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While kids definitely learned a lot about the sciences from Bill Nye the Science Guy, most of the time they watched the show to see what wacky antics Bill wound up getting into during that week's episode. And quite frankly, so did we.

  • The episode on Chemical Reactions features lots of Stuff Blowing Up, often prefixed by a woman going "And now, a chemical reaction" in an incredibly deadpan voice; a different segment featured a purple dinosaur doll that looked suspiciously like Barney getting blown up to the tune of the "1812 Overture"note .
  • "Nutrition" has:
    • "Beans?!"
    • The "Fathead" scene.
  • The episode featuring rivers and streams has an epic Getting Crap Past the Radar Moment when Bill discusses hydroelectric power and dams.
    Bill: That's a lot of dam power! Haha! A lot of dam power!
  • Many of the We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties moments qualify as this, such as the time when Bill accidentally flicked a Red-knee Tarantula on the cameraman!
    Narrator: Uh, uh... Bill? Bill?!
    Bill: (flicks the tarantula onto the Narrator in an attempt to get her off his gloves) Sorry! I was—
    Narrator: (Panicking) BIIIILLLLL! (Technical difficulties screen pops up) THE TARANTULA'S CRAWLING IN MY PAAAAAAAAAAANTS! AA—


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