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Contessa's whereabouts during Seasons 2 and 3.
  • After committing her final crime of Season 1 ("The Case of the Missing Mountain"), she was sent to jail and didn't get out until Season 4.
  • If she wasn't in jail, she laid low during that time for unknown reasons.
The crooks are superhuman.
  • Think about it, they regularly steal things like buildings, bodies of water and landmasses, often using little more than their bare hands and maybe a vehicle or grappling hook. They even steal intangible or conceptual things, such as languages and dances.
    • It would explain why the crooks don't stay in jail very long. If you possess the strength to pick up a building, no jail in the world would be able to hold you.
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    • Sometimes, Eartha Brute will literally grow in size when she steals something.
    • Justified when Kneemoi steals something outrageous, since she's an alien with otherworldly abilities.
    • Heavy lifting is somewhat justified with Robocrook, but even his heists can delve into the impossible.

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