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  • The peanut butter zinger, where Jared goes Exact Words to mess up Zoomers' instructions on how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Pablo's is the funniest, where he tells Jared to stick his knife in the peanut butter and jelly jars respectively, and spread it on the bread. Since he didn't tell Jared to open the lid or take two slices of bread out of the bag, Jared pierces both lids with his knife , wipes them on the bread plastic, and squishes the whole thing togehter. Pablo can't see what he's doing, so he makes the funniest faces in response to the sound he's hearing, even laughing aloud at one point.
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  • Caroline's reaction in the season 4 Red Bench skit.
    Caroline (cringing): You mean the one my dad just glued back together?
  • Her reaction in the season 3 version, too.
    Caroline (cringing): You mean the one my dad just...painted?
    Everyone else: HUH???!!!
  • Jared and Kaleigh's skits with Mr. Bones.
  • All the Ubbi Dubbi Man Skits.
  • In one "ZOOM-Out" segment, Kortney waits for her cat to come into the room, while humming the Jeopardy! theme.
  • A blooper reel shows Emily constantly popping the balloons she's working with and yelling in surprise.
  • While playing "the cup game" in season one, one of the ZOOMers (while watching) goes "people power!" to which another goes "whoever power!"
  • "One Day". The play is just so hilarious, with Alisa as a little person reciting a ironic poem and barely managing to restrain herself from laughing. Though some may find it creepy instead of funny.
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  • The kids dancing to "Stop" by the Spice Girls.
  • Fannee Doolee likes kangaroos, but not marsupials.
    Caroline: Marsupials? What's marsupials?
  • Caroline and Kenny's "pirate and parrot" jokes/skits.

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