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Heartwarming / Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum

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"We love it!"

This is definitely a show that knows how to make you feel good.

All spoilers are unmarked!

    Season 1 
I Am Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Bach blushing after everyone claps for his amazing performance.
  • Xavier works hard, practices, and eventually rocks the school talent show. Brad and Yadina couldn't be prouder.

I Am Marie Curie

  • Brad starts his own butterfly club. The older kids want to join, and it becomes an "everyone butterfly club". At the end of the episode, a butterfly lands on Brad's shoulder, and he blushes and squeals a bit in delight.

I Am Mary Shelley

  • Xavier gets to tell a story his own way and everyone loves it.

I Am Harry Houdini

  • Xavier, Yadina, and Brad all holding hands as they fall asleep to keep Brad safe.

I Am Helen Keller

  • Helen learns how to speak in her own unique way. She learns how to say the name of her dog, Belle, and hugs her when she does.
  • Yadina takes inspiration from this and learns how to read a big kid book in her own way.
    • Also, Brad taking the time to draw pictures to help Yadina puzzle out what the book has to say.

I Am Alexander Graham Bell

  • Alexander helping people who can't talk speak for themselves.

I Am Florence Nightingale

  • Florence's commitment to helping people, especially when she helps a dog with a sore paw.
  • Yadina takes inspiration from this and does her school report on how to cure hiccups so she can help people.

I Am George Washington Carver

  • The kids helping the flower.

I Am Leonardo da Vinci

  • Leonardo setting the bird free.
  • Brad becoming "Bradman" and getting to fly with Leonardo's wings.
  • At the end of the episode, Brad saves Yadina, and Yadina says that he's her hero.

I Am Amelia Earhart

  • Amelia getting to fly over the Atlantic Ocean

I Am Isaac Newton

  • After thinking through his problem, Isaac figures out how to make the long jump, and jumps the farthest of anyone.

I Am Golda Meir

  • Golda helping kids who have no schoolbooks.
  • Yadina's commitment to helping turtles safely cross the road.
  • The townsfolk in both eras being so eager to help once the girls alert them to the problem.

I Am Winston Churchill

  • Winston speaking up for himself and leading his team to victory.
  • Brad blushing and hugging Dr. Zoom when everyone compliments him.

I Am Cleopatra

  • Cleopatra hugging her dad.
  • Xavier finally getting to see the supermoon, while Yadina and Brad sleep next to him.

I Am Catherine the Great

  • Brad blushing and being nervous around Catherine the Great. Bonus points for the moment when he saves her from falling and blushes a lot when she holds his hand.
  • Although Brad's interactions with Catherine are sweet, it's his interactions with Matthias that make more of an impact. After they win the race, they become good friends after finding things they have in common. As Brad Meltzer (the maker of the show) once said, “There's nothing more intimate in life than simply being understood. And understanding someone else.”
  • In the closing sequence, Brad gushes about how amazing day camp was and how many friends he made.

I Am Tomioka Tessai

  • Tomioka's story of the cherry tree.
  • Yadina sharing her family stories with her quilt is just adorable.

I Am George Washington

  • In a similar vein to Brad's crush on Catherine, we have Yadina's crush on George Washington. Your mileage may vary on this one, though.
  • George helping his team.
    • This inspires Yadina to do the same with the Nature Troop.

I Am Susan B. Anthony

  • Susan standing up for all women everywhere to have a vote.
  • This inspires Brad to do the same and stand up for his right to have a vote on what should go on the special shelf in the Secret Museum.
  • Brad smiling when his friends finally understand.

I Am Zora Neale Hurston (The page image)

  • Brad shares his very personal story with Xavier and Yadina. He got his signature cape as a blanket when he was a baby, and he believes that it gave him superpowers, and now he has the best friends in the world. And then they all share a Group Hug. Awww...

I Am Charles Dickens

  • The kids just playing and having fun with their imaginations.

We Are the Wright Brothers

  • Wilbur and Orville hugging when they finally fly a plane.
  • Xavier and Yadina hugging when they finally drop an egg without breaking it.

We Are the Bronte Sisters

  • Everyone hugging Brad/Bike Man when he saves them.

I Am Mark Twain

  • Mark Twain helping Xavier make hard things easier with laughter.

I Am Abigail Adams

  • Yadina making a painting for her mom.

I Am Julia Child

  • The kids making strawberry jam together.
  • Xavier finally building his model rocketship.

I Am Neil Armstrong

  • Neil landing on the moon.
  • Yadina finally trying marmalade, and liking it!

I Am Jackie Robinson

  • Even though Sarah was mean to Jackie, Jackie still wants to be her friend, and invites her over for milk and bread, which she gladly accepts.
  • Brian and Yadina putting their differences aside and playing together.

I Am Anna Pavlova

  • Anna dancing gracefully in the ballet recital.

I Am Alexander Hamilton

  • Even though Yadina is nervous to start first grade, Xavier and Brad assure her that they will always be with her and that they're close to her classroom if she needs anything.

I Am Theodore Roosevelt

  • Theodore helping the little animals find a place to live.
  • Brad conquers his fear of the spider at the playground and helps it find a home.

I Am Eleanor Roosevelt

  • Xavier helping people at the museum by passing out maps.
  • Brad blushing whilst dancing with Eleanor Roosevelt.

I Am Lou Gehrig

  • This is probably one of the most heartwarming episodes of the show to date.
  • Due to Lou's failing health, he can't play baseball anymore. But he still continues to look on the bright side in spite of that. Before he retires, he thanks everyone in the crowd, and says that he feels like the luckiest man on the face of the earth.
  • Xavier, Yadina, and Brad realize that they are pretty lucky in spite of having a crappy day, so they all hug each other. Can you say awww?

I Am Marie Owens

  • Marie helping people who caused accidents. Instead of getting mad at them, she helps them solve their problems in a positive way.

I Am Madam President

  • Yadina rescuing Berby and saving her life.
  • In the future, Yadina achieves her dream of becoming president.
  • Throughout the movie, Xavier struggles on what to put in the Hero's Day exhibit. He decides to put a mirror to show that anyone can be a hero. Then he and Yadina hug.

  • The whole reason for the franchise's existence. Brad Meltzer created the franchise to show that anyone can be a hero, and that heroes were once just like you — a kid.
  • During the COVID-19 quarantine, Brad Meltzer decided to entertain kids stuck at home with a live reading of the I Am Amelia Earhart book on the PBS Kids Facebook page.

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