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  • Rockapella would act as a Greek Chorus of sorts during Round 2, announcing in a sing-song manner whenever a contestant found the loot, the warrant, or the crook. If these rounds got long due to the contestants struggling, the group would get creative in having to announce the loot many times over (since it had to be uncovered first before the warrant and the crook). Rockapella's numerous ways of describing the loot would turn into a Hilarity Ensues (for example, "Beacon Hill!" would eventually give way to "Tourist Mecca!" and "Five-dollar sodas!", in reference to that show's loot, Lincoln Center). They also would imitate buzzers or throw in random comments on unsuccessful turns which would turn into impatient snarkery ("Any day now!"). All of the extra comments would cause Greg to corpse often.
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  • It's a well known fact that the center of the earth consists of a giant duck!
  • Contestant picks Eads Bridge, but it's incorrect.
    Rockapella: Nothing!
    Greg: Thank you!
    Rockapella: Save it!
  • From "My Cup Runneth Away": So it's Round 2, and the locations are all American landmarks... minus one. "Greg's Apartment". Guess where Double Trouble is hiding.
  • One time the sound effects guy was having a field day. In one sketch all the items in the chiefs room made different sound effects. A ball bouncing made the sound of two people kissing. Clicking your fingers made a loud 'boing' sound, and breaking a pencil caused a sound similar to a cartoon gunshot going off causing the Chief and Greg to duck! The best part though was the lamp, turning it on and off made the loud sound of a ship's bell clanging!
    Chief: Just don't touch the lamp.
    Greg: What's the matter with the lamp?
    ship's bell starts clanging
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  • Round 2 of the episode "The Persian Incursion," which finds Greg and the Gumshoes in Brooklyn, New York. Rockapella sings every single one of their cues in Brooklyn accents. Take a listen.
  • In the episode "The Unfair Exchange, or Shell Shocked", during the "Chief's Office comedy skit", The chief announced her final round phrase ("Here is a list of places Carmen may had traveled!") And Greg pointed out that it's not time for the final round the show. And the chief told Greg the she is reading the schedule. Then some thunder and lightning sounds and Greg tells somebody that they already did the lightning round. And then he tells the contestants (The Gumshoes) to hold the fort because he has to walk into the Chief's office due to some schedule mix-up.
    Chief: All these people want to....
    Greg: CHIEF!!! You already did that part.
    Chief: But— I thought something didn't feel quite right.
    Rockapella: OOOOOhhhh
    Greg: No wait! Hold it! It's not time for "The Chase!" I'm sorry!
    Rockapella member: (dressed as a Gorilla) According to my schedule, It's time for "The Chase!"
    Greg: That's not a schedule. That's a discarded piece of paper from the producers.
    Chief: You're right, Greg. Sorry boys, Back to the alley.
    • Then they go from memory, doing the spiel addressing the ACME Crimenet sweepstakes winners, and once that is finished, they say:
    Chief: Then we congratulate the winners!
    Greg: Right!
    Both: DO IT, ROCKAPELLA! No, wait, that's not it— Congratulations!
  • When the Chief displays the ACME Crime Net travel kit's "handy portable globe" (a basketball that resembles a globe), she always tosses it backwards into a basketball hoop behind her. On the rare occasions that she misses (as, for example, in this video, at 4:46), the expression on her face is priceless!
  • The Astounding Adventures of the One and Only Plastic Diver Guy!
  • In the episode "Little Dog Gone" Greg and the chief start passing the twenty second flu back and forth between each other until a random stage hand comes in and carries it away by catching it. When Greg leaves and asks the live studio audience if everyone is ok, they respond by doing a sneeze wave going from one end of the audience to the other. They also all had tissues to pull this off!
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  • Any time a crook steals something that they physically shouldn't be able to. For example, Patty Larceny once made off with the entire White Pass & Yukon Route, which, for those playing along at home, is a 107-mile long narrow gauge railroad from Skagway Alaska to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, meaning that not only would she have had to steal 107+ miles of track (counting sidings and passing tracks), she also had to steal all of their locomotives, passenger and freight cars, infrastructure (such as bridges and switchstands), and buildings. It's funny because it's extremely absurd for a teenage girl to steal a whole railway so quickly, then have to lug millions of tons of metal around the world.
  • Greg's reaction to his mom appearing as one of the informants in "Tango Mysterioso".

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