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"Oh, geez."

Taking inspiration from some of the funniest strips of all time, you best believe that this show has its fair share of funny moments.

    Season 1 
I Am Johann Sebastian Bach
  • In the opening sequence, Yadina and Brad bumping into each other while playing piano.
  • Xavier's crappy recorder playing.
  • "Twinkle Twinkle Little must practice...a lot.
  • "Okay, this is a problem."
  • "To the Secret Museum....yay!"
  • Yadina's crappy pun, which is unintentionally funny. Bach in time.
  • Brad getting dizzy and fainting.
  • The kids getting startled when Bach plays "Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor."
  • "Well it sounded great. Before that happened."
  • "Are we there yet? We've been walking for like a million hours."
  • "You're telling me we walked all this way and we're not going in? (Face Palm)"
I Am Marie Curie
  • In the opening sequence, Brad's test tube bubbling everywhere.
  • The kids thinking that Marie Curie was a wizard and her test tube is for magical potions that make you older.
  • Brad getting dizzy.
  • Brad thinking that the Flying University can teach you how to fly.
  • Brad, Yadina, and Xavier dressing up as a butterfly, chrysalis, and caterpillar, respectively.
I Am Mary ShelleyI Am Harry Houdini
  • The kids getting scared of an ominous figure in the fog, only for it to be Harry Houdini.
  • "Hey, where'd ya get the popcorn?'
  • Harry's string of accidents.
  • Yadina scaring Brad at the end of the episode.
I Am Helen Keller
  • Yadina's overdramatic reaction to not being able to read a big kid book.
    Yadina: But there are 1,000,578 other [words] I can't figure out!
  • Xavier being told to shush by the other library patrons.
  • "Covering someone's mouth when she's talking? Not very polite."
  • Yadina channels her inner Honey and yells at the top of her lungs in the library when she finally learns how to read the words.
I Am Alexander Graham Bell
  • "Wow, people were small back then."
  • "I forgot where I put my bottom half!"
I Am Florence Nightingale
  • This episode is made of funny.
  • "Too much fresh air!" in the opening sequence.
  • What was the important thing that Yadina had to talk to her class about? Chocolate chip cookies.
  • Yadina's hiccups. They interrupt her speaking, and the boys come up with silly solutions to help her, like having her hop on one foot and say "Xavier and Brad are the greatest."
  • Similar to the "I Am Harry Houdini" example above, the kids get scared when they see an ominous figure in the fog, who is really just Florence Nightingale.
  • Yadina and Brad's antics in the background and Florence and Xavier are talking.
  • Yadina thinking that she'll catch an illness from Florence's dolls, who are sick.
I Am George Washington Carver
  • Brad sneezing at flowers throughout the episode.
  • "Oof! That's gonna hurt."
I Am Leonardo da Vinci
  • "Yep, that's definitely what a lion fighting a dragon would look like."
  • Yadina falling and "Bradman" saving her.
I Am Amelia Earhart
  • "That. Was. AWESOME!"
  • "If by 'awesome', you mean dangerous and terrifying, I totally agree."
  • "Uh, no no no, young lady, that's high enough, thank you!"
  • This exchange:
    Yadina: Adventure MUST be your middle name.
    Amelia: No, it's Mary.
    Brad: Mine's Scott.
    Amelia: Cool.
I Am Isaac Newton
  • Xavier consistently failing at mini-golf.
  • Xavier gets extremely pissed off when he sees another windmill.
  • A leaf flying in Yadina's face.
  • Brad flying away on a kite.
I Am Golda Meir
  • Yadina decides to be a Turtle Crossing Guard and decides to stand in one place all day and wait for the turtles to cross.
I Am Winston Churchill
  • Xavier and Yadina scaring Brad with their weird masks.
  • "He was tagged by the kid, in the weird hooded shirt!"
I Am Cleopatra
  • "And she was born a long, long, long, long LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago!"
  • "Tell mom and dad you got two words for them - Super. Moon."
    • "But, it didn't work when Dr. Zoom wanted More. Pie."
    Yadina: It was a sad day for Dr. Zoom.
  • Brad sneezing in front of Cleopatra's cat.
  • Brad fidgeting.
I Am Catherine the Great
  • Brad is so socially awkward, he even struggles to start a conversation with a ride-on duck.
  • Brad being awkward and shy whenever he's around Catherine.
I Am Tomioka TessaiI Am George Washington
  • "The turtles came strolling very slowly, hurrah, hurrah!"
  • Yadina being an extremely poor leader.
  • The Running Gag of Yadina blowing her whistle.
  • Much like how Brad acted around Catherine the Great, Yadina gets all blushy around George Washington.
  • Xavier spilling the bucket of worms.
I Am Susan B. Anthony
  • The opening sequence, when the kids can't decide on whether to vote for pizza or spaghetti for lunch.
I Am Zora Neale Hurston
  • The kids landing in a pile of corn.
  • The old man's outrageous stories, like a cake that was so sweet, it gave him many cavities.
  • Zora's character, Miss Corn Shuck and Mr. Sweet Smell, are always trying to get married, but because one of the guests (a pepper shaker) keeps sneezing so much, they can never get through the ceremony.
I Am Charles Dickens
  • Brad and the bubble wrap.
  • Yadina being so bored out of her mind, and wanting more toys.
  • Charles Dickens describes what is essentially a fanfiction he wrote about himself and the prince.
We Are the Wright Brothers
  • Xavier and Yadina continuously failing at dropping eggs without breaking them.
  • The kids trying to make a pyramid, and it toppling over.
  • Yadina makes yet another unintentionally hilarious pun, this time punning 'Wright' and 'right'.
We Are the Bronte SistersI Am Mark Twain
  • Like "I Am Florence Nightingale", this episode is practically made of funny, but even more so due to it centering on a humorist.
  • "This? No, it's a paintbrush!"
  • The "exchange" between the fence and Mark Twain.
    Mark: Wait? Are you laughing at my white suit? Well, what else would you wear to paint a fence white? Okay, maybe it is warm. The fence might have a point there. And there. And there. And there!
  • Xavier accidentally getting paint on Mark's face, providing the page image.
  • We didn't notice the fence got done. We were having too much fun!
  • The kids pretending to be chickens.
  • Xavier becoming Chicken Wing Willy, a half-chicken, half-pirate, all-fierce villain who Xavier later incorporates into the comedy show.
I Am Abigail Adams
  • Yadina being overdramatic about there being no more green paint.
I Am Julia Child
  • Julia's plummy manner of speech, drawn from how she spoke in real life.
  • Julia scaring Brad.
  • "Apples? Cookies? Apple cookies?
I Am Neil Armstrong
  • Xavier's weird sandwich combinations.
  • Yadina eating the same thing day after day, a cheese and jelly sandwich.
  • Yadina's reaction to there being no more jelly.
    Yadina: NO. NO! WHY?!?
  • Yadina practically treats marmalade like the Anti-Christ until she actually tries it.
I Am Jackie Robinson
  • Xavier tripping on his untied shoelaces.
I Am Anna Pavlova
  • In the opening sequence, the kids messing up at ballet.
  • Xavier failing at magic tricks.
I Am Mary Leakey
  • Xavier failing to find the red cards, even though they've been under his nose the entire time.
I Am Alexander Hamilton
  • Yadina wanting to go back to kindergarten.
  • Yadina becomes lovestruck again when she sees George Washington.
I Am Theodore Roosevelt
  • Brad getting scared of the spider, and marking the entire playground as a No Go Zone. In fact, a lot of things on his map are marked as a No Go Zone, even the museum.
I Am Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Brad and Xavier bumping into each other when dancing.
  • Xavier being overdramatic about his museum job.
I Am Lou GehrigI Am Marie Owens
  • Xavier, Yadina, and Brad contemplating on whether they should arrest Tyler for getting paint on a museum owned costume.
  • The gang thinking that Marie will get mad at people, but she always says no.
    • On that same note, the gang forgetting that they're within earshot of her.

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