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  • At the end of Royal Rumble, Omi has been caught by Jack, the Chamelebot, Katnappe and Tubbibubba. He proceeds to use the Sun Chi Lantern to combine the chi of his friends with himself. Cue him proceeding to beat them one by one with a single blow, using the techniques of his friends.
  • He gets these from time to time, like during "In The Flesh".
    Omi: Raimundo, I am begining to think you are not enacting some sort of secret elaborate plan.
    Raimundo: Nothing escapes you, Omi.
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  • His Tiger Instincts are pretty awesome.
    Raimundo: Tangle Web Comb!
    Omi: I'm good. *combs backfires on Rai*
  • Even turned into a kitten Omi still kicks ass!
    Omi: Sparrow eating hot dog!
    Chase Young: (double take)...Sparrow eating hot dog?
    • Also, it's OMI who turns the Xiaolin Soccer Showdown against Chase Young around with some advice to his friends.
    Chase: It seems I have taught you well...
    Omi: No, it seems you have taught me too well!
  • Ripping the Heart of Jong right out of Mala Mala Jong's chest using the Golden Tiger Claws he retrieved from the Earth's core was a definitive Omi-being-awesome moment.
    • For that matter, the decision to put the Claws there in the first place so that they would be safe from evil, showing a level-headedness and restraint that hadn't been seen before.
  • A joint CMOA for Omi and Chase Young during their Enemy Mine in "Dangerous Minds". Chase tells Omi to block out his thoughts and just let his tiger instincts fight for him. Omi meditates for a moment while the giant spiders close in around them, and then all of a sudden both warriors stand back-to-back and use the same series of moves at the same time in opposite directions. They kick so much ass that their mindless enemies run away in fear.
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  • Coolly deflecting Raimundo's teasing in "Like A Rock":
    Raimundo: Bet you wish you had this Mantis Flip Coin.
    Omi: Yes. *beat, as he takes out a Jackbot* But you need it more than me.
  • Omi's plan to return to the present in Days Past was highly risky but nothing short of ingenious. Unable to get back to the future any other way, he simply decided to freeze himself in a block of ice using the Orb of Tornami in the exact place Wuya would raise her palace in the future before taking over the world. There he waited for 1500 years in the ice and when the palace rose, his ice prison was disturbed, immediately alerting Omi who easily breaks out of his prison none the worse for wear at the exact time needed to save his friends and Jack from Wuya's imprisonment while bringing along the box needed to seal her away. All who heard about the plan literally displayed an Oh, Crap! face at sheer shock of Omi's own strategies.


  • Raimundo combining the Sword of the Storm and the Eye of Dashi in "Shen Yi Bu", complete with Pre-Asskicking One-Liner. It's such an awesome moment that his own subconscious recognizes it as such forty-two episodes later.
  • Raimundo stylishly finishing the showdown for the Moonstone Locust from "The Demon Seed".
    • Raimundo's (justified!) Surprise Checkmate against the T-Rex from "Oil in the Family" echoes the showdown with Gigi.
      • What these three showdowns have in common is Raimundo's attitude during them. Each showdown follows a mistake or failing on Raimundo's part, and as such, they've activated the "brilliant" half of his Brilliant But Laziness. Throughout all three showdowns, typically brash, cocky Raimundo becomes calm and focused on his goal, and he caps off each badass performance with an effortless and stylish win. The fights showcase why he deserves to be a Xiaolin Dragon.
  • In the episode In the Flesh, Heylin Raimundo successfully takes down Clay and Kimiko fighting him at the same time. When Omi tries to intervene with a Badass Boast, he basically just says "Nope." and escapes laughing into the distance.
  • Raimundo's Curb-Stomp Battle against Omi in "The Return of Master Monk Guan". When Rai goes all out, he goes all out.
    • Followed by The Reveal: He and Master Monk Guan effectively outgambitted Hannibal Roy Bean with a real secret elaborate plan.
  • In the final showdown of the series, Raimundo takes out all three of the show's major antagonists (as well as Heylin!Guan) by himself and is later promoted to Xiaolin leader. Epic. WIN.
  • Before that, we have all four monks plus Good!Chase trapped by every enemy. Rai promptly volunteers to drink the bowl of 1500-year-old Lao Mang Long Soup so that the others can escape, even reasoning his case when Kimiko instantly steals it because they don't want him turning evil. He would have gone through with it, too, if Good!Chase hadn't taken it, instead.
  • His Battle in the Center of the Mind in "Dreamstalker". Not only he is able to reject Hannibal's "The Reason You Suck" Speech, finally getting over his fear of not being good enough to be a monk, he also beat him in battle by teaming up with his inner fear. The best highlight is when he made a wind-punch strong enough to leave its shape in a mountain. The whole scene can be summed up with a simple sentence:
    Raimundo: I am a wu dai warrior. And I am the best!
  • Pandatown is the whole episode of CMOA for Raimundo. Here are two notable examples:
    • Unlocking his wind element to its fullest extent in the Showdown Trio with Jack and Pandabubba, pulling off a seemingly impossible come-from-behind victory that even Omi admitted was awesome.
    • Even before that, he was rightfully suspicious of Jack's sudden offer to team up. However, Omi and the others still looked down on him because he wasn't an apprentice and ignored his opinion in favor of the villain they've been fighting on a regular basis. Not surprisingly, the apprentices get captured with no way to prevent Pandabubba's minions from raiding the temple. Raimundo successfully pulled off a feint and orchestrated a breakout all by himself. Making a comeback win in the showdown was just icing on the cake.


  • Kimiko gets hers in the episode "Tangled Web", when after losing the Monkey Staff to Jack and having problems to control another named the Tangle Web Comb, she manages to make a comeback, fully focus on the task and use said comb to win her fight against Jack and get the SGW they were fighting for while winning the Monkey Staff from him. For double awesome, she does this while wearing a kimono.
    Kimiko: I never met an accessory I couldn't HANDLE!
  • Then there was that time she used the Mind Reader Conch in conjuntion with some other Wu to get the inside scoop on the groups enemies. Or shrinking it to combine it with her PDA.
  • Ying-Yang Yo-Yo induced Heylin!Kimiko is pretty scary, and not to be underestimated in a fight ether.
  • When Kimiko blasts Sibini with the Eye of Dashi, combining its power with her own fire-power in the episode "The Evil Within".
    Kimiko: Just because I made a mistake doesn't mean I can't fix it. EYE OF DASHI, FIRE!
  • Although Chase and Hannibal thought she was Jack at the time, for Disguised!Kimiko to win a Xiaolin Showdown Trio against CHASE YOUNG and HANNIBAL ROY BEAN by tricking them into fighting against each other, which is what caused them both to lose the showdown, clearly pegs this as a CMOA for Kimiko and a very strong argument for Brains Over Brawn.
    • Furthermore, she does a very good impression of Jack in action. If one didn't know the context, one would assume it was just Jack.
    • Although, her disguise almost didn't work because It is highly hinted at the end of the showdown that Chase figured out it was Kimiko who fought and not Jack, though it appears what gave it away was her perfume.
  • Raimundo sends Kimiko's PDA a virus. What does she do with it? She isolates it while calmly sitting in Jack Spicer's cage after he catches her, calmly ignoring her opponent's taunts all the way even as he leaves to steal their Wu, and then sends it to Jack's computer so that she can escape. Then she crashes a car into the robot impersonating her, right after RoboKim catches all three guys.


  • One that comes to mind is Clay defeating an Enemy Mime that was copying his every movement. So Clay punched himself in the face, causing the mime copying him to knock himself out, while all Clay got was a black eye. Dojo put it best:
    Dojo: Way to take one for the team there.
  • Clay assembling stone armor around himself in "Treasure of a Blind Swordsman" and charging the cactus-monsters. It's not a particularly special moment, but it sure looks badass.
  • How does his Pa know that he's become a man? Clay finally tells him to shut his trap and let Clay win the Showdown his way. After spending the bulk of the episode cowtowing to the man's every order, this was especially gratifying.
  • Much of "Sizing Up Omi" was about how unstoppable the Cyclops is; which just makes Clay opening their showdown by jump-kicking him through seven HUGE stone pillars all the more impressive. It doesn't end up as well as he might have hoped, but it was undeniably awesome.
  • Swinging around a Humongous Mecha by the end of the Tangle Web Comb as if it was nothing and sending it flying through the ceiling back at Jack Spicer in "The Crystal Glasses".
  • He also shows he's no country bumpkin in the episode with the mermaid, in which he turns the tables on Jack by using two Shen Gong Wu to send the sharkbots after him.
  • Blowing up hordes of Jack-bots by the dozens? A normal day's work for the Xiaolin Warriors. Glaring at one until it fearfully hits its own self-destruct switch? Preposterously awesome. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • An early Showdown involves Clay and Jack competing to catch a sparrow. While Jack is aggressively flying after the sparrow, Clay calmly starts collecting seeds from nearby sunflowers. He then holds out the seeds and just lets the bird come to him to feed, winning the showdown in less than a minute.


  • Dojo defeating the Sapphire Dragon in "Night of The Sapphire Dragon" by downing two bottles of hot sauce and breathing a gigantic stream of FIRE certainly qualifies.
  • Dojo turning into his giant form, coiling around the monks protectively, and breathing fire at Chase freakin' Young and an army of Elite Mooks towards the end of "Saving Omi." It doesn't come to anything, but for Dojo, it's seriously rising to the occasion.
  • In 'My Homey Omi' Omi and Jermaine are about to be blasted by Jack's giant robot when Dojo, giant-sized, comes out of the ground and headbutts it. That's right, Dojo became one of the Big Damn Heroes!
  • Dojo when he reveals his Superpowered Evil Side, as revealed in the seventh episode of season two. He takes several levels in badass, though too bad it's accompanied by several levels in jerkass too. Best shown when facing off with Jack's latest mechanical invention — even Wuya was freaking out.

Jack Spicer

  • Maybe it's because of his characterization, but when Jack isn't being the Butt-Monkey, these moments tend to stand out. How about when he trapped Chase Young in the Sphere of Yun and took over his fortress?
  • When he used what everyone agreed to be the most useless Shen Gong Wu (the Changing Chopsticks) to essentially pwn the good guys and steal all of their Shen Gong Wu, except the Mantis Flip Coin. The best part is the monks didn't know what hit them until it was too late.
  • Using the Glove of Jisaku to steal the Changing Chopsticks, Monkey Staff, Tongue of Saiping and the Tunnel Armadillo
  • Jack being smart in the Sands of Time by bringing his future self so he can find all the Shen Gong Wu that his future self knew about
  • Defeating Katnappe with the Reversing Mirror right after he had been woken up by the commotion. Despite being one of the most relatively normal characters on the show, he sure has some mad reflexes.
  • How about the snowboarding showdown? Turns out that Spicer isn't quite so ineffectual in challenges where snow-sports are involved.
    • How about the showdown where he figure skates? He might have lost in the end, but till Omi used the orb of Tornami, not only was Jack skating laps around him, he was skipping from one falling chunk of ice to the next, complete with figure skating moves and spins, a triple Salchow among them- and given how he never wanted to learn figure skating in the first place (he wanted knifethrowing lessons), he is most probably years out of practice. "Now I feel bad about making a robot out of her juicer," indeed.
  • Not to mention Time After Time Part 1, where he, ya know, took over the whole world, imprisoned all the villains and murdered the monks.
  • The part where he punched Robo!Jack square in the face, knocking him to the ground, and then ran over him in "The Apprentice".
    • Not to mention his prior face-off with Robo!Jack, in which Jack beheaded his robot double using the Shard of Lightning. Granted, it's a short-lived victory, but it's unexpectedly badass for Jack.
  • And of course there's Days Past. Heylin-mode Raimundo has the Xiaolin monks cornered and mockingly offers to let them join the Heylin. When they refuse, he taunts, "Face it. I'm the only one that can save you!" A calm voice abruptly replies, "Wrong." Jack then flies in with a new aircraft, completely destroys the rock-gollums surrounding the monks, saves them, then flies off, all within nine seconds. The reasons behind him taking a level in badass? He doesn't want Wuya taking over the word, because that's his job.
  • Even Good!Jack gets one when he instantly traps the Chi-Creature in the Sphere of Yun while everyone else was paralyzed with fear.
  • The beginning of 'In The Flesh', where Jack builds his Shen Gong Wu Detectobot, showing that he no longer has to take Wuya's crap.
    Jack: Face it, you old witch. You're obsolete.
  • A subtle one that we don't get to see: In the first appearance of Hannibal Roy Bean, he delivers a vicious Breaking Lecture, peppered with the assurance that Jack could be a great villain, if only he had Hannibal to mentor him. Jack doesn't fall for it. To put it in perspective, Jack gets tricked on an almost daily basis, while Hannibal got Chase freaking Young to do what he wanted. The insecure Jack being able to walk away from temptation like that is a testament to his Hidden Depths.
  • In 'The Apprentice', while Jack ultimately loses the "Truth Or Lies" Showdown with Omi, he does get a jab when he accuses him of having a big ego. Omi naturally denies it, but it's acknowledged as the truth.


  • The freakin' theme song.
  • There's also Wuya's return to power in the season one finale; from the moment the Sun's first blotted out and the forest around her's drained of life, up to her fiery incarnation and unmasking, the broodingly apocalyptic music is perfect. And though it's no surprise now, Wuya's first appearance in a body also counts as something of a Samus Is a Girl moment: we knew that Wuya was a female ghost/witch/hag, but had no clue that she'd be the Xiaolin Showdown poster girl for Evil Is Sexy.
    • The second starts with her No-Sell of the Xiaolin Apprentices' new powers like they were nothing.
    "Shen Gong Wu? I am so beyond them now. Let me show you what Heylin magic can do. (Summons army of rock monsters)
  • Master Monk Guan earns his in his showdown against Chase Young after betraying the Monks to retrieve his lost spear and redeems himself by choosing to Settle It Without Weapons and defeat Chase with his bare hands. Especially when he used an awesome Ki Attack to finish off the showdown, sending Chase flying through the spiral of mirrors, breaking each one on the way until he reaches the middle after giving him a poignant "Reason You Suck" Speech.
    Guan: I see you now for what you are, and not what you claim to be... REPEL THE BEAST!!
    • On top of this, almost every fight against Chase Young in his future appearances was a Curb-Stomp Battle in his favor, even when all four monks took him on at once. Guan not only took him on his own, but handed him one of his few defeats.
  • While he lost in the end, Master Fung managed to last several minutes going up against a full power Chase Young, while in a full body cast and motorized wheelchair, while using only his finger and the changing chopsticks held in his mouth.
  • For the show as a whole: the fight between Omi and Hannibal in "Wu Got The Power," in which Omi and Hannibal are converted into god-like beings of pure energy and bend the forces of nature around them for their fight. They clash as enormous cloud-beings while dramatic lightning strikes and the elements tear at the Earth. Even the animation becomes more detailed to match the ramped-up level of destruction.
  • When Omi travels back in time to witness Dashi, Guan and Chase fighting Wuya's stone golem army. All Omi can do is watch in amazement as the episode ends.
    • In one moment, Chase rips out the stone heart from one of the generals.
  • Master Fung fighting off Chase Young's jungle cats with a spinning move. Granted, it tires him out, but it sends the cats packing.
  • The old blind man in Treasure of a Blind Swordsman, who deals a Curb-Stomp Battle to Jack and Wuya in a showdown despite not being able to see anything.
    Jack: No way! How'd you do that?!
  • Chase being able to hold his own in Hannibal's Revenge despite being double teamed by Wuya and Hannibal and being weakened because of a magic eclipse.
    Chase: I may be weakened, but I'm not helpless!
  • The Jack Bots, usually the resident Red Shirt group of the series that gets mangled by the monks or any other foe at every appearance, managing to destroy one of Wuya's stone minions with through ease when Clay and Kimiko, two of the ones who kept reducing them to scraps, were getting beaten by it.

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