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Season 1

  • Wags: "We have to be more pure than the Virgin Mary before her first period."
  • Bobby and Chuck greeting each other at the Big Apple Circus and trying to be civil in front of Chuck's son - "Rhoades Junior." "Baron Von Axelrod."
  • Bobby versus the chairman of the New York Arts Foundation: "It's either Axelrod Hall, or Go Fuck Yourself Hall."
  • "Quality of Life":
    • After beating the charges, Dollar Bill is heroically received at the office with shouts of "Keyser, Keyser!"
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    • Axe wants everybody to think that he and Dollar Bill aren't best friends anymore, so he asks him into his office, and tells him to pretend that they're having an argument. The entire staff watch from behind soundproof glass as Bobby and Bill shout compliments at each other right and left ("I love you like a brother, man!" "Me fucking too!"), with over-the-top body language to bring it home.
    Bobby I'm gonna poke you now, poke me back!!! [...] Come bonus time, I'm going to show you so much love, you can start a third family!!

Season 2

  • Axe apparently decides off screen that the best way to serve papers to Chuck when he sues him is get some young man to crash a bike in front of him, and then have Chuck grab the bag full of papers while helping him up. It's so needlessly elaborate, and yet entirely in Axe's character.
  • In "The Oath", Wags has finally lost it - woken up at a motel near the Port Authority Bus Terminal with a tattoo on his ass of Yosemite Sam. Bobby and Wendy's queasy/horrified/amused reactions are the cherry on the sundae.
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  • Chuck messing with Dollar Bill as he walks through Axe Capital for the deposition, pretending to look at whatever he was working on to make him flinch.
  • Kate Sacher's deadpan response to if she's ever been hunting: "No, I'm black." Funnier still is Chuck's complete misunderstanding of why that's a thing.
  • In "The Kingmaker", Kate and Bryan have both decided to attend one of Dr. Gus's motivational talks to see if he'll give up anything on Axe Capital. Bryan opens the door, we hear a crowd chanting "I WANNA KILL CHINA", and slowly closes the door again.
  • Lara calls the Rhoades residence to try and convince Wendy to come to Bobby's birthday party. Chuck picks up instead and what follows is an incredibly awkward conversation.
  • Wags defends a sushi chef's honor against a customer who doesn't practice proper sushi etiquette.
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  • The apparent tears of Chuck morph into a triumphant laughter when his massive gambit is revealed.

Season 3

  • After being suggested to "try a little tenderness" and forced to apologize due to an office conflict, Dollar Bill gleefully rams Ari Spyros's Porsche, to the tune of, well, "Try a Little Tenderness".
  • There is something very cute about Chuck just addressing the Attorney General(s) as "General". The diminutive sounds a bit too casual and juvenile, but at the same time, it also expresses some godly reverence, as if speaking to a reincarnation of George Washington.
  • Criminal conspiracy meeting: Wendy leaves for a moment, so Axe and Chuck start talking in a hushed tone about the need for a Fall Guy because they want to shield Wendy from all that framing and scheming. Wendy comes back and renders it all moot when she casually asks "So who's going to be our patsy?"
  • Ben Kim's strip dance to Nelly's "Hot in Herre" in the elevator with the investors from Kansas City.
  • When Jeffcoat is relating to a (female) boss of the FBI that there are some men inside the Bureau acting improperly, he feels the need to add "probably some women too." The gal is certainly not amused by Jeffcoat's brand of inclusiveness.
  • Rhoades Sr.'s proud dissertation when he thinks Chuck needs his appartment to conduct an affair.
    Senior: Monogamy is a form of socialism, it's testosterone redistribution so a few bucks don't keep all the does to themselves.
    Senior: Don't bring the clap home to your husband. It's uncivil.

Season 4

  • Wags visits the Qadiri consulate to meet with Farhad, a representative of the shiekh. When Farhad tries to renegotiate the shiekh's two and twenty fee to Axe Capital, Wags' response is pure Refuge in Audacity:
    Wags: It doesn't matter if [the shiekh's investment is] as swole as Dirk Diggler on his first night with Roller Girl. This is one of those rare cases where size does not actually matter. You know how the price of admission for women into your fine country is that they cover their ta-tas and donut? Well, our version of that is two and twenty. We won't stone you if you refuse, but we will kick you out of our fund.
    Wags: To Bobby Axelrod, fees are religion and money is his god. This makes him the perfect shepherd for you in the material world. And at least when you pray to his god, you get another fucking Bentley out of it.
  • Dollar Bill's Villainous Breakdown in "Chickentown", culminating in a humorous semi-recreation of the ending of Chinatown.
    Wags: Forget it, Bill. It's Chickentown.
  • Wendy is horrified to see that none of the young traders she's nurtured can handle trading over the phone.
    Ben: None of us have ever made a phone trade. We don't know how.
    Wendy: Oh, there will be a seminar when this is over. Believe that, people!
  • Some of the reactions to Chuck's public announcement of his sadomasochism. The ones that stand out to this troper are Sara, Kate, Connerty, and Jeffcoat.
  • Spyros' (unwanted) interjections during points of drama:
  • The boxing match between Dollar Bill and Mafee consists of two rounds of mediocre boxing after which both men are too exhausted to do much fighting. They resort to groin punches and foot stomps before both of them collapse in the ring at the same time. The commentators declare it the worst Wimp Fight they have seen in their entire lives. The disappointed spectators end up pelting the two men with litter. The icing on the cake is that Winston (the head quant at TMC) won a ton of money because he was the only one to bet on a draw.
  • Chuck's scheme to get back at Jeffcoat for shutting down Senior's development involves rerouting a train carrying NYC's processed sewage to Texas and making sure the train (and the stench from its cargo) stops right next to Jeffcoat's rural property.
  • Wags has gone through something that made him lose faith in humanity. Wendy brings in a professional cuddler and they go to a closed room. Wags starts crying loudly. Axe reacts. As does Dollar Bill and the other guys.
  • Jeffcoat uses another of his animalistic metaphors and is actually surprised and disgusted about Bryan puzzled unfamiliarity with bullfighting.
    Jeffcoat: God. Do they teach a man nothing about bullfighting anymore? "Querencia", place in a ring where the bull feels most safe...
  • Connerty and Jeffcoat are planning to arrest Rhoades, Sr.
    Jeffcoat: You find his wrinkly ass.
    Connerty: Actually, I've seen that ass, and I have to say, the old guy keeps it together.
    Jeffcoat: [facial expression of horror and disbelief]
  • Jeffcoat tries, unsuccessfully, to intimidate Rhoades, Sr.
    Jeffcoat: Do you have any idea what prison smells like?
    Rhoades, Sr.: Is it DICK?!... I'm betting DICK.



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