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Needless to say, when the show is good, it's just awesome.
    Season 1 
I Am Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Bach practices, works hard, and gives a great performance.
  • Xavier gets inspired by Bach, and eventually rocks the school talent show with a remix of "Hot Cross Buns."
I Am Marie Curie
  • Marie doesn't give up when she's informed that the university is for boys only. She follows her dream and joins a secret university for girls.
  • Marie even discovers a green glowing thing no one has ever found before, possibly radiation.
  • Brad is inspired by Marie and forms his own butterfly club for those that are too young to join the first butterfly club.
I Am Mary Shelley
  • Mary Shelley's spooky stories are creepily awesome.
  • Xavier manages to tell a story that's both spooky and silly at the end.
I Am Harry Houdini
  • By taking a deep breath to calm down, Harry Houdini becomes brave and walks on a tightrope all by himself, launching his magician career.
  • Brad takes inspiration by this and braves the darkness of the Museum at night.
I Am Helen Keller
  • Helen learning what words are, then how to read, and finally, how to speak, all in her own unique way. That is all.
  • Brad and Xavier help Yadina with reading, and Yadina reads a page of a big kid book all by herself.
I Am Alexander Graham Bell
  • Alexander helping a bunch of kids with disabilities at his school, which is a noble thing to do.
I Am Florence Nightingale
  • Instead of doing a report on cookies, Yadina decides to do a report on how to cure hiccups, and she gets cured in the process.
I Am George Washington Carver
  • The kids bravely and successfully rescue the plants from being smushed by rogue soccer players.
  • George shows Xavier how many things plants can make, even peanut butter sandwiches.
I Am Leonardo da Vinci
  • Brad flying with Leonardo's wings. That is all.
  • Leonardo shows Xavier that it's okay to try many different activities, by showing him that one activity can help him with another.
  • Brad saving Yadina and Dr. Zoom at the end.
I Am Amelia Earhart
  • Needless to say, this episode is MADE of awesome.
  • Amelia's home-made roller coaster.
  • Amelia flying over the Atlantic Ocean. That is all.
  • Brad takes inspiration from her and rides his bike without training wheels.
I Am Isaac Newton
  • Isaac successfully making the long jump by using critical thinking skills.
I Am Golda Meir
  • Golda starting an organization to help kids get school supplies.
  • Yadina advocating for turtle rights.
I Am Winston Churchill
  • When the other kids don't listen to his ideas on how to win capture the flag, Winston doesn't give up. He keeps relaying his ideas politely until they finally listen and Winston leads them to victory.
  • Brad takes inspiration from this and speaks up for himself at the Hands On Center.
I Am Cleopatra
  • The super-moon at the end. Enough said.
I Am Catherine the Great
  • Team Rooster's big win at the end.
  • Brad mentions in the closing sequence that he made a lot of friends and had tons of fun at day camp.
I Am Tomioka Tessai
  • Seeing Tomioka share his family stories makes Yadina confident enough to share hers in front of her whole class.
I Am George Washington
  • George teaching Yadina how to be a great leader, and her applying the skills she learned.
I Am Susan B. Anthony
  • Susan advocating for everyone to have a vote, whether it be for her siblings or for women everywhere.
  • Brad finally stands up for himself and shouts out that he should have a vote on what should go on the special shelf in the Secret Museum.
I Am Zora Neale Hurston
  • Zora's made-up stories which are imaginative and wild.
I Am Charles Dickens
  • The kids have a lot of fun with zero toys and just using their imagination. They jump over shark-infested waters and swim with a funny octopus named Fanny.
We Are the Wright Brothers
  • Failing doesn't discourage the Wright Brothers, they keep trying until they finally fly a plane in the air.
  • This inspires Xavier and Yadina to keep trying to drop an egg without breaking it.
We Are the Bronte Sisters
  • The Bronte Sisters and the Time Travel Trio make up an awesome story with everything, a circus, a clown, and even a superhero.
I Am Mark Twain
  • The kids get all the chores done by using laughter to speed up the process.
  • Xavier becoming Chicken Wing Willy and using the persona for his comedy show.
I Am Abigail Adams
  • The kids successfully provide a lot of resources for people during the American Revolution.
  • Yadina realizes that a missing color will not ruin her painting and decides to mix colors to make green.
I Am Julia Child
  • The kids use the recipe one step at a time and successfully make strawberry jam.
  • This inspires Xavier to build his model rocket one step at a time.
I Am Neil Armstrong
  • Neil landing on the moon. That is all.
  • This inspires Yadina to try a cheese and marmalade sandwich one step at a time. And she likes it!
I Am Jackie Robinson
  • Jackie hitting a home run, earning him the respect of his team members.
I Am Anna Pavlova
  • With a lot of practice, Anna does a very graceful performance in the ballet recital.
I Am Mary Leakey
  • By slowing down and looking around, the kids discover an ancient carving in the cave.
I Am Alexander Hamilton
  • Alexander Hamilton being a Badass Adorable every step of the way.
    Brad: Alexander Hamilton's got moves!
  • Heck, he even manages to become friends with the George Washington himself.
I Am Theodore RooseveltI Am Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Eleanor's helpfulness takes her far in life, she even becomes the First Lady of the United States and hosts her own radio show, where she advises people that they should take every chance they get to help others.
I Am Lou Gehrig
  • Lou got to play over 2,000 pro games in a row, and despite his failing health, keeps being optimistic.

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