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Quilby is the Eliatrope of Death
When Quilby explains the council of twelve he gives each one role or distinct feature. Grougaloragran and Chibi were for example in charge of technology and could be considered the Eliatropes version of blacksmiths. What if Quilby's feature/role was to actually defend the Eliatropes and when he told Yugo about his part, he just switched their places. It was always Quilby that wanted to explore and defend his home. He can remember any threat and is by far the most powerfull of the Eliatropes, not counting the dragons. This also explains why he despises his own people. He probably never got the respect he deserved and also grew tired of seeing his people waste the safety he made possible. Repeat that process for thousands of years or since time began and you would also do a tantrum.
  • Supporting this is Qilby's weapon of choise during his fight with Yugo- a Wakfu scythe. When personilfied, Death usually carries around a big old scythe. Also, with how thin and white skinned Qibly is, you might mistake him for the Grim Reaper at a glance.
  • Yeah... but. These roles are, if memory serves: king/prophet/lawgiver/the generally inspired by the goddess guy (Chibi), judge/priestess (Mina), teacher (Glip), scientist/inventor (Quilby), explorer/defendant /king (Yugo), unknown (Nora). These are societal roles and archetypes, not Anthropomorphic Personifications. So the Grim Reaper theme might be just for creeps. Also - by remembering every threat and way to fight you get powerful, even if you weren't. And the excuse you mentioned was pretty much his excuse in the show.

Under Yugo's hat is...
(The following are all
Jossed; in episode 26 of season 2 it shows that there are wings under his hat.)

Why Yugo was so persistent with keeping his hat on
The Wakfu wings under Yugo's hat revealed in season 2 finale justify why he is so persistent to keep his trademark hat on, as episode 8 in season 2 proves (he forbade even his friends from looking at him when he had to take his hat off). This troper thinks that since the Wakfu wings tell him glaringly apart from, say, Enutrof kids (his adoptive father is an Enutrof so it's possible that Yugo originally thought he was one too), it caused that Yugo wanted to avoid being bullied by kids and thus covered his head.
  • On the other hand, all Eliatropes appear to keep their hats on by default. Perhaps keeping your head covered has other benefits...
    • Maybe the Wakfu wings are directly connected to Eliatropes' inner Wakfu systems, and thus they are their weak parts? And that's why it is better not to let the enemies to know about those wings?
    • Simple surprise momentum? "HAA! Surprise surprise, enemy, I can fly!"
    • The wings drain their Wakfu when exposed, and that's why they prefer to cover them when not needing them?
  • A curious thing is that how it was possible that his father sewed him a hat that is exactly like those that Eliatropes used… perhaps Grougaloragran gave a hint?
    • Fridge Brilliance: Actually, Alibert didn't sew it: Baby!Yugo was using his future hat a baby sleeping bag when Grougaloragran brought him! So when Yugo grew out of it, he started to use it as a hat.
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  • Another curious thing: Eliatrope babies do not appear to have Wakfu wings. Perhaps they develop later when the kid grows up?
  • What is the meaning of the longer part of an Eliatrope hat, then? Does it hide something, too? Or is it just a cultural thing?
    • As said earlier, it can be also used as a baby sleeping bag.
    • So do they use their hats literally all their lives?

Nox was actually the Unwitting Pawn for the Eliacube all along
The Eliacube really is sentient and telepathic. And not very nice.All it cares about is being reunited with the Eliatrope and thus seeks to get its attention. As a result, all the business with turning a simple watchmaker into an Omnicidal Maniac was nothing more than an elaborate Batman Gambit in order to attract the attention of The Eliatrope. It was perfectly capable of traveling back 200 years in time with all that Wakfu, but 20 minutes was all it needed in order to achieve its own objective. The only reason it bothered traveling back in time at all was because Nox had got a little out of hand and was going to kill Yugo unless the wind was taken out of his sails.
  • Alternatively, the voice in the Eliacube was Qilby, trying to get enough wakfu to escape from the cube.
    • Eventually Jossed. The finale shows that Qilby was kept in the Blank Dimension, and couldn't interact with anything.
    • As it turns out, yes, Nox was an unwitting pawn all along: to Oropo.

The show is based on an MMO, so Nox can just respawn, right? Right?
  • More than just hiding, this troper thinks Nox just got rid of his armor. There's a small, and by small, I mean remotely, metaphorically, theoretically small chance that Nox got a little of his "humanity" back (or whatever it's called to "being more friendly and not just a cold, merciless Omnicidal Maniac" in his character class) when he saw how Yugo stopped the Sadida from beating the shit out of him after seeing Nox cry. Therefore, getting rid of his armor in front of his family's graves is more like a metaphor of how he stripped down of his cold, senseless mantle to start behaving more like a person leaving his painful past behind.
    • Jossed by Word of God in one of the artbooks. He's nothing but dust and cinders scattered around his family's graves. And he did it to himself.

In season 2, there will be a love triangle between...
Evangelyne, Sadlygrove and Remington and Sadlygrove will win. We know from S.2.E.2. that Sadlygrove has survived so why not?
  • Well yeah, I don't see it (and don't want it) happening for two reasons: first of all, Remington has been seen as the type of villain who does most of his thing just For the Evulz, and because he is more devoted to his shushu hunter stuff. Granted, looks like he may be a seventh ranger for the heroes, and granted, this season and his character are just beginning to appear, but it doesn't seem like he's gonna be teaming up with them everytime they meet (which doesn't stop him from being badass anyway). But most importantly... the shippers, good LORD the goddamn psychotic shippers. I mean, come on: this series is awesome as it is: the Brotherhood of Tofu fighting the bad guys with a little romance from two people that DOES NOT take the main focus in the plot. There's no need at all to make it a Love Triangle and start reading senseless, thesis-long essays from, and let me repeat it: psychotic fans about how X or Y is the One True Pairing for Z. So... no, I hope not.
    • Jossed pretty hard. Remington tries to flirt with Eva, but she's not having it.

Qilby is lying about being King of the Eliatropes
Evidence: Qilby is terrified of Yugo and screams "No! You!? Is that really you?" when he first sees him and faints at the sight of him. And Baby Grougaloragran breathes fire in his face when he meets him. Why is that? And isn't it strange that Yugo is only an adventurer in Qilby's flashback while Qilby gets to be the important wise leader? To top it all off Yugo and Adamai sealed Qilby away in a dimensional space "against his will" during Qilby's flashback and he was only released because Yugo and Adamai used the Eliacube. The truth is probably that Yugo was the king and Qilby was a traitor to the king he wanted to be king, but wasn't chosen. He's probably lying to make himself feel better.
  • turns out he was lying.

Extending the previous theory, Qilby will be Big Bad of Season 2.
Simple process of eliminating unlikely candidtates points us to him. Rushu is a Card-Carrying Villain who was partially Played for Laughs in his sole appearance so far, there is no way he can be a successor to a complex and tragic character like Nox. That he plays a major role in the opening is intentional obfuscation on the part of authors. And should only disqualify him, once we remember, that Nox wasn't in Season 1 opening, while some very minor antagonists were. Remington Smisse, even if he has Hidden Depths, is far too incompetent. He's more likely to be the true foe, than Rushu, but not by much. Importantly, both of them aren't connected to Eliatropes, the quest for whom is going to drive even more plot in Season 2, in any way. And there are no other candidates for a big villain so far.

Now, besides the fact that Quilby's behavior is somewhat suspicious, there is circumstantial evidence that points at him. Did someone truly not expect something bad to happen when Adamai guilt-tripped and bullied Yugo into using the Eliacube without saying anything to anyone? That's because the whole process was deliberately framed in a way, generally used to leave the impression of characters' actions being stupid. Seriously, a decision taken because one of the characters was throwing a childish temper tantrum, and another was too soft to say "No" is what usually considered a perfect setup for disaster in fiction. So there is a reason to suspect that the consequences of this decision won't be as beneficial as they seem. Then there is failure of Yugo to extract any sort of useful information from the Eliacube (note, though, that his visions showed a menacing-looking humanoid and attacking dragons, no sign of alien invaders), which left Quilby's words deliberately unconfirmed by any other source. And Quilby's musical theme is just a bit too ominous for a good guy as well.

But most importantly, he's the only man so far who might easily fulfill the criteria of being a complex villain with some connection to the Eliatropes. Due to Yugo, again, failing to learn anything from the Eliacube, he holds all the cards and can easily manipulate the Brotherhood into advancing whatever his plan is, and it is very possible that the Eliacube will be left to him for safekeeping as well, giving him the necessary edge in sheer power. So, he is in a perfect position to become the true Big Bad.

  • About Nox not being in the title sequence... he was in the season 1 finale, as the season 1 credits displayed the Monster of the Week most of the time, even if Nox was really the villan. However, other than that small nitpick, which does not discard your argument about Rushu being in the title as a Red Herring, your argument is perfect and this troper completley agrees. Futhermore this troper believes that Quilby will use Rushu as a distraction and reveal himself as the Big Bad towards the end of the season after getting the heroes and the villan to do exactly what he wants.

  • Confirmed by Islands of Wakfu, Qilby is a traitor and Kills Yugo before the Lu Fus and what we can assume is Ogranax invade. Qilby vanishes onto Mount Zinit and is never directly spoken to during the entirety of the game.
  • It's looking more confirmed within the show itself by Qilby's... suspicious... facial expressions and actions in episode 18. If this is completely confirmed, the reveal is about to occur.
    • Yep, he's the Big Bad. Rushu comes along for the ride too, though.

The Eliatrope children that were sealed away are the same ones in Les Gardiens.
If this is the case, then when Yugo opens the zaap to free them he will find a debris field. And a couple survivors if he's lucky. Since Ankama requires the tears of children to keep its business running...

Mechasms Shall Return
If they still exist, or if they even existed to begin with, the Mechasms will make a major appearance as a potential Big Bad candidate, a three-to-four-parter villain, or as a recurring antagonist.
  • Or even a protagonist, or at least a quest-giver. It would be interesting to see the clockwork people to be the good guys for once.
    • Well, Phaeris said that Quilby is the one who started the war with the Mechasms, and Quilby never actually disputed that point. So, the Mechasms could be nice guys who were tricked into invading by Quilby. Or, they really could be an evil empire, and Quilby offered up the planet for conquest. Or they could even be Starfish Aliens, and Quilby merely attracted their attention.
    • According to the tie-in game Wakfu: the Guardians the Mechasms and the Eliatropes had lived together in peace for centuries, until Quilby attacks Orgonax and steals his heart. Yes, his actual heart. In return, the Mechasms declare war on the Eliatropes, and the Eliatropes leave the planet- but only Orgonax chases after them; the rest content to let the Eliatropes flee. So at one point, the Mechasms were decent enough people, so long as you don't provoke them. But that was ten of thousands of years ago; who knows how the Mechasms have changed since their war?

The Eliatrope Children weren't sealed away at all the mechasm were
Because Rule of Drama demands it. Related to the Qilby theories above. When Yugo opens the zaap to free the children the Mechasm (or maybe just Orgonax) will be released to rain hell upon the world again instead. If this is true though it could result in a Bad Ending for the world of Wakfu
  • Jossed. It's the kids and nothing but. Sadly, they can't get freed just yet.

Adamai (and by extension, all dragons) can manipulate Stasis as easily as Wafku
Adamai's energy-empowered martial arts glow more purple than blue during his fight with Igole. Plus, Stasis seems to be anti-wakfu, so is probably a more efficient source of power than Wakfu when you are going for purely destructive ends.
  • The Great Dragon is both the father of the Eliatropes and the incarnation of Stasis, just as the Goddess Eliatrope is the incarnation of Wakfu. So, it makes perfect sense for dragons to use Stasis powers.

The Eliacube has been corrupted in some way by the Mechasm
Nox used the Eliacube as the basis for all his magitek. Yet, for some reason, everything he builds far more closely resembles Mechasm devices than Eliatrope ones.
  • That may have more to do with the fact that the Eliacube was originally the heart of the Mechasm Organax.

The Mechasms are the Shushus
Assuming that the Mechasms are actually real, they share a great deal in common with the Shushus. Both have an unsatable lust for destruction and the Mechasms could easily have been weakened or propagated into or otherwise become the Shushus.
  • Expanding the theory that the Mechasms were sealed in the Eliacube, Rushu says something about using portals to go to the Shushu world. And, as far as we know, only Eliatropes can make portals (the Zaap portals are a Eliatrope's device).
  • Jossed: Rushu Hour, The Eighth of the Dofus Manga series reveals that it was two human brothers named Karibd and Silar who broke into Rushu's World using Eliatrope Magic (learned from an ancient book) to unleash the Shushus on the World of Twelve and thereby exacting vengeance on those that murdered their family.

The Noximilien bonus episode is told through an Unreliable Narrator, Through the Eyes of Madness
Besides the Mind Screw art style, there are just too many contradictions between the bonus episode and the show proper. A jarring example of this is the radical differences in character design - especially of Nox's wife and Igole - but what bothered me the most is the fate of Nox's family. The last clip of season one has a shot of their grave, but the episode establishes that they disappeared in a flood caused by Ogrest's Chaos, meaning there shouldn't BE a grave.

Thus, it's possible that the episode isn't a legitimate account of Nox's Start of Darkness - just Nox's blurry memories of it, coming from an already broken, tortured mind. The truth is probably much more gruesome, with Nox having a more direct involvement in his own family's deaths. Even if Nox is still at fault, he would much prefer the final blow to come from Ogrest, not him.

  • Just because he doesn't have the bodies, doesn't mean he can't make graves to remember them by.

The Shukrute is the Nether from Minecraft
Lava everywhere, lots of red, it's "hell"...there's no ghasts because they're terrified of Rushu and no pigmen because they ate them all.

Master Joris is related to Jiva.
Joris is a thousand-year old Pint-Sized Powerhouse, and the ambassador of Bonta. Jiva is the Guardian of Javian, and the founder of Bonta. Also, there are other Semi-Divine characters like Goultard, the son of Iop, and Ush Galesh the Ecaplip.
  • Jossed. He's the son of a pair of huppermage Star-Crossed Lovers, later infused with draconic powers.

Why time travel is forbidden.

According to the other Wiki, there are two theories regarding time. The first, called Relative Time, states that time is a mental construct that humans use to comprehend changes in the physical world. The second, called Newtonian Time, is that time is a distinct force in the universe, separate from the relative time, beyond the phases of the moon and the rotation of the earth.

In ‘’Wakfu,’’ both theories are true. The god Xelor created time on the World of Twelve by hitting it with his hammer, and built a clock to set months and seasons for his fellow gods. His followers can access this power to speed up or slow down the world around them. However, Xelor’s clock only exists on the World of Twelve. The rest of the Krosmoz, however, runs on Relative Time. There are lifeforms like the Eliatropes and Mechasms who live independent of gods like Xelor. There are thousands of worlds which the gods aren’t strong enough to affect. And so, Xelor’s magic clock is meaningless to them.

But- when Xelor created time, he changed the fabric of the universe, even if it only affects the World of Twelve. On the World of Twelve, reality is fundamentally different’’ from the rest of the universe. Now, because it acts’’ similar to the rest of the Krosmoz, with a linear projection of events like we experience, no one notices. But if someone- like, say, Nox- were to grab hold of this power, they wouldn’t be content to simply let things be. By turning back Xelor’s Clock, Nox causes a ripple effect that spreads throughout the universe, forcing two different realities to interact in ways they weren’t meant to.

  • Actually, it's simpler than that: scratch everything about relative time, it's relationship with fixed time and the consequences of the two melding when they should not. What not many realize, is that the Krosmoz is made of layers, with the outer layers able to affect the inner ones however they see fit, with the Wakfu entering it by Incarnam, and the Stasis going out of it by the Externam, now the flow of wakfu goes through different planes of existence: the divine plane which includes the Ingloriom and the Shukrute, the astral plane, the ethereal plane, and then the material one before turning into stasis and doing the opposite. The material plane being influenced by the others make it so that any denizen of a higher plane with sufficient power can decide of the laws of the material plane, and a MAJOR god like Xelor had, at the beginning of the times, a LOT of power, as such, his laws of time applies to everyone, and trying to abuse your power over it, or subvert said god, even in the wake of Ogrest, would have dire consequences, just ask the hour demons, former servants of Xelor who tried to usurp him.
  • Moreover, both theories cannot be true: changes in physical world imply time passing. Yes, a lot of philosophers think time is an illusion (and lunchtime doubly so), but this requires the universe to be static. Xelor starting time is a mythological explanation of why time passes (J. R. R. Tolkien did the same in the earlier drafts of the Silmarillion), but it doesn't hold water (just think about it). What does that have to do with xelors? Well, for starters, the Twelve (back then, only Ten) didn't create this world - they found it. They themselves were created by the Goddess and the Dragon, presumably along with time (whether this universe is a static, preestablished harmony or a linear-timeflow with future that is not yet set). So, no. You just mixed psychological time and physical time.

The Siblings/The Brotherhood of the Forgotten will serve as the main antagonists of season 3.

The last three Wakfu OVAs seem to imply that the Siblings will be playing a pivotal role for the third season. Along with Adamai's start of darkness, The group's methods and goals still haven't been explained thoroughly, Which leaves a lot of room for them to be explored in the third season.

  • In a bit of shameless self-promotion: the Start of Darkness may be Yugo's. Just saying. He's really, really pulling an Anakin in the OVAs, not to mention several levels in pure idiocy he gains - when someone says what you're doing might destroy the world (and isn't trying to gruesomely murder you and all the adorable babies around), you bleedin' well discuss this! And Yugo, being a reasonably Humble Hero, should aknowledge that he may be wrong. (Pet peeve de jour, sorry).
  • Also, since Oropo is an Eliotrope, everything that ever went bad in the history of the world turns out to be Yugo's (indirect) fault. Talk about Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!...

Remington Smisse succeeded in his mission

(This WMG is based off of my very limited knowledge of the Remington comics. It may already be wrong.)

Remington's overarching goal in Season 2 and his comics is to find a weapon powerful enough to kill Ush Galesh, a demigod who kidnapped his friends and changed his brother into a cat. In the OV As we find him working for Ush, to undo Grany's curse.

Ush in the comics is a sadistic monster, with a penchant for rape and hiring thieves to break into his home so he can kill them legally. Ush in the OV As and Season 3 is more of a Noble Demon, who doesn't hurt children, keeps his word, and accepts defeat gracefully (He also looks shorter than the comic version). This is quite a change.

Ush is a child of Ecaflip and a demigod, which means he has nine lives, each one separate from the first. So, at some point, Remington found his god-killing weapon and used it. He killed Ush and possibly saved his friends, but with Ush dead there's no one who can undo Grany's curse. Ush respawns in a new, younger body. He remembers the basics- his name, that he's a demigod- but lacks the psychotic evil that drove the first Ush, and is a decent-enough person. New!Ush decides that anyone who could beat him in a fight is worth hiring, and strikes a deal with Remington to fix Grany after Remmy does a job for him. Ush is still a bit of a dick, judging by how he trash-talks his siblings, but he's trying to help the world as best he can.


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