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For Xiaolin Showdown:

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  • In his regular form, Dojo Kanojo Cho is considerably similar to Mushu where they both are comedic Chinese dragons of an usually small size and voices are provided by comedic actors Eddie Murphy (Mushu) and Wayne Knight (Dojo).
  • Dragon of the Wind (Raimundo Pedrosa) is similar to Kagura the Wind Sorceress.
    • Also, "Rai" is Japanese for 'Thunder' and Raimundo's main attack through season two is called 'typhoon boom,' which sounds like thunder.
  • Asian character 'ko' of Dragon of Fire Kimiko Tohomiko means 'fire'.
  • Jack Spicer shares the same name to American poet and dramatist born January 30, 1925 and died August 17, 1965 who was a key member in the San Francisco Renaissance.
  • In her ghost form (and when she turns back to human though without her powers), Wuya shares little similarities to Shendu where both once were all powerful beings, but now are powerless and need artifacts with magical powers hidden across the globe for centuries, though while Wuya's a witch who was defeated by a Xiaolin Dragon, Shendu was a demon defeated by an immortal.
  • Not only does Katnappé dresses in full length feline attire like Cheetah, Catman, Princess Seira, Catwoman, Wildcat, another Catman, Black Cat, Catgirl, as well as Josie McCoy, Valerie Brown and Melody Valentine but the person who provides Katnappés' voice done a cat-like burglar before.
    • Her whiskers are very similar to Naruto's.
  • Tubbimaru's fighting style is like The Blob.
  • It is possible Grandmaster Dashi is based on Rigen Daishi, a Buddhist monk from 874, famous for building the site of Daigoji Temple. Daishi (also Shobo), was also known as the Great Master of Holy Treasures, which, in Xiaolin Showdown, could be taken to mean the Shen Gong Wu.
    • In Chinese, Dashi (大师) means "great master," revealing his rank as a Grand Master.
  • Cyclops is of Greek Mythology and later Roman Mythology.
  • Master Monk Guan's name probably derives from Guan Yu, a skilled military commander of the Han Dynasty in China and was very respected by his soldiers. Guan Yu has been somewhat canonized as a god-like being because of his exaggerated deeds and qualities.
    And like the Spear of Guan, Guan Yu also exceled at the use of his weapon, the Kwandao (aka Guandao), a spear-like weapon with a crescent moon blade at the tip instead of the actual spear that kind of resembles a halberd.
  • Chase Young's armor looks very similar to the Saiyan combat suits with the chest design on the front and the lines toing through the shoulder and thigh guards.
    • In many ways, Chase Young has references to Masters of the Universe: his lair has the same color as Skeletor's home, Snake Mountain, big cats like He-man and Skeletor, and he has the ability to change between human and reptile form like King Hsss.
    • Him selling his soul for dark knowledge is based on German tale about a man named Faust who sold his sold and body after twenty-four years to the Devil if he would serve Faust for his life, tell Faust anything he wished, and never to lie to Faust to which Faust gave a blood sacrifice and renounced his Christian faith to seal the pact.
    • Not to mention Chase Young has some things in common with Shang Tsung.
  • Not only is Hannibal Bean a parody of Hannibal Lecter, but he seem to have gotten his name from Hannival Berca who was the son of Hamilcar Barca from the Ancient Days as well as eccentric U.S. saloon-keeper and Justice of the Peace Judge Roy Bean in Val Verde County, Texas.

Shen Gong Wu

  • Powers of the Golden Tiger Claws allowing a user to transport between two places instantly by ripping a hole in space so the user could jump into, coming out of another in a place of their choice within seconds is very similar Wulf's ability.
  • "Sword of the Storm" is similar to The Rune Save.
  • The "Shroud of Shadow" making a person(s) or object(s) invisible to a degree works just like the Invisibility Cloak from the Harry Potter series, though unlike here where the shroud is a magical object, the Invisibility Cloak is made of a mythical creatures' hair that gradually lose its effectiveness as the hair becomes more and more opaque.
  • The "Sands of Time" Shen Gong Wu being an antiquated timing hourglass consisting of two glass chambers connected vertically by a narrow passage with sand trickling through top to bottom concretely represents the English idiom relating the passage of time.
  • The "Monsoon Sandals" looks like the sandals Hermes wore to deliver messages to the gods.
  • Gills of Hamachi's effect are similar to the 'Gillyweed' plant where both enables a person to gain gills and webbing between the fingers and toes.
    • Whenever Omi (along with Raimundo, Clay and Kimiko) use the Gills, Omi looks like a smaller version of the Black Lagoon creature whilst Raimundo looks like a teen version, Clay a bulky version and Kimiko a feminine one.
  • As well as "Fountain of Hui" possibly referring to creator Christy Hui, the word "Hui" could translate to either "Fountain of Itself" or "Fountain of Knowledge."
  • The purple smoke that the "Woozy Shooter" emits could be a reference to a song called "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix.
  • Since 'musca' means "fly" in Latin, this is probably where "Manchurian Musca" comes from.
  • The Monkey Staff is a probable nod to Journey to the West.


  • In Spanish, 'mala' from "Mala Mala Jong" means bad and 'Jong' in Chinese means someone who ranks high in an army.
  • The Ying-Yang world looks similar to the Astral Plane.
    • How Omi (later Clay, Kimiko, Raimundo, Dojo and Jack) look when he first arrives in the Ying Yang World looks similar to when characters enter ChalkZone.

     Season 1 
Journey of a Thousand Miles
  • The noises the Jackbots make when Jack orders them to attack Omi resemble R2D2.
  • Episode title draws from Lao Tzu's famous quote:
    "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."
  • Kimiko's game Po-Chi has the similarities of the classic Pac-Man game.

Like a Rock!

Tangled Web Comb

  • The glow of the "Tangle Web Comb" Shen Gong Wu underwater is similar to the glow of treasure chests made underwater in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
  • The part where Kimiko remembers what Master Fung said about the Tangle Web Comb is similar to where Obi-Wan Kenobi reminds Luke of the force.
  • While in Scotland, as Dojo complains about the cold, he mentions his cousin "Nessie" and her reasoning why she likes it here is because of the attentions.


  • 'Catitona Land' is based off a Hello Kitty Theme Park opened in Japan Summer 2001.

Shen Yi Bu

  • Raimundo finds the Sword of the Storm Shen Gong Wu is stuck in the sand with the hilt sticking out is like King Arthur's sword being stuck in stone.
  • When Omi uses the Shroud of Shadows Shen Gong Wu to spy on Raimundo toward the end, he breaths like Darth Vader.


  • Jack mentions loving "Mindcreeper", a reference to Mindsweeper.
  • How the Chameleon Bot can transform into different people is similar to Chameleon.
  • The way Jacks' voice sounded and how he said "La la la la la la" resembles Pee-Wee Herman Herman.
  • The scene where Robo-Kimiko fires the Eye of Dashi Shen Gong Wu and Omi dodges them by running on the walls parodies The Matrix.

Night of the Sapphire Dragon

  • Title parodies Night of the Living Dead (1968) as evidenced by the zombies.
  • The last few minutes of this episode are an obvious tribute to old "spaghetti western" movies, with Dojo walking around in a cowboy hat and doing an impression of actor John Wayne.
    Dojo: Listen up, partner...

My Homey Omi

  • When Clay, Raimundo, Kimiko and Dojo reunite with Omi, Raimundo does the traditional welcome "Don't you ever run off like that again, we were so worried!"
  • Jack's comment "Yes! Call me Air Jack!" is a parody of "Air Jordan", a common nickname for basketball player Michael Jordan.
  • Omi is referred to as "Opie" by Jack.

Big as Texas

  • Based on her hairstyle, Kimiko resembles Trey Racer.
  • When Jack tries to catch the Star Hanabi Shen Gong Wu during the tornado storm in the showdown resembles the way you try to catch a snitch in the Quidditch game.

Royal Rumble

Mala Mala Jong

  • Omi turning up in a man's field and the farmer mistaking him for a gopher is a parody of Caddyshack.
  • When Omi uses the Golden Tiger Claws Shen Gong Wu to remove the heart of Jong, it is reminiscent of when the Alien makes its first appearance.

In the Flesh

  • Several to The Chronicles of Narnia:
    • The way Wuya tries to convince Raimundo to join her side, is similar to The White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia tries to convince Edmund Pevensie to bring his brother (Peter) and sisters (Susan & Lucy) to her.
    • Both Edmund and Raimundo like to pick on anyone who's younger or smaller than themselves (Lucy and Omi).
    • Both boys tend to never listen to anything anyone ever tells them.
    • They both are pulled over to the evil side because they've both been convinced to betray the others.
    • Both characters realize what they've done wrong and go back to the good side.
  • Jack's threat to sue by saying "Man, if I get tied into a knot over this, I'm gonna sue!" is reminded of Montana Max, who Danny Cooksey also voiced.
  • When trees lose their leaves and the rivers dry up happens when Scar took over Pride Rock.

     Season 2 
Days Past
  • After Omi freezes Wuya, the way in which the camera slowly showed her in the ice with her opening her eyes is reminiscent to how Shiva appears and as the is the way the Heylin Witch shatters out of the ice sending shards that try to hit the Monks is similar to how the Ice Queen attacks.
    • When Wuya breaks out of the ice, she looks like Washu upon first appearance.
  • Dojo's "You might end up as your own grandpa!" line refers to novelty song "I'm My Own Grandpa" by Moe Jaffe and Dwight Latham.
    • It is also a reference to an episode of Futurama in which Fry finds out he is his own grandfather.
  • When Wuya drives off in the car she conjured for Raimundo, she changed her clothes so she was dressed as Penelope Pitstop.

Citadel of Doom

  • When Kimiko shatters her prison bars (iced by Omi), she gives a "V for Victory" hand sign, common in anime.
  • Title refers to the Citadel of Chaos book.
  • Once again, Jack refers to Omi as "Opie."

The Shard of Lightning

  • In response to Katnappé's "go away, Jack" comment, both real Jack and robot Jack makes a Robert De Niro quote:
    Jack: You talking to me?
    Robot Jack: Or are you talking to me?

The Crystal Glasses

  • Jack's picture on his 'Master of Evil' business card is a reference to Pesterminator: The Western Exterminator.


  • Jack's Yes-bot could be a reference to the Yes-bots in Toontown.
  • Since the episode title has nothing to do with the story, it must parody Chinatown.
    Wuya even quotes half of famous last line "Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown" though replace 'Jake' with 'Jack' and 'It's Chinatown' with 'What happens in Pandatown, stays in Pandatown.' To make things more interesting, the actor who plays Jake Gittes is named "Jack."
  • When Pandabubba's henchmen fight Raimundo escalating from the spiral stairs of the Shen Gong Wu vault to the main floor, there are several instances where the animators used "bullet time" and the music that plays during this spoofs The Matrix.
  • Kimiko's clothes has strong resemblance to the uniform worn by Billy-Lo wears as well as being the inspiration for The Bride's outfit, albeit sleeveless.
    • Kimiko's outfit and hairstyle makes her bear a resemblance to Miguzi host, Erica.
  • Omi's "Just think, 'What would Omi do?'" parodies common phrase "What Would Jesus Do?" or "WWJD" that basically states that one should do the right thing.
  • Second time Omi's called "Little Man," though by Raimundo.

Enter the Dragon

The Sands of Time

Hear Some Evil, See Some Evil

  • Omi swinging around using the Silk Spinner Shen Gong Wu is similar to how Spider Man swings with his web-shooter.
    • Not to mention Dojo quips "My Dojo senses is tingling!"
  • Raimundo's 3PM Player is an obvious parody of the MP3 Player.
  • Master Fung catches a bee with his bare hand.
  • Title spoofs See No Evil, Hear No Evil.


Master Monk Guan

  • When Guan tells what he believed of how Chase Young became evil, the demon Chase got his youth potion off looks like a goat, the goat demon originally a pagan god of fertility, but was warped by the Christians to make paganism seem evil, and, therefore, stamp it out.
  • The mirror battle in Chase's palace is similar to the one Lee faces.

The Evil Within

  • How Sabini crawls into Clay's ear for a host is like Khan puts insect-like creatures inside his victims' ears to control them.

The Deep Freeze

  • Jack turning the Dude-Bot human with the Heart of Jong Shen Gong Wu is similar to the idea of Pinocchio.
    • Dude-bot is strangely similar to Astro Boy by looks and by being able to fly via boosters from his boots.
  • After kicking the Dude-Bot, Kimiko calls him Tin Man.
    • Kimiko even asks "Care for a little fire, Snowman?" and hurls a fireball at Raksha is verbatim to line "Care for a little fire, Scarecrow?" said by the Wicked Witch of the West.
  • Rahsha is like a parody of Bumble the Aboninable Snowman.
    • Rahsha approaches Jack in his laboratory as a small friendly snowman before shifting to his large self.
    • When the four warriors (Raimundo, Kimiko, Omi and Clay) find Jack in his destroyed laboratory, the evil boy genius calls Rahsah an evil snowman
  • When Raksha battles Omi in the Ice Hockey Showdown, Raksha has a body that looks like Frost Man.

The Emperor Scorpion Strikes Back

  • Title is a blend of movie titles The Emperor Scorpion if not The Black Scorpion and The Empire Strikes Back
  • The Matrix is spoofed again when Omi dodges Raimundo while fire chases him.
  • Numerous references to the Fearsome Four links outside sources like the "Fab Four" or the Fantastic Four.
  • How Mala Mala Jong sends the Ring of the Nine Dragons Shen Gong Wu through the air after ripping Jack's pants off with the Third Arm Sash Shen Gong Wu and the ring slides on Jong's finger (actually the Fist of Tebigong Shen Gong Wu) is similar to a scene with Frodo Baggins.
  • After the Emperor Scorpion Shen Gong Wu revealed itself.
    Kimiko: So where is the Emperor Scorpion?

The Black Vipers

  • When Kimiko and the three stooges (Omi, Clay and Raimundo) are sent underground by Jessie, several things are seen as it pains down below the earth's crust and amongst them are a group of four Morlocks, a lizard creature that's essentially a Sleestak, and a bespectacled man in a business suit talking on a cellphone saying "Can you still hear me?" which is a parody of the Verizon wireless "Can you hear me now?" commercials.

Screams of the Siren

  • After Omi upsets Kimiko at the end, a sweat bubble comes down from the backside of her head, a parody from Totally Spies! when the girls have bubbles dripping down their heads whether their confused, upset, peeved or such.
  • When Kimiko uses her fire element on Jack's robots, one of them screams "Help me! I'm melting!" out loud.
  • Sirens are beautiful creatures from Greek mothology whose songs could drive men mad.

The Return of Pandabubba

  • Although the audience sparsely heard of fictional game Goo Zombies before, this would be the first time the game is actually shown to the viewers and it takes elements from the Resident Evil games such as the horde of zombies, the strange mansion, a cheat for an invisible enemy, and the lab in the mansion's base housing the main evil creature, which looks like an amalgamation of the Tyrant and Licker.
    • The creature on the last level Kimiko faces during the showdown has a similarity to Mother Brain the final boss.
  • Title resembles Return of the Jedi.
  • When the gang arrives at Tohomiko electronics, Kimiko, Dojo, Raimundo, Clay and Omi go through a big walk-in X-ray device for the scanning process.

The Last Temptation of Raimundo

  • 'Heylin Comet' sounds like "Halley's Comet."
  • Raimundo resembles Juggernaut when he acquires the Helmet of Jong.
  • Behavior of the She Gong Wu in this episode is reminiscent of the Venom Symbiote in that it tries to take over the body of its host.
  • Dojo namedrops Frankenstein.

The Year of the Green Monkey

  • Replace "Green Monkey" with "Jade Monkey" in the episode's title and you have the title of a 90's movie.
  • Jack tried infiltrating the Xiaolin Temple to acquire the Tongue of Saiping Shen Gong Wu by using a huge statue of himself on a cart with huge fruit surrounding the statue, though the four warriors saw through Jack's plan and destroyed the statue but not the oversized fruit where Jack was hiding in the banana.
  • Omi's "Not only does Jack look like a monkey, but he (ugh) smells like one too!" refers to the mocking Happy Birthday Song.Version's Lyrics: 
  • The green monkeys that appear may refer to Beast Boy's most recent orign story where he was bitten by a very rare green monkey as a child, giving him Sakutia, the disease that gave him his shapeshifting powers and green coloring. Though earlier versions of his origin story had Beast Boy's father use experimental "de-evolution" techniques to turn his son into a green monkey to save his life from the Sakutia.

The Demon Seed

  • Not only does "Gigi" the demon seed speaks like the French Knights from Monty Python and the Holy Grail but noting of the character acting like the French Knights is when he is on top of the Shen Gong Wu Vault, he is beating himself on the head, as the Frenchmen did when they were taunting King Arthur and his men. He also gives the monks a raspberry in the same way that the Frenchmen did. To further complete the Frenchmen motif is when Clay launch stones at Gigi, the evil plant wildly look about as he waits for the stones to hit as the Frenchmen did when they began launching things at King Arthur and his Knights.
    • The little buds sprouting on Gigi's vines are much like the sprouts of Audrey II when she got out of control.
  • Between breathes as he's being crushed by Vlad's hug:

The New Order

  • A reference to Skipper the penguin's repetitive "Smile and wave boys, smile and wave" line is made when Clay asks what Master Fung meant:
    Dojo: Just do as I do; smile and nod.
  • While riding on top Cyclops, a certain self-proclaimed evil boy genius quotes Al Pacino as he has the one-eyed ogre grab Chase Young who's paying attention to Omi as the former pops from underneath the desert sand where the Wushan Geyser Sheng-Gong-Wu is located:
  • How Raimundo battles some jungle cats, pauses for a moment before backhanding another jungle cat is the exact same stunt Rafiki pulls with the hyenas.

The Apprentice

  • The attack Omi uses on his Omibot is similar to the Program Advance move.
  • Episode title shares the same name of a hit reality show.
  • At the temple, where Jack is feeling down after being defeated by Chase Young and Katnappé, being kicked out by his robot clone, the theme from The Young and the Restless starts playing.

Something Jermaine

  • Dojo's "There are three things I have learnt not to talk about: Religion, Politics, and Omi's head" is a verbatim to the "There are three things I have learnt not to discuss with people: Religion, Politics, and the Great Pumpkin!" line said by Linus.
  • Dojo quotes famous "Like peas and carrots" line.

Dangerous Minds

  • Episode shares the same title of a 1995 film starring Michelle Pfeiffer.
  • Episode plot has giant spiders trying to destroy the world . . . sounds familiar?
  • Omi grabs a paralyzed with fear Dojo as he, Kimko, Raimundo, Clay and Chase escape the giant spider queen and her swarm.

Judging Omi

  • Raimundo makes a reference to R&B artist Grandmaster Funk when he says "So, who's the lucky monk, Grandmaster Fung?"
  • Episode title spoofs Judging Amy.
  • Jack calling Omi "sweet pea" in regards to the latter pointing out the former's "new" army of evil (Vlad, Katnappé, Cyclops and Tubbimura) looks like the "old" one, "Swee'pea" being the name of Popeye and Olive Oyl's only child.
  • Omi saying he's the chosen one and the fact he turns evil likely refers to Revenge of the Sith, which ironically came out in theatres the Thursday before this episode premiered where chosen one Anakin Skywalker betrays the Jedi Order.
  • After learning Dojo told each one of them they would be the one to become a Wudai Warrior, Omi, Kimiko, Raimundo and Clay confront the dragon:

Saving Omi

  • When Omi's turned into a cat, he strongly resembles Simba as a cub if not Kimba.
  • Raimundo does the 'bring it on' hand gesture to Evil Omi is what Neo does to Agent Smith.
  • Before Clay could use the Lasso Boa-Boa Shen Gong Wu to stop Heylin Omi from pulverizing Raimundo, a possessed looking Omi turns his head 180 degrees to face the cowboy.
  • The ice claws appearing on Omi's water body is similar to Wolverine's if not X-23.
  • While Clay, Raimundo, Kimiko and Dojo are looking through the ancient scrolls on finding the answer why Omi turned evil, Dojo finds a scroll that states Alexander the Great had seven toes on one foot and three on the other.

     Season 3 
Finding Omi
  • Omi's "I know there is still good in you" line is similar to Luke Skywalker's "There is still good inside you" line to Darth Vader.
  • How the Chi Guardian eats the warriors chi is how the Dementors left people soulless after their attacks.
  • Name of the showdown between Clay, Omi-cat, Raimundo and Kimiko against Chase and three of his warriors turned jungle cats is called 'Xiaolin Soccer.'
  • Jack's chi being replaced with good, he acts an awful lot like Gene Kelly, dressing the same, prancing around and being overly dramatic like how Gene Kelly was in all the musical movies of the fifties.

Bird of Paradise

  • The way Clay used his Wudai powers while battling the rock snake is very similar to the Earthbenders if not the way Goku uses Kamehameha.
  • Episode title "Bird of Paradise" shares the same name as a card in Magic: The Gathering game as well as a name of the demons from Inuyasha.
  • Punching a hole in the gorge's side by using his Wudai power in order to escape the collapsing Canyon of Doom and Agony so the warriors have an easy passage out, Raimundo, Kimiko and Omi grab Clay before the cowboy is crushed.

The Life and Times of Hannibal Roy Bean

Omi Town

  • Wuya's "It would of worked too if you hadn't shown up!" line parodies a line usually misquoted by villains when they get caught by Mystery Inc.
  • While the four Warriors look for Omi's parents while riding forty-foot Dojo, they spot a Crop Circle in a corn field.
  • Raimundo makes a reference to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "Musical Fruit" when speaking to Hannibal:
    "Yeah, well listen Mr. Musical Fruit, I eat beans for lunch!"
    • It also refers to a schoolyard saying and children's song "Beans, Beans, The Musical Fruit" about the capacity for beans to contribute to flatulence.

Treasure of the Blind Swordsman

  • The line "Yeah, burn baby burn!" Kimiko says is also a line from "Disco Inferno" song.
  • The ghost cowboy in the 'Last Breath Saloon" looks and talked a lot like Blondie.
  • Raimundo's Wudai Weapon, Blade of the Nebula, is similar to the 'Blades of the Dragon' power.
  • How the blind old man dressed, used his staff and the sound the staff made while battling Wuya and Jack are very similar to a Jedi and his light saber.

Oil in the Family

The Return of Master Monk Guan

  • The name "Bobo" Master Monk Guan gave Raimundo is a possible pun off Bo-bo's name.
    • In Brazilian-Portuguese, 'Bobo' means "silly" and in the Philippines, it's a term for "dumb" or "dummy."
  • While fighting Raimundo, Omi uses his Shimo Staff Wudai weapon to grow in length, similar to Goku's staff.

The Dream Stalker

  • Raimundo being shirtless was based on Bruce Lee.
  • As Omi says, "Why Raimundo? Why?" seems a reference to the phrase, "Why, God? Why?"
  • The way Hannibal appears to Raimundo in so many of his fantasies during the latter's dreams is how Freddy Krueger appear in teenagers' dreams.
  • The dancing game Raimundo and Kimko play is called 'Dance Armageddon.'
  • Jack flails around with a staff and has a robot film him, as a subtle reference to the "Star Wars Kid."
Chucky Choo

Wu Got the Power

  • How Omi uses the four elements (water, earth, fire and wind/air) is a nod to Aang and his past lives.
  • The fight between Omi and Hannibal Roy Bean looked like the fight between Hulk and the Absorbing Man in The Hulk movie.
  • Omi calls Hannibal "Mr. Bean" throughout the episode.

Hannibal's Revenge

  • The way Hannibal and Chase's fists hits each other and all of a sudden, thundershocks appears reflects to an episode set ten years later in the World Martial Arts Tournaments when Goku and Uub hit each other, followed by thundershocks.
  • Omi, Clay and Kimiko making dead on impressions of Wuya, Chase and Hannibal with Kimko impersonating Jack later seems familiar to when Lenny, Numbuh 1, Numbuh 3, Numbuh 4 and Numbuh 5 impersonate the Delightful Children.
  • Kimiko's hairstyle is similar to Yuna's.
  • Kimiko's appearance when connected to the satellite is a possible reference to TRON.
  • The pillar of light Kimkio conjures when activating her 'Global Mind-reading trick' is similar to the pillar of light in Minas Morgul.
  • Chase being weakened during the full Heylin eclipse is like Inuyasha's weakness.

Time After Time: Part 1

  • The shot of the temple with the moons and suns going by increasingly fast refers to Futurama's pilot.
  • There's a plague reading "The Musical Fruit" on Hannibal Roy Beans' cage.
    It also refers to children's song "Beans, Beans, The Musical Fruit" a schoolyard saying about the capacity for beans to contribute to flatulence.
  • Where Omi goes into the future, he meets everyone in Jack Spicer's prison where Master Fung sits in his cell, talking to a mouse.
  • The bad future appears to be based off The Terminator.
  • Episode title shares the same name of a song by Cyndi Lauper.
  • Young Chase's attack of ripping out a stone monster's heart mirrors Kano's finishing move.

Time After Time: Part 2

  • Again, episode title shares the same name of a song by Cyndi Lauper.
  • In the alternate present, Omi goes to his fellow Xiaolin monks, only to discover that his new "home" is a farm:
    Omi: We should be fighting evil! Not raising tasty corn!
    Raimundo: I agree with cue-ball, I much rather fight evil then sit around take care of some pig!
    Clay: Whoa there par'ner, it's not some pig! All pigs are special in their own way.
  • After Omi switched the Lao Mang Lone Soup for pea soup, thus not making Chase evil:
    Dojo: It seems our work here is done, Tonto.
  • The winged monkeys Wuya summons in the Xiaolin Showdown are very similar the ones in The Wizard of Oz.
  • The way Omi traveled down the castle with his Orb of Tornami is similar to how Iceman travels.


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