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There's no rule saying that PBS Kids has to be funny, but no one's gonna complain if it is; and we can't blame them for being so enjoyable for all ages, so each funny moment should be shown below, unless the show has its own page.

Shows with their own pages

If any other PBS Kids show has its own Funny page, add it here.


Idents, bumpers, and shows that don't have their own pages:

  • Pretty much EVERY bumper is funny, such as the "Reading Era" bumpers with the scatting.
  • One bumper has a firefighter reading a book, and gets interrupted by 4 kids using, "-am" words to rhyme. The firefighter mentions a peanut butter sandwich, and the purple kid says, "Hey, that doesn't rhyme!" They also look creepily hilarious.
  • One ID called "City" has a lot of random people seen. One girl even says the F-word. Happens at about 0:11.
  • This id, because of what happens at 0:07.
  • This promo, Where "Fiverman", an anthropomorphic number 5, gives various people high fives. At the end, he tries to give the logo a high five, unaware that it isn't sentient.
  • Many of the 2013 idents, such as one where Del turns a valve on a pipe, and he and Dee chase it to a desert, where Dot is, wanting a flower to grower. The music funks when the water only spills few, and the flower rises up. Dot dances a funny dance and the water shoots her away.
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  • The Cliff Hanger segments from Between the Lions are usually pretty funny, especially with its Memetic Mutation status.
  • From the Splash and Bubbles episode Seal Sitters:
    Chipper: At least now you have an excuse for that messy algae bed, Tidy!
    Tidy: Nobody asked for your opinion, Chipper! THANK YOU!