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Awesome / Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?

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  • While any map win counts, the kids who got wins on the Africa map especially qualify. Then there's one with no wrong answers! And it wasn't the easy African countries, either.
  • The Season 4 episode "Cheetahs Never Win" featured all three gumshoes getting every question correct, plus combining to sweep the Lightning and Chase rounds. Then, in the Bonus Round, the winning gumshoe caught Carmen (in Asia, no less) in 36 seconds, probably a record for that map. It's as close to a perfect game as one can get.
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  • Rockapella, just for being Rockapella.
  • In one episode, in the final round, a kid had two correct answers and was running towards what would be a third correct answer with time about to run out. He dived, NFL style, and the impact of the dive knocked the siren off its pole. They counted it, and, he got to keep the broken siren in addition to all the other prizes!
  • During the Jailtime Challenge in the Season 1 episode "The Gateway Getaway", a kid managed to find the loot, warrant and crook in the correct order on the very first turn. As a result, a $100 savings bond was hidden behind one of the twelve remaining spots on the board, and the kid was given five chances to find it. Although he did not succeed, he was still the only player in the entire history of the show to arrest the crook on the very first turn.

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