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Funny / Timothy Goes to School

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  • In "The Great Obstacle Course", the class had to cancel the egg race since the Franks ate all of the eggs. Nora isn't amused.
    Nora: You ate my favorite race!
    • Another amusing moment is the start of the wheel barrel race. The Franks began racing before Miss Jenkins finishes counting down.
      Doris: Hey no fair!
    • The Franks in general in this episode are pretty amusing most of the time.
    • During the wheel barrel race Timothy starts going a little faster with Yoko telling him to slow down, resulting in them both falling over.
    • During one race, Lilly is looking for a lost balloon along with Fritz. The balloon is actually under her skirt.
    • In the final race, all the students are covered in mud so Miss Jenkins decides to give the first place to all of them.
  • "The Music Tree":
  • In "Don't Lose it Lilly", when Lilly realizes her missing coins were in one of her shoes the entire time, or searching for a pencil which is actually on her head.
  • In another episode, Doris sees a drawing of a big yellow sun and thinks it's a huge yellow spider. Her expression before running away has to be seen to be believed.
  • In "Shy Charles" when the class find Charles hiding during a rodeo game. Timothy leaves a quick comment to Yoko saying "I wouldn't blame him for having to dance with Doris".
  • In the first episode before Timothy gets inside the bus for the first time. Timothy's mother mentions he will get to meet new friends, including Doris. Timothy reacts with an annoyed expression.
    Timothy: Doris?
    • Later in the episode, he has an even more annoyed expression when Doris calls for him during recess.
    • The whole thing implies that Timothy and Doris have interacted before the show started, but whatever actually happened to the point where he just goes "Doris." is left to our imaginations.
  • In the episode where Nora thinks of a birthday gift for Yoko, Nora chooses a box of cereal called "Weeds And Seeds". She normally doesn't like it but buys it for the green glass slipper. She says to her mother she will eat the entire box; cut to Nora taking minutes to eat the entire bowl and box of cereal. The slow music playing sounding like a clock complete with Nora's look of disgust is pretty funny to look at and her chewing the cereal very slowly.
  • Nora's scream in "Small Change"
  • When Claude asks Timothy to give him swimming lessons, he shows up to Timothy's and is told to get into the pool. He refuses and makes it clear he has no intention of getting in; cut to Claude, now covered in water in the pool with his arms still crossed.
    • A moment later, he is told to get his head under the water. Claude remains stubborn and refuses until Timothy spots Doris and her mom approaching. Then he quickly dives under the water and stays there until they leave.
    • During the montage of Timothy helping Claude, they splash Timothy's dad with water; causing him to make a surprised face.
  • In "The Shutterbug" where Timothy attempts to take a good picture of his class students. Most of the time the photos would either would look awkward or silly. Special mention goes to the scene where Timothy tries to take a picture of Charles and tells him to back away. But at the last second, Charles falls onto the rock tower he made which Timothy immediately takes.
    Charles: (In an annoyed tone) You told me to go back too far, Timothy.
  • One episode starring Yoko involved her trying to grow a Cherry blossom tree. When her mother recommends trying to grow the tree she gives her the seeds or as she calls it "Magic Beans". Yoko then says this silly but cute line as a response.
    Yoko: Mama I'm not Jack And The Beanstalk.
  • "The Welcome Song" at the beginning of the series. Towards the end of the song, Miss Jenkins has everyone go around introduce themselves by name. It ends with Lilly, who seems to think for a second... "Um... Lilly!" Funny, and also a great way to introduce her status as the Forgetful Jones.