be even worse than Dominator. We all know Wander as the guy who thinks "an enemy is a friend you haven't made yet" and had gone through great lengths to befriend Hater and Dominator. And, unlike Dominator who takes advantage of weakness, the S3 villain would take advantage in inner strength. Wander would try to some extent to make a friend out of this new enemy, who in turn does all sorts of terrible things to test Wander's forgiveness. It would eventually go too far and, in a somewhat ironic twist, Wander would come to realize this enemy is just an enemy and that not everybody can be fixed. But no worry, because the enemies he did reform will help defeat this jerk, thus keeping Wander hopeful.

How Dominator’s redemption will play out
With all the information we have gathered on the cancelled third season, it seems like this scenario will most likely happen if season 3 sees the light of day: Dominator will briefly team up with the S3 threat to regain her power and tech, and/or for revenge against Wander and Hater. However, Dominator will FINALLY realize that this antagonist is pure heinous, even for HER standards, and it will drive home what kind of person she will become if she continues to be left unchecked. She realizes she can’t stop him/her/it by herself, and finally opens herself up to join Wander’s gang, even revealing a bit of her backstory in the process.

Peepers will be jealous
It makes a lot of sense if you think about it. When Monkeyboy arrives, Lord Hater will face yet another distraction from conquering: rekindling a past friendship. Hater’s memories as a NASA primate will start to come back to him, and he and Monkeyboy will start to bond, much to the irritation of Peepers. Peepers may realize that the Hater he once cared for and supported is gone for good, especially with Hater also being too busy sucking up the praise and admiration for defeating Dominator in S2. Peepers will eventually abandon Hater, tempted by “inner strength” to join a more evil side, finally going to prove himself as the powerful villain he was meant to be...

Who the S3 threat exactly is
Who was this threat exactly going to be? Would it be us, the Earthlings (or a major representative), who, after discovering all the weird creatures in Wander’s Galaxy, would perceive them all as dangerous monsters and go on a rampage to invade and capture these hideous aliens for some sort of twisted view of liberation? Or, would it be a brand new, all-knowing, all-powerful extraterrestrial who wants to “correct” the universe and it’s inhabitants as a way to fulfill their dark version of peace and utopia? Keep in mind, Word of God confirms that this villain has to be some sort of Well-Intentioned Extremist, and would greatly challenge Wander’s ideologies on making peace, a parallel to how Dominator challenged Hater’s ideologies on determination of galactic rule. Therefore, S1 is Hater, S2 is Greater Hater, and S3 is Greater Wander.

Season 3 would have had Hater come into conflict with Peepers over staying as a villain
Season 2 ended with Hater as a hero who beat Dominator once and for all. It's doubtful that Season 3 would just abandon this, so it would start with Hater being showered with praise for his heroism.

Remember, it's shown that Hater's villainy is deep down, a manifestation of a need to be admired. By defeating Dominator, he would have finally found the admiration and respect he's longed for. And once he realizes he has it, would he even want to be a villain any more?

Peepers would definitely have a problem with Hater giving up on villainy. He's invested much into building a galactic empire, and knows by S2's end how much he depends on Hater to do so. Once he finds out that Hater is considering quitting the villain business, he'd go ballistic (especially since with Dominator's defeat and how the other villains by S2's ending either went into hiding, retired, or are otherwise no longer a threat left the galaxy ripe for the picking) and run to confront Hater. They'd have a fight with both sides being sore about it afterwards.


What Peepers does from here is iffy. He might go as far as resorting to some method to manually control Hater he either invented in case Hater ever got out of control or discovered recently.

Lord Hater was not Monkeyboy, but he was a monkey
I mean, he looks a lot like a monkey if you really observe his appearance. The chimp image from "The Waste of Time" is so far the only thing we have to go for about the character Monkeyboy (who can go by many names according to Word of God). However, it's also been confirmed that Hater and Monkeyboy are two separate characters.

The aforementioned chimp image is actually of Hater's past self. Monkeyboy is another different primate who was friends with Hater on Earth and would become one of the new characters in the third season. Frank Angones did hint that this season would involve Wander meeting Hater's (previous) best friend.

Peepers Discovered Hater
This addresses the moments where Peepers acts more like a strict parent towards Hater than an underling. Picture Peepers starting out as a new villain (after all, the show never said he hadn't tried being a conquerer himself before the episode he temporarily quit Hater's arm). He's small if strong for his size, has a silly voice courtesy of Tom Kenny, and is overall not charismatic enough to be a galactic conquerer. He needs a weapon to get his rivals and the galaxy at large to take him seriously. So he comes across the crash site of an Earth spaceship, with the reanimated remains of a dead space monkey walking around lost and confused. Noticing the creature's size and superpowers, he shows he's not a threat to him and gets him to follow him. The two are partners, with Peepers even accidentally naming the undead ape Hater which the dead monkey takes a shining to. As the dead monkey's power grows, he becomes more demanding and assertive. He ends up showing Peepers he's not interested in being anything less than the alpha male. Rather than cut his ties, Peepers submits himself, letting Hater call himself the boss as they go off to Peepers' homeworld to build an army. Haters' power and bombastic antics makes him a hit with the Watchdogs, who flock to him in droves with Peepers.

The Big Bad of Season 3 would have contrasted with Dominator by being a Knight Templar who has genuinely noble intentions
When asked about Season 3 Antagonist compared to Hater ("Who we are") and Dominator ("Who we are when if we're left unchecked"), Frank Antigones posted "Ego, Id, Superego." In a nutshell, the Id is all our selfish desires (greed, thrill-seeking, etc.), the Super-ego is our morality, lastly the Ego is our controller that draws from our knowledge, beliefs, and everything else that helps us pick between the Id and the Super-ego.

Since the ego is who we are (Hater, who as noted by Craig McCracken is the one who grows and overall changes across the story between himself and Wander), the id is who we become if we’re left unchecked (Psychopathic Womanchild Dominator), so surely the Season 3 threat would have been the Super-ego (perhaps, "Who we are if we go too far to do right").


To back this up, Frank also said that Season 3 would test Wander like how Season 2 tested Hater. Now, what happened in Season 2 to test Hater? He met a villain who in many ways was a more extreme (and female) version of him (skull motif, similar color scheme, childish habits, an Omnicidal Maniac instead of a galactic conqueror), complete with being described as “A greater Hater than Hater.” So, the Big Bad of Season 3 would be a better Wander than Wander. And what is Wander but a traveling do-gooder who has both befriended those he helped and reformed major villains?

Take a look at the ship seen in Waste of Time, which was confirmed to have been planned to play an important role in Season 3. How does it look? Bright cheery colors? Stars? Smiles? Orbbles? Look familiar? This ship could be to Wander what Dominator's was to Hater. Everything about Wander gets taken up to an extreme in this ship’s design. A ship that a "Better Wander than Wander" would own.

As for what makes the character a threat, Frank said that are fates "worse than galactic destruction", gave a curious answer to a question about reforming more villains (which was "Define reformed"), and said that the Season 3 Big Bad being worse than Dominator is "relative" with it varying on both who it's worse for alongside how the deed was done. Combining these, this WMG proposes the Big Bad would have a method to force villains into reforming whether they wish to or not. Wander would be conflicted over this, since he'd see the Big Bad's methods working but believe villains should reform on their own. And that would be before the Big Bad starts forcing innocents into becoming model citizens for his/her galactic utopia, a dark mirror of Wander's mission.

The final threat of season 3 was going to be Earth.
Building on the above theories, Monkeyboy’s shuttle implies that Earth exists, maybe not in their Galaxy, but in their Universe. However, we don’t know how long ago Monkeyboy’s shuttle was launched, so for all we know, it could be ancient history.

In the time between the loss of the shuttle and the present of the series, Earth and its people have advanced into a spacefaring, galactic society. However, it is a dystopian society, bent on acquiring resources for its own people and industries. Still reeling from her defeat in season 2, Dominator would stumble upon the fringes of Earth’s empire, and in an act of revenge (or just being captured and interrogated by them), she would tell them of Wander’s Galaxy. Earth would then launch an invasion of the Galaxy, with war machines putting Dominator’s army to shame. Seeing themselves as superior, the leaders of Earth would attempt to “liberate” the “Alien Savages” by conquering them.

Wander would be challenged by the Humans of Earth, as you can’t turn someone good if they already think what they’re doing is good. And Hater too, would be challenged, for if he was Monkeyboy, then that means HE is an Earthling. Hater would be forced to choose between the Planet he was born on, and the Galaxy he lives in now...

Something The So-and-So...
The third season was supposed to involve Character Development for many of the cast. Frank Agnones stated that the Season 3 villain knew how to exploit everyone's strengths, like Dominator did their weaknesses. At first glance, Something The So-and-So appears to lack self-esteem, but is implied to also be a case of Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass. What if the S3 villain got to him and unleashed those qualities; could Something The So-and-So go from Affably Evil to an actual threat?

Season 3 was going to be themed on selfishness and pride
Frank Angones spilled a few details about the S3 villain; mainly that the villain represented ego, and may be either a character or some other form of threat. He also said "there are fates worse than galactic destruction." Like maybe...losing friends? I could see the S3 villain breaking apart the relationships between Wander and Sylvia as well as Hater and Peepers. There have been details released about Wander being challenged "in every way possible" and a "heck of an arc" planned for Peepers.

Hater's real name
Assuming he was once indeed an ape from Earth, then he would have also had a different name at the time. My guess is that hisoriginal name was Hambone. "Ham" being a tribute to Ham the chimpanzee - the first hominid to be launched into space - and "bone" being a foreshadow to him becoming a living skeleton.

Monkeyboy was once Hater's best friend
When a fan asked Frank Angones on Twitter about if there were to be a movie, he replied with "Wander confronts Lord Hater's previous best friend". This again ties in with the Hater-being-an-ape theory and may potentially lead to the story arc of Peepers; Hater's current best friend.

Dr. Screwball Jones was Wander's former travelling partner.
So, as we all know, there are a lot of unresolved storylines that we'll never get to see because of the abrupt ending to the show. One of the biggest, to me, however, is the backstory of Dr. Screwball Jones. We all know how Wander is; he never gives up on ANYONE. He's been dealing with Hater (And most likely had the same situation with Major Threat) for ages, but continues to try to be his friend. Even Dominator, someone who's got a maniacal determination to destroy the galaxy, isn't immune; as we can see by the series finale promo, he's STILL trying to befriend her. And yet, the only time we see that he has given up on someone is with Dr. Screwball Jones. What could he have possibly done to warrant such behaviour from Wander?

I'd imagine that it's nothing that wouldn't be allowed on the show, so probably nothing graphic. There are a plethora of possibilities, but there's one that popped into my head that I think is a very valid, and I'd even daresay likely, possibility:

He was one of Wander's travelling partners before Sylvia

First off, let's look at how Wander behaves towards Screwball; he has an absolutely no nonsense approach toward him. For the most part, he doesn't take the villains seriously, outside of Dominator. Even at that, he only takes Dominator seriously because she's actively destroying planets. Yet with Screwball, he's at his most serious. Hell, he even says that Screwball is WORSE than Dominator. He didn't know of Dominator's FULL potential at this point, but that's still a signal that Wander genuinely considers Screwball to be evil. He refers to Screwball as "The most villainous villain to vex this or any other galaxy". Even though he has redeemed several villains, including the almighty Major Threat (Who Lord Hater refers to as "the villain-iest villain"), Wander sees Screwball as being irredeemable.

Now, from what we see, Screwball doesn't do much that's straight up unforgiveable; I doubt that a guy who uses a tickle machine has many plans that involve actual planetary conquering or destruction. So, his goal is simple; make everyone happy, even if he has to FORCE them to be happy. Now, that's an obvious clash with Wander's ideals and certainly something that Wander wouldn't be thrilled with, but enough to believe that the guy can't be helped? I doubt that.

Now, let's consider what we know about Wander's history. We don't know much of significance from his past, except for a few important details. For example, we know that Wander is, more than likely, at least 1000 years old (Considering he's seen 2 cosmic conjunctions) and he got the name "Wander" after meeting Sylvia.

Now, what do we know about Screwball's past? Almost nothing. All we know is that he has some history with Wander.

So, why do I think that Screwball was a former partner of Wander's? Well, there are a couple of reasons.

First off, he's one of the few villains we've seen that have good intentions; he actually does WANT to make everyone happy. Yet his idea is to FORCE everyone to be happy, rather than resolving their problems or learning to be better people. It's a pretty solid reason as to why they'd STOP being partners; considering Screwball's personality, it's not hard to imagine him being impatient with Wander's way of working.

It would also serve as a parallel to "The Picnic", if he's been alive for that long; Wander/Tumbleweed tries to be friendly with the big threat (Who has a minion that's nearly the same as his footsoldiers) and an aquatic-themed villain whose minions are based on a specific body part... possibly while his travelling companion is occupied? I mean, that's something that I thought was a little off; everything had a direct parallel, except for Sylvia.

There's also the fact that Screwball has a lot of Wander's tendencies, but in a villainous light. They both want to make people happy, but Wander wants to guide people, whereas Screwball wants to force them. They both have instruments; Wander has the banjo, which is great for simple, gentle numbers but is poor as a "weapon", whereas Screwball uses his accordion, and uses it in a much more loud, jarring way, plus it serves as a more powerful weapon than Wander's Banjo. Wander is hyperactive and can genuinely become dangerous if left to his own devices; like in "The Void" where he ends up getting carried away and controls Sylvia like a puppet during the "Take A Step Inside Your Mind" musical number. The difference is that Wander suppresses and controls that part of him because of the danger that it poses to others, while Screwball embraces it.

The reason that their similarities are important is, in my mind, because of the effect Wander has on people; notice that when Wander fixes someone, they take on at least a few of his traits; Sylvia took on his positive outlook and caring about others, Major Threat took on his "be a friend to everyone and try to redeem villains" approach on life, even the Black Cube of Darkness seemed to take on his "Never hurts to help" attitude, despite the way people treated him.

So, what relevance does that have to Screwball? I'd imagine that, as Wander's partner, he tried to copy Wander, but didn't actually understand what it was that made Wander Wander; he took on the "Wacky, fun-loving" approach, but because he thought it was funny, not because it helps to spread positivity. He took on Wander's "make everyone happy" approach, but only for the recognition of it, not because it was the right thing to do.

So, when would Screwball have been Wander's partner? I'd imagine they met sometime before Tumbleweed's story in "The Waste of Time". I'd say that Screwball was either an up-and-coming villain that Wander caught early, or he genuinely wanted to be a hero at first and Wander wanted to help. Nevertheless, they strike up a partnership and have a Wander/Sylvia type relationship. Then, sometime before Wander meets Sylvia, but after he gets his hat, they split. I'd imagine that Screwball was showing villainous tendencies that Wander tried to stop, but Screwball wouldn't have it, and as they drifted apart, they ended up going their separate ways. The way I see it, Wander was trying to show Screwball the RIGHT way to do things, but he only saw things HIS way. I'd imagine it would take a LOT to get on Wander's bad side, so I'd imagine that he just kept going with plans similar to the tickle machine and was showing no signs of improving; everyone from Sylvia to Hater have shown at least some signs of having a good side, but the issue with Screwball is that his evil COMES from his good side; his evil actions are a result of him trying to do good. This is the only reason I can see Wander giving up on him; he can't become good because, in his mind, he already is, and he can't actually see why what he's doing is wrong.

Minor one, but there's also the fact that Wander consistently refers to him as "Screwball". Not "Dr. Screwball" or the like. While he does refer to villains without their title, he'll usually say it at least once before continuing on with just their name. If Screwball WAS his partner, it makes sense that he'd refer to him by his first name, without the title. It would also explain why Screwball gets so mad that Wander DOESN'T refer to him as "Dr."; it's the old case of "I don't like you, so it's 'MISTER/DOCTOR etc to you!". Not really solid, though.

The only solid flaw I can see in this is that, if it's true, Screwball should be calling Wander "Tumbleweed", but seeing as he could just see Wander's name in the newspaper or the like, I don't think it shoots the idea down completely.

tl;dr: Tumbleweed and Screwball were partners, Wander realizes that he can't help Screwball, which leads to him becoming a villain.

Grop is a another name for Glob.
Glob is worshipped by at least some denizens of The Galaxy, but they misinterpret his name as Grop, rather than Grob, Gob, Glob, or Grod.

Lord Hater is an alternate version of The Lich.
They have similar origins, with the Lich's current incarnation in his universe being spawned by the radiation of The Mushroom Bomb, and Hater being implied to have been a Chimpanzee mutated by space radiation. They also have somewhat similar appearances, being skeletons with horns who can manipulate green energy. However, perhaps as a side effect of being created from a Chimp rather than a human, our Hater desires conquest rather than destruction, and isn't as intelligent, thus making him less dangerous, and possibly more redeemable than his dark counterpart.

The series is Darth Vader's dream in his slumber chair.
It makes so much sense! When he was Anakin he just wanted to be the greatest in the Galaxy, like a certain someone, he was a man-child in every adaptation. And in the series despite all the violence, nobody dies!
  • There was also one watchdog that said: 'I thought he was called Lord V-!' he gets cut off but you get the gist of it!
  • The watch dogs are also eerily similar to Vader's original clone troopers.
  • His dream is also partially corrupted by the dark side, since there he's still a villain.

Wander is the evolved form of a Fraggle.
Think about it, he's free-spirited, fun loving, always optimistic, and Craig McCracken himself has even stated that Wander could be described as a "nomadic, hippie, Muppet man." The living underground thing? Like previously said, he's probably evolved to be able to live above ground, as well as having his body shape drastically altered to adapt to the change.

There will be Hitchhiker's Guide references.
It's in space and McCracken hasn't been able to go without one.
  • Partially confirmed. Wander Over Yonder's first marathon was called "Wander's Guide to the Galaxy Week".
  • Wander is searching for his towel.

Wander is an AU version of The Doctor
He lived in a really boring, orthodox society until one did he got fed up and stole a blue mount (or did she steal him?).

Wander's backstory will turn out to be incredibly depressing
Because, Disney.
  • Buuut since it's Wander, he won't actually register this.
  • First point more or less confirmed by "The Wanders" (though we still don't know what it is). The second part is jossed, as he seems to really dislike it but accepts it as a very important part of who he is.
  • Considering how Wander obsessively tries to help people, his backstory must have been very traumatic; he doesn't want anyone to endure whatever experience he himself went through.

Wander is a Genius Ditz who wants to save the universe from Lord Hater.
  • All of his niceness is a cover. After all, he kept on annoying Lord Hater until he wasted his wish on him in "The Picnic".
    • Really, this one's all but canonically confirmed already, although with the caveat that it's heavily implied that despite this, his niceness is not at all a cover or act — though some of his other behavior seems to be.
    • Sort of confirmed. As seen in "The Big Day", he is indeed a Genius Ditz but his niceness is not an act. He wants to try and save the universe by befriending Hater and turning him good rather than fighting him.

Wander and Hater used to be best friends.
Lord Hater and Wander used to be friends, albeit with the same problems they have in the modern day (Wander completely driving Hater up the wall). They went to school for a long time together, and when they finally graduated, Hater finally got to do his goal of universal dominion, while Wander finally got to travel the entire galaxy on his own. The first time they meet again is in "The Picnic". It will also be revealed that among their shenanigans, they wore wedding attire. Wander being Wander, he doesn't notice his friend is evil.
  • The possibilities are made apparent in "The Buddies", particularly Hater having a dream (actually nightmare) about him and Wander singing about their friendship. Perhaps Hater has some sort of Freudian Excuse which will be revealed later on.
  • {Jossed}. The creators have confirmed that "The Greatest" is the very first time where Wander and Hater actually meet.

Trudi Traveler's (a new character who will probably be Wander's Distaff Counterpart) only purpose will be to mock shippers
Much like "The City of Clipsville" or "Berry Scary"
  • That, or it will be the most glorious example of The Not-Love Interest in fiction, showing how two character with similar personalities can truly be friends without the romance. The mocking would be mostly meta, with the creators constantly throwing the usual signs and tropes of romance blooming but ultimately Wander and Trudi being only good friends as all the shippers stand there stewing in their own anger from the Word of God. It'll be like invoking Wander's relationship with Hater, except on purpose.

The universe in which Wander over Yonder takes in is known as Yonder
Lord Hater will get a Distaff Counterpart
Named Baroness Something
  • Confirmed. Just didn't expect it to be Lord Dominator, did ya?
Wander's species of Alien are just like Seahorses
Notice how caring Wander was to the egg in "The Egg". This hints probably for his species, the males probably have the offspring and care for it.
Sylivia raised Wander from the time he was a baby
She seems so protective of him. Maybe she was his step-mother, found him as a baby and raised him. I hope we get to see Wander as a baby sometime in the series.
  • Jossed. Wander is WAY older than Sylvia, and she met him while he was already an adult.
There will be crossovers with the guardians, and the rebels.
Lord Hater and Emperor Awesome are not the only galactic conquerors out there
  • Confirmed. We see several ones in "The Fancy Party": Queen Entozoa herself, The Kremulons, the BLACK CUBE, and the invisible guy whose name never appears.
    • Season 2 focuses even more on this, as Hater is trying to regain his status of number 1 villain while others move in on his territory.
Wander's species is uncommon/rare in the galaxy
Or possibly even the last of his kind.
Wander originally lived on planet Earth
Where he traveled the North American continent (like he did in the original sketchbook) Then he met Sylivia (while she was taking a vacation on Earth) and he decided to travel with her around the galaxy
  • The first scene in the intro showed Wander walking in different Earthly settings, then when Sylvia picks him up, the backgrounds turn into alien-like settings, so probably confirmed or something.
    • Taking a page out of the MythBusters’ book, Plausible?
The one time that Wander will become genuinely depressed it will be LITERALLY The End of the World as We Know It.
If Lord Hater ever manages to succeed in actually hurting Wander's feelings, it would actually cause a ripple effect where the very fabric of reality begins to completely crumble into nothingness. The tone of the show will take a 180 as well, as this situation would not be played for laughs, or if it is than as Black as the Comedy as Disney would actually allow.
  • Jossed. Wander gets depressed and disillusioned in The Flower, and reality suffers no ill-effects from it.
Wander's physical prowess is based on his emotional state.
  • Which would explain how he's able to do stuff like out-armwrestle Lord Hater in "The Greatest," take on Captain Tim effortlessly in "The Pet," and jump-kick a missile in "The Good Deed" but couldn't escape the cell Peepers put him in in "The Prisoner"—the only times you see him doing incredible feats of strength and speed are when he's in a good mood.
    • Frank Angones mentioned on his tumblr that Wander can perform such deeds when he's high on adrenaline, or rather, "friendrenaline".

Lord Hater and Dr. Doofenshmirtz would be best friends.
  • And they may one day team up to conquer the world.
    • YMMV, I can see Lord Hater calling him a Nerd.

Wander is omniscient, but doesn't always focus hard enough to realize it.
  • That's why his Idiot Houdini tendencies are so strong: sometimes he knew what was going to happen all along, but other times he might've been lost in thought, or just not focusing.

Wander is a relative to Bigfoot.
  • Due to his hairy appearance, Wander looks like a relative to Bigfoot.

Lord Hater is dead.
He is nothing but a skeleton, and voice somehow resembles a zombie. I think he is dead.
  • Monkeyboy (who was supposed to appear in the third season) is said to be related to one of the main characters. There are rumors that he is Hater from the past. Not only do the two look pretty similar, but Hater actually does have rather ape-like qualities (large lower jaw, long arms, even his voice somewhat). But two questions remain: How did he come to be skeletal with electric powers, and how did his past self arrive in the present?

Wander is gay.
  • Somehow, he seems to be in love with Lord Hater, Wander appears to be a homosexual.
    • Wander loves everybody. It's platonic.
    • I always thought he was panromantic/sexual.

Lord Hater is a metabeing of some kind.
  • He can shoot lightning from his fingers, create forcefields, give a very scary leer, warp, and who knows what else? He's either a metabeing or a sorcerer.

Lord Hater is an imaginary friend.
  • Think about it. He wears the same shoes as Wilt, and is voiced by the same person as Bloo.

Sob story about Wander having to give up Sylvia.
  • Because it sounds like something Disney would do in at least one episode.
    • "The Rider" does have Wander considering leaving Sylvia, so Confirmed.

The Watchdogs, including Peepers, are Artificial Lifeforms built by Lord Hater (or someone he knows).
* {Jossed}. The Watchdogs are not robots, as stated in "The Axe".
Emperor Awesome likes Wander simply because he knows Lord Hater doesn't.
  • Pretty much canon already. There's a few notable times throughout the series (dating all the way back to "The Greatest", but most prominent in "The Prisoner") where his expressions and behavior clearly let on that he actually does know what he's doing underneath all the silliness — in "The Prisoner", he both very clearly deliberately starts the food fight, and reacts with obvious knowledge of just what he's got his hands on when Peepers tells him about the self-destruct remote, for starters. Then there's his moment of understanding at the statue in "The Greatest", his (literal and metaphorical) references to the weather changing in "The Little Guy", and arguably even how he manages to systematically build up a "tough guy" and criminal reputation in "The Bad Guy" — although he ends up taking that one too far.

Lord Hater will get a Villain Song.
He sort of already does.

In the future, Imaginary friends have taken over the world and went off to space, because it's Craig Mc Cracken.Many designs look like something out of FHFIF, but with outlines!
  • Maybe humanity went extinct, but Imaginary friends survived.
  • Or the earth became too overpopulated for imaginary friends to live, so they were sent to space and made their own civilizations on various planets.

Lord Hater will try and conquer Baaaaa-halla.
With help from The Troll
  • Confirmed, although the troll plays no part in it and it happens offscreen in "The Rager".

Sylvia used to be a space criminal
She has a violent nature, seemed to know Doomstone was supposedly a place for bad guys, and knew how to blend in with the bad guys, need I say more?
  • Her old rider Ryder was very morally sketchy
  • Confirmed in The Waste of Time. Sylvia used to be a bounty hunter, and Wander was one of her bounties.

Wander and Sylvia are high on drugs
And possibly other characters. Also, Lord Hater is the cranky asshole who wants Wander's drugs. Westley the Watchdog is some guy on LH's side who Wander and Sylvia gave drugs. Every planet Wander and Sylvia go to are pot sessions. Emperor Awesome is the local steroid using homosexual. The world is the result of combining weed, crack, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, meth, and LSD into one superdrug called Yonder which Wander and Sylvia smoke.

The Wander we see in the show is the memory of the Wander in the original sketchbook.
Like Ed, Edd n Eddy; Wander is actually old and what we see in the show is a collection of memories from his early traveling days.

The Baaaaa-hallans actually have it in their credo to never harm the innocent.
And if any of them breaks that credo, he is severely punished.

Peepers hides some tendencies of The Starscream.
"You ask me, I should be the one in charge." Not said to Hater's face, of course.
  • The creators have stated that he is more serious about galactic domination than Hater. But he seems to care about Hater too much to betray him.

Peepers drinks ridiculous amounts of coffee.
Hinted by his erratic, changing-in-an-instant animations, speed and volume of his speech, and overall high-strung...ness.
  • But then again, Peepers is voiced by Tom Kenny, who also voiced Dr. Two Brains ([1])…
  • Implied in "The Bad Neighbors" (upended mugs everywhere) and confirmed by Frank Angones on Tumblr.
    Q: Am I correct in assuming Peepers is a coffee diva?
    A: Um, yes. Absolutely.
    Q: How much coffee/the galactic equivalent of coffee does Commander Peepers consume everyday?
    A: All of it.

Westley will return next season.
Wander and Sylvia will come across him again in their travels and he tags along with them for an episode before they part ways once again.
  • Jossed. He didn't show up in S2 (unless there is a S3).

Starting with Westley, an organization for peacemaking travelers will be formed.
Over the course of the series, more characters will come to embrace the ways of Wander and Sylvia and be inspired to journey through space while also spreading kindness and love. As this unofficial organization continues to expand and threaten his conquest, Lord Hater will be all the more determined to capture Wander (along with any of his other associates).

Most zbornak riders choose male zbornaks.
A female zbornak that serves as a mount (like Sylvia) is a rarity.

Lord Hater was genuinely in mourning over Westley.
In the credits he claimed to not know who Westley is even though he said his name during the eulogy and had a statue made in his memory.

Buster is Galactus' puppy dog.
Tell me you don't see the similarities.
  • Well, since Marvel and WOY is owned by the Disney company.....

Some places in the galaxy sell zbornak meat.
Inspired by the simple fact that some places on Earth sell horse meat and it has been stated that zbornaks are horselike.

No matter what their personality type, freedom is an actual physical need for Wander’s species, on par with food and sleep.

Brad and Demurra did date when they were younger.
But after a few months or so, Demurra decided it wasn't working out, that Brad wasn't her Mr. Right, so she broke up with him. Drakor entered the picture not long afterwards. Demurra grew up and moved on; Brad didn't.

People have actually died in the GALACTIC CONJUNCTION 6000.

Wander is a descendant of Dexter and Dee Dee's family
.He has Dexter's red hair and curiosity, but he has Dee Dee's super-ultra-hyper-friendly personality.

Baaaaa-halla is a principality.
As in, the highest authority isn't a king or queen, but a prince or princess. After all, no one was ruling over Prince Cashmere.

Stok has a real disability and is dependent on Harvax to look after him.
He can only talk in little quips, and the reason Harvax pulls him around is because he is unable to walk.

It's possible that Wander is a clone of Pinkie Pie.
He never goes a single episode without smiling, he enjoys throwing parties to an extent (it was only featured in one episode; however, there could be more), he has nearly-boundless energy (aside from sleeping), need I say more?

Season 2 guesses.
  • Hater was have a jealous hissy fit over Dr. Screwball Jones being Wander's nemesis and not him.
    • He was pissed for sure, but it wasn't given that much attention.
  • Sir Brad Starlight will gain a Second Love.
    • Confirmed in the animatic to The Hot Shot. He ended up having children and going on a honeymoon with the Lamprey Princess.
  • The season will be a Cerebus Roller Coaster with Lord Dominator as a Knight of Cerebus and Screwball Jones as Laughably Evil
    • Jossed. In fact, the season seems to be getting darker and darker as it goes along.

The show was originally going to be a Banjo-Kazooie cartoon.
The similarities between the protagonists of each respective series are frightening.
  • Wander and Banjo play banjos.
  • Wander and Banjo are both dumb but want to help people.
  • Sylvia and Kazooie are both rude with a soft side but can fight (and like it)
  • Sylvia and Kazooie do most of the fighting.
  • Sylvia and Kazooie carry their partners around.
  • Wander and Banjo carry things in their hat/back pack.
  • Wander and Banjo are both hairy.
  • Wander and Banjo are both boys and Sylvia and Kazooie are both girls.
  • Even the antagonists have something in common. Gruntilda (from Banjo-Tooie onwards) is a skeleton like Lord Hater.

Probably the reason it didn't become one is because Disney couldn't get the license from Rare/Microsoft so it was retooled into what it is now.

  • Maybe Rare caught on to Disney's scheme and gave them no choice but to cancel the show.

The thugs from "The Buddies" knew Hater was faking all along
Throughout the episode, they growl at Hater each time he tried to abandon Wander. It is possible they knew Hater was only pretending to be Wander's friend, and did this to exact revenge on him for throwing them into the prison planet.

The Insurgents fear Hater because he conquered/destroyed each of their home planets.
This would be a good reason to fear someone. Either that, or they really are just wimps.
  • To be fair, Hater really is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. In the finale of Season 2, he's able to single-handedly hold off Dominator's flagship and ultimately destroy it. How dangerous Hater is depends on how focused he is, apparently.

Lord Dominator is Lord Hater's daughter or niece.
She got sick of all the attention her dad/uncle got becoming the Greatest in all the galaxy, so when she heard about Wander and how he's been chasing him around the planets, she decided to take advantage of it and donned the Dominator persona just to stick it to him.

And I know what you're gonna say about Lord Hater being a skeleton...-ish guy and Dominator being... not a skeleton...-ish guy, but c'mon. How amusing would that be to know that Lord Hater has a relative who disguises herself as a lava-based brute and takes joy in whatever hellious evil she causes and the reactions of those that witnessed it? Not to mention that interspecies couples exist in this show, so the prospect of these two being in the same family tree isn't all that impossible.

  • Or, alternately, his kid sister. She's deliberately ripping off his signature look. She wants to prove that she's better than he is. She declares that she was having "fun". She wears the same sneakers. And she refers to Hater, Peepers, Wander, and Sylvia as "a bunch of dorks", something many an older brother has heard from his kid sister about his group of friends.
  • Craig Mc Cracken confirmed on his tumblr that Lord Dominator is NOT a teenager.
  • Well, if this theory is true, that would make "The Battle Royale" so much more squicky.

Wander and Sylvia will visit Equestria.
Unlikely to happen due to legal issues and Lauren Faust no longer working on FIM, but you never know. Of course, it's possible they'll visit a planet that resembles Equestria, with similar characters to in FIM, as a shout-out to Lauren's previous show.

The series finale will have Wander and Sylvia visiting the strangest planet in the entire galaxy.
That strange planet being none other than Earth. Bonus points if...
  • Reality Ensues when the government freaks out about these two space aliens, and traps Wander and Sylvia in Area 51.
  • They befriend either a teenage boy who resembles an older version of Mac, or three teenage girls who resemble older versions of The Powerpuff Girls.
    • Jossed. The series finale mostly took place on The Secret Planet and Dominator's ship.

We'll meet Sylvia's parents.
And Sylvia's father, as a clever and subtle Actor Allusion, will be very hyperactive and bouncy...just like a certain character April Winchell's father voiced.
  • Bonus points if he's voiced by Jim Cummings using his Tigger voice.
  • Confirmed. According to the description of the upcoming episode Family Reunion, we'll apparently meet Sylvia's mother and father.
  • Well, close. We met her mom. Her dad is apparently deceased. B+

The Mooplexians are human descendants.
In true Nemo Ramjet fashion, these guys are ridiculously weird but weirdly more human than the other alien species. Also, just like every theoretical human descendant, they are physically incapable but extremely powerful psychically. Seriously, look at them and tell me they don't have anything human.
  • ...They don't have anything human. Or at least, they don't stand out as human-ish compared to the rest of the aliens in show.

Lord Hater will develop feelings for Wander.
The resulting guilt will result in him singing a epic but silly parody song called "Heckfire".
  • Before anyone says "They can't have homosexuality on a kid's show!", please remember that society is slowly changing. After all, we got a lesbian couple in ''The Legend of Korra".
    • This is Disney we're talking about. They showed a homosexual couple in one episode of Good Luck Charlie and it sparked up a massive controversy. Not to mention, Gravity Falls tried to feature a short clip of a lesbian couple in one episode and it got turned down. Disney in particular doesn't seem likely to feature a homosexual couple any time soon.
    • Additionally, story editor Frank Angones has stated that Wander most likely won't get a love interest.

Wander will defeat Screwball Jones by telling a sad story or singing a sad song.
Screwball seems to work on the power of funny, from what we've seen from the preview clip. Maybe sad stuff will cause him to lose his powers and turn gray.

Wander knows who Lord Dominator is.
Well, he may not know who she is in character, but he recognizes her face. He had met her grandparents/relatives, and being the immensely friendly, helpful sort he is, was also great friends with them and is knowledgeable to a lot of her embarrassing details. He will see her unmasked, and once that happens, he will refuse to call her anything but her real name (which will, also be rather embarrassing to her) and share embarrassing photos of her. Causing Lord Dominator to actually break character to stop/destroy wander.
  • Jossed.

Sylvia met Lord Dominator in her past.
Judged by her reaction upon seeing her, granted this is far from the first time that she realized danger at the first sightbut unlike other times where she would give a rant to Wander to try and persuade him to get away from it, this time she istoo petrified to do anything but whisper nooooooooooo also is possible that Dominator was the one that capturedher captive relatives from the trailer.
  • Jossed. She has never met Lord Dominator before and her relatives were not captured.

Wander and Sylvia never left the void.
The rest of the series is just them imagining a copy of the universe in that void, since it can create anything you imagine.
  • But the void only creates things you WANT to happen. Why would it create stuff like Lord Dominator?
    • Maybe the episode takes place AFTER all that.

Lord Dominator will get a Villain Song
One of the episodes in the the Lord Dominator arc has been confirmed to be a Musical Episode. Need I say more?

Wander is asexual and aromantic
Yes, he loves everyone, but not in a sexual or romantic way.

Commander Peepers will be given a Trademark Favourite Food that starts with the letter "P"
In all of Craig McCracken's cartoons, we've had a major character voiced by Tom Kenny: the Mayor of Townsville, Eduardo, and Commander Peepers. All of them but Peepers have a Trademark Favourite Food that starts with the letter "P". The Mayor liked pickles and Eduardo liked potatoes, so logically Peepers will have one too. What will it be? Seeing the other two, it'll probably be a vegetable too.

The Black Cube of Darkness and Zalgo are related
Both are Eldritch Abominations who corrupt people and turn their eyes black.

There'll be a crossover with Avengers, Assemble!.
Iron Man will want to know how Wander's hat Works and Red Skull will try to lure the Watchdogs into working for him.

Hater will go through a Heel–Face Turn in the series finale
You know it'll happen.
  • As of "My Fair Hatey", Hater and Peepers vowed to save the galaxy so they could rule it afterwards. Perhaps after defeating Dominator, they will come to realize the positives of being good and maybe even help Wander and Sylvia.
  • Jossed. Hater saves the galaxy and the people cheer for him, but he goes right back to conquering afterwards. However, the Skullship is smiling in the final shot, so make of that what you will.

Dominator was inspired by Hater to become a villain
Think about it. As Hater mentioned in The Greater Hater, her battle body is reminiscent of his, and their titles match. Even their minions are similar in appearance! After Hater became a pathetic excuse for a villian, however, she was disgusted by him and decided to take his place as the Greatest in the Galaxy, and uses their similarities to purposely mock him when they finally met.

The fourth part of the Dominator story arc will get Dominator to make a Face–Heel Turn, or at the very least make her lose her place in the galactic leaderboard
Why else would we get an entire arc based off her?
  • She doesn't get a Face–Heel Turn, but Hater defeats her and she's now fairly powerless.

Dominator will develop feelings for Wander
This will make Hater hate Wander even more.
  • It seems unlikely, but it would be fun to see!

Dominator somehow didn't know she could absorb powers
She seemed to think she was done for when she was getting frozen and appeared surprised when that ice gave her new powers.

Dominator will try to absorb other powers
Possibly leading to her downfall.
  • Jossed.

Dominator isn't really pure evil like she claims
She has some goodness inside that she's hiding for some reason. Or, if she really is pure evil, she was turned pure evil somehow.
  • Confirmed in The End of the Galaxy. She's evil because she's lonely.

Dominator refusing to befriend Wander in the end is because she has been betrayed before
As Wander speaks about how he sees that she's lonely, Dominator starts to crack and yell, losing her cool (because he's right). Later, she is surprised that he helped her at all and it seems she will accept his friendship... Then she turns away.Many people who have been left down, betrayed or severely hurt by others can become jaded and stop believing in real connection (be of love or friendship). Dominator may have been good in the past, but after a bad experience (or several), she just can't bring herself to accept Wander's offer, no matter how genuine he seems.
  • This can draw a parallel between them, actually. Wander always try to help and remains optimistic in face of his problems, while Dominator has broken.

Dominator's own home planet was destroyed
Either by her or someone/something else.

Dominator's downfall will come from trying to exploit Wander's hat
When she tries to get the Hat to give her what she needs, it might decide that what she needs is to be humbled and conjure a device to sap her of her powers and/or destroy her ship and army once and for all. If it's feeling merciful, it might just give her something to start her on the path to a Heel–Face Turn, but what could possibly inspire such introspection in a Card-Carrying Villain of Dominator's level?
  • Jossed.

In "The Birthday Boy", Hater's expression at the end was not a Broken Smile, but deliberate
Hater basically forced himself to smile in the hopes that it would get Wander (who had vowed to make Hater smile) to finally go away and leave him alone. He only allowed himself to frown again when he was sure Wander was well away.

Hater will be the star of Craig McCracken's next show a sense. Word of God confirms that Hater started out as a character for a completely different project under the same creator. When Craig saw the potential for him as a WOY character, he was aged and bulked up. And now there's a new McCracken show in the works. Maybe Hater (or more likely, an Expy of Hater) will be in the main cast.

The main voice cast of Wander Over Yonder will voice the main cast of the next animated series of Craig McCracken
April Winchell, Jack McBrayer, Keith Ferguson, and Tom Kenny will bring their talent to whatever it is! Plus, they'll get to work together again even though this show was cut short.
  • Sort of confirmed. Word of God states they are "one voice actor away" from having every WOY actor in DuckTales (2017). Keith Ferguson voices Glomgold and April Winchell guest stars as Black Heron, so that only leaves Tom Kenny and Jack McBrayer.

The reason Wander aged in The Waste of Time is because he needs to wander to stay young.
It was shown earlier in the episode that Wander had remained unchanged for over a thousand years, so why would 50 more turn him into a geriatric? Because he spent those 50 years stuck at the Orbal station.
  • Jossed. According to Word of God, he was only faking to make Sylvia feel better.

Dominator will ultimately be defeated by everyone Wander's befriended over the course of the show teaming up to stop her
  • Confirmed. Almost everyone Wander and Sylvia met had planned to stop Dominator, although Hater was the one who ultimately saved the day.

Disney will uncancel the show for another season due to popular demand
I know it's a long shot but I really hope it happens. After all, that's just what happened with Kim Possible.
  • Speaking of Kim Possible, one of the reasons it came back (aside from popular demand) is a German syndication deal requiring more episodes. What if perhaps Wander Over Yonder has some kind of syndication deal too.

Disney isn't actually going to cancel the show
Again, another long shot, but what if the cancellation of Wander over Yonder is actually a publicity stunt of some kind? The show has been getting more support after the show was announced to be ending.
  • Alternatively, it could be used to build suspense for the supposed finale of the show, named "The End of the Galaxy".

Crazy idea in relation to the publicity stunt theory. Craig McCracken was informed about the show's cancellation before Season 2 started, and the executives have seen the story pitches for the next season. What if they came up with this scheme together? Cancel the show (or pretend that it's cancelled) so that the fans will fight to save it using politeness and respect - just like what Wander would do.

  • Plus Disney has made occasional visits to SaveWoy Tumblr sites. And have posted what may very well be a few motivational subliminal messages, like this. Also purchasing episodes from the Disney XD app or On Demand would help the cause, and what better way to ensure the increase of sales than by removing the televised reruns?

The Phantom Mimes are related to the Lords of Illumination from "The Box."
Don't these costumes look familiar? Plus, it fits the Lords' M.O. It's an important lesson (controlling your desires/controlling your fear) taken to questionable extremes (creepy guys in top hats stalking you/...creepy guys in top hats stalking you). It's probably not the Lords themselves, but rather some sort of automated programmed magic thing.
  • Alternatively, something in Wander's mysterious backstory is related to the smiling face both the Phantom Mimes and the disguised Lords of Illumination wore. Both illusions are the only things we've seen in the show that Wander seems truly afraid of (and this is the guy who befriended an eldritch black cube for crying out loud), both appeared when Wander was already very stressed out, and both were used as tests for Wander. It's not too farfetched to say that the frightening illusions were based on a very real and traumatic experience Wander had before he started wandering the galaxy, perhaps even relating to the mystery of his home world. Wander also mumbles in The Heebie Jeebies that "they always find me", and while he could be just talking in context about the Phantomimes specifically, it's really interesting to think that part of the reason Wander is always wandering is because he's running away from someone who's hunting him, someone or something much much worse than Hater and Dominator.

Lord Dominator will be Killed Off for Real in the finale.
Jossed. Her ship gets destroyed and she leaves vowing to exact vengeance.

In the Grand Finale, Wander will finally snap and enter his "superhero" mode from "The Boy Wander" to fight Lord Dominator.
Dr. Screwball Jones is the only person in the Galaxy who's inspired Wander to enter his superhero persona. The two apparently have a history, and perhaps what inspired Wander to adopt his alter-ego was the realization that there was nothing in his power to convince Screwball to give up his evil ways of forcing people to laugh.

Perhaps when it finally sinks in that Lord Dominator has no interest in being friends with him or anyone, but only in destruction and cruelty for her own amusement, Wander will lose it and become the Boy Wander again for an epic final showdown.

  • Jossed (unless a third season comes up).

Dominator will get trapped in the black hole from "The Hole Lotta Nuthin"
If it turns out she is beyond redemption and Wander's attempts at friendship do nothing, then the finale will end with Lord Dominator being sucked into the black hole...then at a later point escaping with a plan for vengeance. On the chance that Disney revives the show, this will be a new story arc.
  • Jossed.

The real reason the show is being canned prematurely...
Is because Disney is in denial over Gravity Falls ending after two seasons.

Humans were planned to have a role in Season 3
The animatic of "The End of The Galaxy" shows what looks to be a crashed U.S. space probe with what seemed to be monkey screams, as well as green lightning similar to Lord Hater's, coming out of an open door. This seems to foreshadow the events of season three similar to Lord Dominator's foreshadowing in the animatic of "The Rider".
  • This is further shown by a quick image in "The Waste of Time", where an ape in a damaged space suit can be seen.
    • This ape (named Monkeyboy according to the crew) could be the ultimate villain. If Season 3 gets picked up, he will team up with Dominator as a plot to destroy Earth, exacting vengeance on the humans that wronged his species. Of course, the four main characters will also show up, this time Wander finally managing to crack Dominator's cold shell and getting her (as well as Hater) to reform as a way to properly end the series.

Wander is systematically, purposefully wearing down villains with his incessant acts of kindness and meddling... and Lord Dominator is next on his list.
He doesn’t do this for EVERY villain (because what fun is a universe that he cannot help?) but for major ones, whose villainy has a galaxy-spanning reach.
  • He did it with Major Threat, presumably starting around the Galactic Conjunction, under the alias Tumbleweed.
  • He’s in the process of converting Lord Hater, again, starting around the Galactic Conjunction.
  • And now he’s discovered a crack in Dominator’s facade. We don’t know much about her potential lifespan, but we do know that Wander is going to last a very long time.
Who’s to say he won’t seek her out, in a neighboring galaxy’s Galactic Conjunction, picnic basket and all… ready as ever with that fateful question… “Mustard, or mayo?”

If the campaign doesn't work, Craig McCracken could always try to sell Wander to Cartoon Network, where his works were treated with more respect. It could he possible for him to wrap up WOY while contributing to his new show on Disney (like The Simpsons and Futurama being controlled by Matt Groening while on different networks).

Hypothetical Season 3 guesses
  • There would have been an episode referencing Planet of the Apes. Since the series revolves around characters exploring planets, and because Monkeyboy.
  • Dominator slowly developing a nice side as we see glimpses of her backstory.
  • The return of Westley (since he's been absent for all of Season 2).

The new threat...
According to writer Frank Agones, the third season was meant to introduce a threat even worse than Dominator, that would challenge Wander in every possible way, and apparently isn't a villain.
  • It could be some kind of Artifact of Doom that Wander finds, like maybe...something inside a box! Wander will curiously look into said box and gets affected by whatever is in it, slowly being sucked into the dark side by its power. The Lord of Illumination did explain they wanted to test Wander's character...
    • Doesn't even necessarily have to be a physical power or box to push Wander over the dark side. We've seen that Wander hates being helpless and that he considers his new home, out of all the places in the galaxy, to be with Sylvia. What happens if there were an event that made it so that suddenly Sylvia wasn't there? Wouldn't Wander do anything and everything to prevent his home being taken away from him again?

If not in a new season, Wander and friends will return in Craig's new Disney series
Even though it will have no connection with Wander Over Yonder, there is a good chance that the characters could appear as Easter Eggs in the new series. Heck, Bloo made a brief cameo in The End of the Galaxy, and he's from a different network.

Wander is the same kind of creature as the protagonist of Hiveswap Friendsim and Pester Quest.
Both of them are single-color, vaguely humanoid, roundish creatures obsessed with seeking out and befriending as many people as possible, both are incredibly persistent and don't take "I don't want to be friends" for an answer, nobody seems to know what species either one is (though this is less of an issue in Wander's more cosmopolitan environments), and both see no reason not to screw around with the building blocks of storytelling (Wander befriending villains, the Pesterquest protagonist defying canon to improve people's lives).

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