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They see me rollin', they hatin'.

At this point, Ready Jet Go could rival Peg + Cat in terms of humor.

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  • Literally everything Sunspot does.
  • The song that Celery sings when she's taking the kids into space. What really sells it is Sean's scream.
     Season 1 
  • "Holidays in Boxwood Terrace":
    • The Propulsions mixing up Christmas traditions. For example, Jet thinks that Santa says "Hee hee hee!", and that you leave milk with socks out for Santa to eat. Also, the Propulsions trying to sing "Deck the Halls" and "Good King Wencesclas"
    • This quote courtesy of Mr. Peterson:
    Mr. Peterson: Sheesh, another 'Surfing Santa' pitch. This is your third year as volunteer director of holiday pageants, Peterson! Everyone's gonna be expecting a new, fresh idea about Christmas! What are you gonna do, YOU'RE JUST ONE SCIENTIST!
    • "Picture this: Santa's on his house on Bortron 7! Uh, I mean the South Pole! Ooh, uh, I mean the North Pole!"
    • "Santa, stuffed in the blizzard, saucer full of toys! Trying to get them to Boxwood Terrace! IF ONLY THERE WERE A WAY!
    • "Even little Billy?!?" "Yes, even little Billy"
    • As it turns out, Sean has pipes made of gold, so Mr. Peterson wants him to sing in the pageant finale. Sean confesses that he does the shower.
    • Mr. Peterson wants to quit being the director of Christmas pageants so he can "recalibrate the planetarium projector".
    • The pageant falling apart during rehearsal. Jet keeps forgetting his lines, and Sean keeps asking if its time to sing his song yet.
  • "Satellite Selfie" has some of the funniest moments yet:
    • When Mindy asks what Jet put into his cookies, this is what Sean has to say:
    Sean: Mindy, sometimes it's better not to ask certain questions.
    • As it turns out, Jet put rutabaga and minced garlic into his cookies.
    Sydney: Jet, where in the world did you get the idea to put rutabaga and garlic into a cookie?!?"
    Jet: Hey, someone had to be the first to try it.
    • When Mindy rings the emergency bell:
    Mindy: I think we need to order an emergency pizza, to get the taste of these cookies out of our mouths.
    Face 9000: Emergency pizza? Did my system correctly detect an attempt at Earth humor?
    Mindy: Um.....yes!
    Face 9000: Excellent, I am programmed to laugh encouragingly. Ha ha, ha ha ha, Mindy! Ha ha!
    Sydney: Face, do you think you might be ticklish?
    Face 9000: Of course not. I am a computer, computers are not ticklish. That's not logical. (gets tickled more) Oh, forget logic!
    • "My house is on Face's screen! I'm famous!" "Yes, Mindy, your fame is undeniable."
  • "Castaway Carrot"
    • Celery offhandedly mentions that she once left Carrot on Mars, and he taught himself ballet while she was gone.
    • "Hey, Sunspot? How about some 'we're on a mission' music?"
    • When the saucer engine malfunctions, Celery, Jet, and Sunspot end up pressed up against the window!
    • Carrot realizing that he is stranded on the moon.
    • Celery says "Let's fix this puppy!", which causes Sunspot to shriek.
    • I'm just a Moon Carrot, singing here in space.....
    • "Well, till then, I'll practice my plies in my dance crater."
    • "And then chant in my meditation crater."
    • "My talk-with-an-accent crater. 'Ello, guv'ner. Fancy a spot of tea or bangers 'n' mash?"
    • "Cool! I mean, hot! I mean, what happens to the flaming gas?
    • "And this is my juggling crater, but now it's my worry crater."
    • After a small tear-jerking scene where Carrot worries that Jet and Celery won't come and get him, Carrot decides he will live on the moon, plant moondust that will grow, and eat moondust fruit. What really sells it is his eye twitch. You can tell that he is going absolutely insane.
    • "Come on, Carrot!" Let's go! Oh, wait, wait, no, no, I'm Carrot."
    • Carrot's shelter is literally just some blocks with a blanket over them.
    • "Now, can I grow slices of moon pizza-cantaloupe? I hope..."
    • When trying to fix the saucer, Jet tries to activate the compressorator, and it explodes.
    • "Way the by, your dad is fine, I can hear him testing his moon wilderness skills." "I love testing my moon wilderness skills!"
    • Carrot gets cold on the moon, so he decides he needs something warm. Then, this happens:
    Carrot: (looking into a mirror) Carrot is wearing a cutting-edge woolen Earth scarf. Ooh, all the rage.
    • Carrot goes so insane, that he actually draws Sunspot, Jet, and Celery on some moon rocks, and talks to them. And then he starts making out with the Celery rock.
    • "NOOOOOOOOOO! It's our special turbine wire wrench! WE NEED IT!"
    • "Oh, who is this? Oh, it's me, Carrot, moon dweller. DOES ANYONE REMEMBER LAUGHTER?!?
    • Jet wants to make it an exciting rescue, so he orders Carrot to act really scared.
    • "Goodbye, pretend but-real-for-me moon rock family!!!"
  • "Mindy's Moon Bounce House":
    • Literally everything about Mindy's song. With its forced rhyming and Narm Charm, it's guaranteed a laugh.
    • Mitchell Peterson, the gang's frenemy, is introduced in this episode. At the end of the episode, he sees Jet flying on a jetpack. Then, he yells "MOOOOOOOMMMM!!!!!"
  • "The Plant From Bortron 7":
    • The titular plant going all Godzilla on the clique.
    • When the clique finally manages to make the plant small again, Mindy plants some more seeds of said plant. Cue clique screaming in terror as the episode ends.
  • "Backyard Moon Base":
    • Mindy and Sunspot bury the remote to the Propulsion house on purpose. Mindy gets away with it by saying "Hey, I'm only four. Live and learn."
    • "Who's Commander Cressida?" [beat] "You're really not from around here, huh Jet?"
    • Sean thinking his imagination is "broken".
    • Sean legit builds a gravity calculator, and he's never even seen one before.
    • The kids find the remote, and Mindy is pushing the buttons to see what it does. Cue the Propulsion house flying in midair, and no one (except Carrot) even giving a crap.
  • "What Goes Up...":
    • "What did we learn from this experience?" "Never get into a homemade flying saucer?"
    • "What kind of Earth pet parachutes? Someday I'll figure that Jet Propulsion out. Someday. JET PROPULSIONNNNNNNNN!!!!!!
    • "What's gravity again?" "It's force that makes our feet stick to the ground!" "Or, gum does that."
    • "You did great, Sydney. Next time, I'm gonna fly [the saucer]. Wait, don't quote me on that."
    • Mindy sasses Mitchell a lot throughout the episode because of his spying on Jet.
  • "How Come the Moon Changes Shape?":
    Carrot: All right, dinner will be here in less than 30 minutes, or they'll cheerfully refund my Earth money.
  • "Mindy's Meteorite Stand":
    • "And Sean's right: the proper tests will help you discover if your rock is meteorite or meteor-wrong!"
    • During the montage, Sean is seen trying to flirt with an unnamed blonde girl:
    Sean: Did you know I'm a science colleague of Mindy's? Yep, we've worked together in this neighborhood for a few years now.
    • "Come up to the surface, space rocks. I know you flew a long way away from outer space to get here, but so did we. Come on up, let's meet. You're safe with us."
    • Also during the montage, Mitchell tries to scam Mindy with an old roll.
  • This tidbit from "Sean's Neptune Tune":
    Sean: (sighs) Neptune this, Neptune that. But it's so far away! Like, more than 2 billion miles! And so cold!
    Jet: Sean, are you talking to yourself?
    Sean: Yes. Yes I am.
  • These extremely meta lines from "Mindy's Weather Report":
    Mitchell: Dad, this sandbag is kind of heavy
    Mr. Peterson: That's okay, son. Mine is too. Builds character.
    Mitchell: I think my character’s big enough.
  • In "Jet Can't Sleep", after singing a heartwarming (and tearjerking) lullaby that puts Jet (and also Carrot and Sunspot) to sleep, Celery still can't sleep herself.
  • In "Sunday Drive", the saucer ends up breaking down and the Propulsions call Bortron 7 Tech Support, only for the infamous weekend tech support robot to come on, resulting in some seriously clever comedy.
    Carrot: Can we please talk to an actual Bortronian?
    Tech Support: Please hold. We value your time and appreciate your business. Please stand by.
    (Hold music comes on, and Carrot dances to it)
    Tech Support: Hello. Please state the nature of your request.
    Celery: The saucer won't start.
    Tech Support: Did you say, the monster is in a cart?
    Celery and Carrot: The saucer won't start!
    Tech Support: Got it. Are you in the saucer?
    Carrot: Yes!
    Tech Support: Are you sitting in front of the dashboard?
    Celery: Yes!
    Tech Support: Is the power on?
    Carrot: Yes!
    Tech Support: Is the saucer there?
    (Jet, Carrot, Celery, and Sunspot all do epic facepalms)
    Jet: YES!!! We're calling from it!
    Tech Support: Please hold. We value your time and appreciate your business. Please stand by.
    (Hold music comes on again, and Carrot dances with Sunspot)
    Tech Support: Thank you for standing by.
  • "Constellation Prize":
    • This conversation between Carrot and Dr. Rafferty.
    Carrot: Ugh, so do any of these airtight containers here come with matching lids?
    Dr. Rafferty: They all do! And look, a special compartment just for cherry tomatoes, huh?
    Carrot: (putting the container on his head) Oh! You don't say. Just incredible. What will they think of next?
    • And later:
    Carrot: I'll come too. I guess these storage containers can keep — eh? Get it, see what I did there?
    Dr. Rafferty: (forced laughter, with a deadpan expression) Yeah, I—I saw.
    Jet: No way! A dog star? You can't be serious.
    Dr. Rafferty: Actually, it is Sirius.
    Jet: I get that it's serious, but I wonder what the star is called.
    Dr. Rafferty: It's Sirius.
    Jet: What's serious? I just want to know what the dog star's name.
    Dr. Rafferty: It's seriously called Sirius.
    Jet: Whoa! Slow down...
  • In "What's Up With Saturn's Rings?", Sean keeps trying to tell the group about Saturn. Jet thinks that he said ice cream sundae. Or Cincinnati. Or sautéed sausages.
     Season 2 
  • "Back to Bortron 7" is filled with funny moments:
    • The beginning of the movie starts out dramatic, with Jet driving some sort of vehicle in darkness. Then, he gets scared of a fish. Turns out, Jet was underwater in a submarine.
    • A fish bites Sunspot's tail.
    • "What does Zerk know? We are NOT moving back to Bortron 7!"
    • Jet try to hide the house remote in a hole.
    • "Maybe we should throw it in the middle of the lake!"
    • Carrot announces that they are going back to Bortron 7. The kids' reactions are absolutely priceless.
  • "Souped-Up Saucer":
    • When Celery is trying to show the kids what new features have been added to the family saucer, they don't even seem to notice them.
    • The most absurd of all the new saucer features has to be Sunspot's bowl of soup. It just comes out of nowhere.
  • "Pet Sounds":
    • After the kids realize that Cody is motivated by food, Jet decides to eat a dog treat. The other kids try to stop him, but Jet remarks that dog treats are better than the school cafeteria food on Bortron 7.
  • "Endless Summer":
    • Sunspot's attempt to swim, even though it's winter, results in him landing in the snow.
    • Jet acts like a total Drama Queen and ponders if summer will ever come back. The scene is complete with dramatic lighting and depressing music.
    Jet: No more summer ever again. [sighs] I'll miss the sunshine, warm air, and flowers. [sighs again]
    • Jet calling seasons "see-suns".
    • Mindy and Sydney offer visual presentations of the other three seasons.note  By the time they get to winter, all the other season slides catch up to them.
    • "Oh, yeah. I have no idea what you're talking about".
    • After (kind of) understanding what seasons are, Jet wonders what causes them. Mindy's response?
    Mindy: Oh, I know! Wait, no I don't.
    • The Running Gag involving Carrot's Sneezes of Doom are pretty hilarious. Especially when he and Celery refer to them as "face explosions".
    • This exchange:
    Sydney: Mr. Propulsion, do you have a cold? I heard you sneezing.
    [Carrot and Celery laugh]
    Carrot: No, no, no, no, I'm not cold, I've been inside all day. In fact, I'm feeling overheated at the moment.
    • Jet reads a book that Sean gave him and explains to the other characters what causes seasons.
    Whole cast: Ohhhh..
    Mindy:...I don't get it.
    Sydney: I don't think I do either.
  • "Jet Shrinks the Kids":
    • Sean recalls a Noodle Incident that involved a hair-braiding machine built by Jet. Sunspot then shows a picture on his tablet of Sean's hair in braids.
  • "Earth, Wind, and Flyer":
    • Before Sean and Sydney can finish explaining to Jet what wind is, his saucer ends up flying away in the wind, and turns him upside down. He doesn't seem to mind it one bit.
    • Then, there's Sean and Sydney's comical overreactions to seeing Mitchell.
      • They chase after Jet, and then when Mitchell sees them, they give a very weak "Hi, Mitchell". Mitchell, clearly unamused, gives them a wave back, complete with a squeak sound effect.
    • When Jet gets out of the saucer, he has this to say:
    Jet: Okay? I'm better than okay! I'm "OH, YEAH!"
    • Jet thinks that its a great idea for Sean to pilot the saucer.
    Sean: Uh, probably not. I'm not even a good passenger.
    • Jet considers "chimes" to be a hilarious Earth word.
    • The wind is so strong, that it ends up pushing Jet, Sean, and Sydney across the neighborhood.
    • The wind brings Carrot a "fabulous new Earth hat".
      • The same hat ends up on Mr. Peterson's head later on.
    • Carrot boasts about doing a great job raking the leaves, but then the leaves fly all over the place thanks to the wind.
    • Sunspot ends up using a napkin as a sail.
    Sean: Wow, Sunspot. Innovative!
    • This gem:
    Sean and Sydney: I have an idea! Wait, do we have the same idea?
    • Jet claims to have an idea about an egg-and-orange-juice flavored breakfast doughnut.
    • "Let's go to the casserole! I mean, the garage!"
    • "And, how about my hair?"
    • "Everything will be fine, or I'll completely fail, and then try again!"
    • Jet ends up dragging Sean into the saucer, and leaves him all alone. Sean's reaction is what sells it.
    • "Jet, none of your controls are marked!"
    • One of the controls in Jet's saucer is a robot hand that boops Sean's nose. Sean questions why he even has that one.
    • "I feel just like Neil Armstro-woah!"
    • "Now I have two hats! Good day!"
  • "Try and Try Again":
    • Floyd using roller-skates. Enough said.
    • When the kids try to find some wheels for Jet 2, Sunspot begins juggling while riding a unicycle. Mindy makes a face at him, and this is what Jet 2 has to say:
    Jet 2: Uh oh, oh no!
    • "I can't look, but I have to!"
    • "The bad news is we failed again; the good news - more doughnuts!"
    • When the kids try to find some new wheels for Mitchell's scooter:
    Jet: Don't worry, Mitchell. We'll keep trying until we succeed!
    Sean: Or fail. Hey, that's science!
    Jet: Whichever comes first!
    Jet: Now fly, Mitchell! Fly like the wind!
    Mitchell: Wait, now I have to fly?!?
    (Floyd appears in front of Cody. Cody barks at him and chases him, dragging Mitchell and the scooter along with him)
    Mitchell: We're flying now, Cody!
  • "Racing On Sunshine":
    • Mitchell enters the race with an extremely smug look on his face, possibly the funniest facial expression in the entire show. All the other racers give him equally priceless deadpan looks as a result.
  • "Who Messed Up the Treehouse?":
    • Mindy is somehow convinced that a parade of squirrels infiltrated the treehouse and left trash everywhere.
    • The kids trying (and failing) to find alternative places to play.
    • When Sean asks why Jet has an egg in his ear, Jet says that it's a long story.
  • "Fact or Fiction?":
    • Lillian, Jet, and Mindy all believe that clouds are made of cotton candy, enough said.
    • The kids set up a court to settle the dispute. Jet, (the judge), being the Cloudcuckoolander he is, rules in favor of Lillian. Sean ends up doing an epic Head Desk.
    • When the kids are learning what opinions are, Mindy says that strawberry ice-cream is the best, while Sean says that chocolate is the best. Due to his hatred of ice-cream, Jet says "Ew! None of the above!".
  • "My Three Suns":
    • Ironically, it's actually pretty funny how hard Face 9000 tries to be a comedian, and fails.
    • "I'll be it.......FOREVER!!!!!!!!"
  • "Magnet, PI":
    • Carrot being freaked out and amazed at the same time by the magic show the kids put on for him.
    • Jet likes sticking magnets on everything. He even thinks that Mitchell's jacket is magnetic, until Mitchell reveals that he hides his lucky magnet in his jacket.
    • Cody dragging Mitchell away at the end of the episode.
  • "Sunspot's Sunspot":
    • Sunspot speaking. Complete with the kids doing a dramatic gasp.
    • Mitchell's random cameo in the episode.
  • "Our Sun is a Star!":
  • "Astronaut Ellen Ochoa":
    • The Running Gag of Sean doing math problems while exercising.
    • "Three problems: ELLEN OCHOA IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!
    • When Ellen arrives in Boxwood Terrace, she sees Sean exercising and asks "What's next, kids with a lemonade stand?". Cue Mindy yelling "Lemonade, get your lemonade right here!"
    • Carrot shows up wearing a top hat and mustache, and remarks that he "just happened to be on Planet Earth", much to Sydney's confusion.
    • Jet ends up telling Ellen that he's from space, and that he's been to Mars several times. Sydney clarifies that they play games about going to Mars, to protect Jet's secret. Then, Carrot has this to say:
    Carrot: I've gone along to Mars with them. My wife usually drives, though.
    Ellen: That's.....wonderful.
    • Floyd ends up pouring some lemonade for himself. Carrot demands he pay, but Floyd high-fives him.
    • "And this is a drawing of the cucumber sandwich I ate last week! I did not want to forget it."
    • This conversation between Dr. Bergs and Dr. Skelley:
    Dr. Bergs: Since Ellen Ochoa isn't here yet, I'm going to refill my coffee cup.
    Dr. Skelley: Okay, Bergs, but you might want to consider decaf.
    Dr. Bergs: Why do you say that? (laughing in a hyper manner)
    Dr. Skelley: Oh, no reason.
    • When Bergs' cup of Ellen Ochoa breaks.
    Dr. Skelley: What about your rule about staying calm in any emergency?
    • Sunspot somehow hacks into the DSA servers.
    • Carrot removed the spigot valve from the lemonade machine, so what does Sunspot do? Serve them to the neighborhood cats, who then serve them to Floyd.
    • Instead of keeping them in the cash box, Carrot has been giving out dollars as napkins.
    • When Ellen discovers Bergs' coffee cup of her, he says "It's a Long Story."
  • "Moon Circus":
    • Jet makes a crude drawing of himself and the other kids and shoves it in Carrot's face so Carrot won't see that they're planning a Surprise Party for him.
    • When the gang is trying to think of places to take the circus to, Sean suggests Mercury, Jet suggests the comet Churymov-Gerasimenko, and Mindy suggests Edmonton, Alberta.
    • The kids come up with a bunch of overly long names for their mission, such as "Codename Less Gravity On The Moon For A Secret Surprise Party For Carrot".
  • "Every Day is Earth Day":
    • When Jet mentions how he and his family always mix up certain words, it cuts to Carrot and Celery hammering toasts on the wall, instead of posters.
    • Carrot presenting a toaster at the DSA Earth Day celebration, much to Mr. Peterson's annoyance.
  • "One Small Step":
    • A bird landing on top of Mitchell's binoculars.
    • "Is Mindy here yet?" "I've been here for hours!"
    • "Okay, that's everyone! [Record Needle Scratch] Wait, where's Sean?"
    • Something about Sean saying "Nine trips to the moon in GIANT ROCKETS!" is unintentionally hilarious.
    • Jet is more concerned with the mini-golf aspect of the sleepover, rather than the moon landing celebration part of the sleepover. He's so excited, he even tries to assign teams right on the spot.
    • Carrot made sardine and pudding sandwiches. The kids respond appropriately.
    Sydney: Oh boy, dinner at the Propulsions.
    • This later gets a Call-Back when Sean tells Mindy that the astronauts ate their food in pouches. Mindy remarks that astronaut food makes sardine and pudding sandwiches sound good by comparison.

  • In late December of 2017, a Wiki Vandal vandalized the show's page on The Other Wiki (viewable here). What they did was wrong, but some of the vandalism is actually pretty funny, in a "so bad, it's good" way:
    "On August 17, 2016, Cartoon Network announced that Ready Jet Go! has been canceled because of Steven Universe new episodes and Regular Show came back (it's anything but) and reruns of it will be on FOX's primetime shows after Family Guy, since there isn't a Fox Kids to air it. Also they replace Mike the Knight's music with HUNGARIAN CHRISTMAS MUSIC".
    • In the Plot section: "The Propulsions' car turns into a DVD set of Alvin and the Chipmunks movies."
    • "At the end of each episode, scientist Amy Mainzer (also called Astronomer Amy) hosts educational interstitial segments about erections."
    • In the Song section:
    "Dear Santa, from Little Bill"
    • "Cooking with Jet" being renamed to "Cooking with Dog".
    • "Not to be confused with The Smurfs".
  • In a behind-the-scenes video posted on Craig Bartlett's Facebook page, this is what Rachel Lipman (a writer for the show) types as she writes an episode:
    "I am typing an excellent episode of Ready Jet Go!. I never make mistakes and everything comes out perfect in the final draft. I never need to do rewrites because I am a genius. I hope you are not getting this on film."

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