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Maurecia is a escaped character from a video game
Maurecia escaped from a video game (probably a skateboarding one) and her punching Todd is how her programmer meant her to be.

Mrs. Jewels and her family are performers for [1]
That's why they perform circus-like acts.

Maurecia and Dana are telekinetic
Maurecia uses it to increase her speed and Dana used it to bring in the school's rule book, but they'll eventually use it in more productive ways.

Maurecia's parents work for the Gizmonic Institute
Imagine it, Fluffy is actually a robot porcupine made to destroy boys Maurecia punches.

In-universe, Wayside is a reality show.
This troper thinks that the students are the stars of a show like (Series) Big Brother, the teachers and staff are actors, and Sammy is a radio disguised as a dead rat so the students and teachers and staff are able to be told to do things by the camera crew or other off-camera assistants, but their voices are edited out or dubbed over with flies buzzing before broadcast for some reason. (Union requirements?)

Maurecia's father is a Nokia 3310
This meme explains it all.


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