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Quotes / Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?

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Chief: Carmen was very tricky today, But don't worry, You did capture that evil twin Double Trouble! And you found the loot as well. Well, We are lucky at Acme Crimenet that we here at ACME Crimenet has purchased for you a portable CD Player with CD's from around the world. And a new Rockapella CD that features our theme song. I salute you!
Chief as she gives a gumshoe a consolation prize after failing on the map round.

Greg Lee: Alright, You found (The Warrant/The Crook). But you have to go in the right order: The Loot, The Warrant, And then Crook. You still have a free turn.
—During the Jailtime Challenge round when a gumshoe picked the warrant or the crook first.

Chief: Here is a list of places Carmen may have traveled.....
Greg Lee: Wait a minute, It's not time for the finals. What are you doing?
Chief: I was just reading my schedule.
Greg Lee: Then your schedule is wrong then, Chief. (As he hears thunder and lightning) Excuse me, We already did the lightning round. (To the gumshoes) We are having a bit of schedule problem. I am going to talk with the chief. Just hold the fort. (As Greg Lee enters the Chief's office)
Chief: All these people want to....
Greg Lee: CHIEF! You already that did that part
Chief: I knew something is wrong.
Rockapella: Oooooooooh....
Greg Lee: Whoa Hold it, guys! It's not time for "The Chase", I'm sorry!
The Rockapella member (in a Gorilla custom): According to my schedule, It is time for the chase.
Greg Lee: That is not the schedule. That's just a discard from the producers.
Chief: You're right. Sorry boys, Back in the alley.
—The Chief's office sketch from the episode: The Unfair Exchange or Shell Shock.

Chief: All geographic information was accurate as of the date this program was recorded.
—The closing byline phrase used since Season 2 (1992) and beyond that point.

Greg Lee: That's the end of The Chase round. Now it's time for the final clue of this round. And before you show me your answer, You have to show how much you bet. If you are correct, We will add it to your score. But if you are incorrect, We will subtract it from your score. As always, You can bet 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50, Acme Crimebucks. If you are not sure, You may not want to bet a lot. I am just advising you.
—During the Final clue of Round 1. Greg gives the Gumshoes instructions on how much they would bet before answering the question.

Chief: Have No Fear, The Celebrity Gumshoes are here today on......
Rockapella: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
— The opening to the episode: Disturbing the Heavenly Peace.

Greg Lee: Our next clue comes from Acme Neighborhood of Make-Believe Net, watch.
Daniel Striped Tiger: Well Gumshoes, Top Grunge went to Lancaster County. It's known for its large Amish and Mennonite population. Those are religious groups that believe in livin' a very simple life. Like me. They don't drive cars or use electricity. Top Grunge caused quite a commotion when he roared up from Harrisburg, and he was a big problem around the Shoofly Pie. Wish you luck, Gumshoes!
Greg Lee: Thanks a lot, Daniel.
—From The Case of The Lifted Lines. Featuring the characters from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.


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