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  • The Lollapalooza Pop scene in "Stacy Cleans Up", in particular Schemer's reactions. He starts off making lame explanations for each layer, and by the end he can barely contain his disbelief at how ridiculous the whole situation is. You can practically hear him thinking "Whoever came up with these stupid things is a better Schemer than I am!"
  • Schemer falling in the Lucky Ducky Pond. That is all.
  • Schemer tripping over and getting caught up in a tent is also quite amusing.
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  • In "Stacy Forgets Her Name", an amnesic Stacy freaking out at seeing Mr. Conductor:
    Stacy: AAAAH!!! A LITTLE MAN!
  • When the baseball team is short a player, Schemer dresses up Midge Smoot in a uniform and tries to pass her off as a kid.
    J.B. King: (pinching her cheek) And how old are you, little girl?
    Midge: (pinching him harder) It's not polite to ask a little girl how old she is!
    Sledgebolt: That's no little girl! She's old enough to be my mother! (Midge glares) Okay! My sister!
  • From "Mr. Conductor Gets Left Out", the commercial for the Missy Fussy doll, could easily be passed off as a G-rated Saturday Night Live commercial. Initially the doll is portrayed as sweet and sassy and fun to play with, but it becomes apparent that the doll is actually extremely demanding and manipulative, and is more of a chore than a plaything, as its owner quickly becomes fed up with it. The whole time, the announcer is putting a positive spin on it all, describing how she's full of surprises, and never runs out of things to say, and you never run out of things to do.(And the actual Missy Fussy doll turns out to be a lot smaller than advertised, and requires special batteries to operate. But maybe that's actually a good thing)
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  • The very first scene in "A Place Unlike Any Other". As someone takes a tour to Shining Time Station, an embarrassed Mr. Conductor, who had apparently been visible from within the most accessible parts of the station for a while, promptly disappears.
  • Schemer's version of "The Three Little Pigs" has the pig with the brick house charging the others for hiding out with him. When they don't pay up, he says, "Hey, what do you think, I'm made of money? Let the wolf eat bacon!"
    Midge: (slamming the book shut) Schemer! This is the most awful version of "The Three Little Pigs" I've ever heard.
    Schemer: You mean there's another version?
    Midge: (beat) I'm not going to read another word.
  • The show's VHS releases had an additional Framing Device- the episodes were being played at the Shining Time Drive-In, and before the main feature began, we'd see, amongst other things, a Kitschy Local Commercial for Schemer's Arcade. But the best part are the shorts after the show, made and presented by Schemer- as the voiceover notes, "We had nothing to do with it." You can just hear the annoyance and exasperation in her voice, at Schemer forcing his stuff after the show.
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  • What kind of name is Skippy Record?
  • In "Achoo", Mr. Conductor catches a cold, and when he sneezes, some of his magic dust gets into the water of some glasses the kids use as a xylophone. When Stacy and Billy drink water from one of the glasses, Mr. Conductor's magic switches their voices. When they drink water from other glasses, Mr. Conductor's magic makes Billy meow like a cat and Stacy bark like a dog. JB King drinks water from another glass, which gives him the voice of a little girl, causing Schemer to tease him.

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