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Funny / Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse

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  • Marvin's hilarious entrance line in his old movie: "Who ordered pastrami on rye with a five-cent dill pickle?" No wonder it's an Old Shame for him.
    • Also, just before this:
    Eddie: Look, Marvin! This is your big entrance.
    Marvin: I wish I could make a big exit.
  • Pretty much all of "Edna the Singing Sensation", particularly once you know that Edna knew all along she's a terrible singer.
  • Eddie and Marvin go fishing. They're sure they'll get a catch any second.
    Eddie: Any second now... (several hours later) Any minute now... (sunset) Any... hour now.
    • Finally, Marvin says, "Did you know there's a perfectly good fish market in town?"
    • Might be even funnier in hindsight when you realize that Marvin is voiced by Ron Pardo, who later became the voice of the seafood-loving Cap'n Turbot.
  • After several characters use the fortune-telling machine, Diamonds decides to give it a try. Only she's a bit too heavy for it...
    Diamonds: "Out of order?" That's a strange fortune.
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  • When Diamonds gets a part in a TV show, she gets stage fright, so her friends agree to help her rehearse. Elizabeth, of course, gives an excessively melodramatic performance, prompting Stripes to question whether the part was written for her. Then, he responds to Diamonds' line readings, which are a bit too quiet:
    Stripes: Gee, I thought Eddie was playing the part of the unconscious guy.
  • Stripes is trying to scare two boys by roaring at them. They remain unfazed, prompting one of them to say, “My dad’s scarier than that.”

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