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Even Omi's proud of Raimundo for getting promoted.

  • Omi asking Jack to join the monks at the Xiaolin Temple at the end of "Citadel of Doom". For being so crucial in defeating Wuya proves to be a heartwarming moment considering how Jack immediately refuses the offer, but, after seeing Omi's sad face at the rejection and him tugging Jack's coat, then offered to take the Monks out for ice cream when they're not fighting for Shen Gong Wu, his treat. This shows at their core, the Monks and Jack are mainly just in a Friendly Enemy status.
    • Omi clinging onto Jack's coat and begging him to join the Xiaolin monks and move into the temple after he helps them defeat Wuya. Jack immediately declines the offer and activates his helibot to leave, only to find that Omi is still holding onto his coat and is now looking up at him sadly, prompting Jack to add:
    "... But maybe someday, if we're not fighting for Shen Gong Wu, we could all go for ice-cream. My treat."
  • The ending of Omi Town.
    Master Fung: You succeeded in your quest to find where you belong.
    Omi: But... I am back where I started.
    Master Fung: (With Kimiko, Clay and Raimundo behind him) That is right. This is your home. (all of them pull out Chinese New Years presents he missed out on at the beginning of the episode from having no family) Happy New Year, Omi.
  • Omi placing a blanket over a sleeping Jack in The Apprentice after all the pain the other monks and Dojo had put him through, and of course The Reveals of the final showdown.
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  • In the finale, Omi accepting Raimundo's rank and bowing to him.
  • Raimundo betting in Kimiko's favor in "Tangled Web". "I never doubted her for a second." D'aww.
    • Actually came here looking for this. That is without a doubt one of Raimundo's best scenes.
    • What makes it even better is that with Raimundo's personality, we expected him to be betting against Kimiko. Hearing him admit that he was in fact rooting for her made the revelation all the better.
  • Maybe this one's only for Rai/Kim shippers, but his "highlights reel" that plays in the movie theater in "Dream Stalker". What are the highlights Rai's subconscious selects? Kicking the crap out of one of Pandabubba's men, combining the Sword of the Storm with the Eye of Dashi - and getting a kiss on the cheek from Kimiko after he returned to the Xiaolin side.
    • Not to mention, while he's in the movie theater, who's there leaning up on his arm? Kimiko. Well, a hallucination of Kimiko, but still; it means he considers her an important part of his life.
  • The ending of Big As Texas, where Clay, right after winning the Star Hanabi in a Showdown, gives it right back to his dad, because only a man can have it.
    Daddy Bailey: Clay, I reckon you been a man longer than I realized.
  • Omi's and Raimundo's close bond. When Omi gets lost in "My Homey Omi", Raimundo is the happiest when they find him. And in "In The Flesh", Omi continually believes that instead of pulling a Face–Heel Turn, Raimundo is actually enacting a Secret Elaborate Plan. One gets the feeling that the digs they make at each other is just brotherly affection. (Like arm punches.)
    • Any time Raimundo's Big Brother Instinct toward Omi kicks in, it's truly heartwarming.
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    • A somewhat spoilerific entry: The only thing that makes Heylin!Omi hesitate in "Saving Omi" is the tear Raimundo sheds when Omi is about to crush him. Note that this is even after all of the good in Omi has been drained from him. Talk about Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other.
  • Raimundo quitting when Master Monk Guan starts to punish the other monks for his own "failures" in The Return of Master Monk Guan". Sure, it's revealed to be part of a Batman Gambit, but Rai's sense of justice is pretty much unparalleled.
  • Good Jack's sacrifice in "Finding Omi".
    Dojo: If you leave the ying-yang world without both Wu, you'll go back to your former evil self. Not that it wouldn't be an improvement.
    Good Jack: Then that's what I must do. The world is at stake. Not to mention the lives of my good friends.
    Dojo: You'd be willing to that for us? Even after all the mean things we've said?
    Good Jack: Yeah, water off a duck's back. I know that when I return I won't miss being good, but I wish I would. Uhh yes, please try to remember me for how I am and not for how I will be.
  • The Finale comes overdosed with this. We finally get to see a nice Chase Young, who really looks after the monks when Omi makes an alternate timeline. To the point that he willingly drinks the Lao Meng Long Soup all over again to give the others a chance to escape. This is right after Raimundo had volunteered to drink it, instead, and Kimiko automatically yanked it out of the boy's hands in absolute horror that he'd turn evil. The bond that the four have managed to forge really shines in moments like these, especially later when Raimundo is named leader...and this time there's no resentment, no infighting, no pride, just absolute enthusiasm and support. After that, seeing them as a united front against the entire Heylin side is just icing on the cake.
    • Also in the finale, after the Xiaolin-side wins the showdown and it pans over the villains, Chase is briefly shown smiling, implying that he probably wanted the Xiaolin to win.
    • Again in the finale, when the Big Bad Ensemble gets ready to gang up on Kimiko, Rai tags himself in so she wouldn't have to fight them. In other words, he willingly took on the four most powerful villains in the show at the same time to protect her—and he won, too.
  • The whole RaiKim ship is this if you think about it. Raimundo is Brazilian and therefore has been raised with the notion that the most attractive women have big breasts and big behinds. Kimiko is Japanese and therefore is likely to have a figure that's the exact opposite of what his culture associates with beauty...and he doesn't care.
    • Fridge Brilliance: Brazil has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan itself—the two countries are pretty close.
  • At the end of "The Black Vipers", Jessie, Clay's little sister, has won the gang's Shen Gong Wu and driven off with her gang. However, she clearly looks unhappy about it. Later that night, Clay finds himself remembering their childhood together when he gets a package. In that package are the Wu, along with a letter from Jessie;
    "Dear Big Brother, it took a while, but I finally did beat you! Only, it didn't feel as satisfyin' as I had imagined. Anyway, to show that there's no hard feelings, I'm returnin' all yer warts.note  Oh, except for one I was hopin' to borrow. See ya around! Yer baby sis, Jessie."
  • In "Pandatown," after Kimiko, Clay and Omi are double-crossed by Jack and captured by PandaBubba (who also double-crosses Jack), Raimundo and Dojo come back to save them and the other monks apologize to Raimundo for how they've been treating him so poorly as of late (which was mainly because of Raimundo's status as non-Apprentice) and especially for choosing to trust Jack (the villain they fight on a regular basis) over him (one of their teammates/best friends)—finally acknowledging that, despite Raimundo's time on the Heylin side (which, when you really think about it, was kind of their fault to begin with), it was an extremely stupid move on their part.
    • Also, before the above situation, after Raimundo and Dojo (who was saved by Raimundo) fly back to the temple and explain the situation to Master Fung, Raimundo tells his teacher that he has a plan, but he has to do it alone—just as Master Fung is about to say something, Raimundo (thinking that Master Fung was going to say he doesn't trust Raimundo due to being a non-apprentice) cuts him off and acknowledges that while he's not an apprentice yet like Kimiko and the other boys, he was chosen as a Xiaolin Monk for a reason and wants to prove himself. After Raimundo finishes, Master Fung reveals what he was going to say before Raimundo cut off: he trusts Raimundo's judgement and will allow him to put whatever his plan is into action. This surprises Raimundo, but he's also very touched by Master Fung believing in him.
    • Also, at the very end of the episode, Raimundo finally achieves the rank of Apprentice, and the others express their happiness for him.
  • "Xiaolin Showdown The Last Temptation Of Raimundo", when the other monks realize their mistake with Raimundo and go to save him, Omi refuses to believe that they are truly down a man and believes that Raimundo will still be with them.

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