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Films - Live-Action

  • Adam and Joanna from Mad Love (1995) watch Bill Nye the Science Guy in one scene.


  • In The Eagle Tree, Stig shares some facts about fire ants that he learned from Bill Nye. March replies, "I like Bill Nye. He's a science guy."

Live-Action TV


Web Video

  • SuperMarioLogan: In Part 5 of the "Bowser Junior's First Grade" story arc, Junior and Joseph decide to draw a picture of the Sun for a school project on the insistence that it's the biggest and hottest planet in the galaxy. When Cody tries unsuccessfully to tell them that the Sun is a star, Joesph tells him "Who died and elected you Bill Nye the Science Guy?"

Western Animation

  • In Action League NOW!, the character of Bill the Lab Guy was named for Bill Nye the Science Guy.
  • In the Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain episode, "Better Living Through Cheese", Bob Quack the Science Hack appears as a judge at Chuck Norris Grammar School's science fair.