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  • From "The Tree Problem" - Cat gets stuck up in a tree.
    Cat: Cats stuck in trees. I've heard stories, but I never thought it would happen to me.
  • Peg's neighbor's attempts to dress her up in various stereotypically girly things, such as "this pink dress with unicorns and rainbow puppies."
  • A general example: Basically every time Peg is "totally freaking out". Even better when someone else does it in the exact same manner.
    • In "The Three Friends Problem," this actually solves the main conflict. Cat has been acting unusual due to being jealous of Big Dog (he doesn't talk as often, and he sings less notes of "Problem Solved"). When Peg has a Freak Out, Big Dog does what Cat does when this normally happens: using body language to tell Peg she needs to calm herself down by counting backwards from 5 to 1. Seeing this as The Last Straw, this causes Cat to finally speak up and chew out Big Dog.
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  • In "The Owl and the Pussycat Problem", Peg comments in surprise that Ramone is in one of her dreams. Cat quickly quips, "Like he's not in all of them."
  • In "Peg and Cat Save the World, Pt. 2," Peg and Cat are busy saving the world, so the Farmer sings the theme song. Which is just as amusing as it sounds.
  • Also in "Peg and Cat Save the World, Pt. 2," the two comment about how after they save the world, there'll be stuff like Peg and Cat parades, and toys, to which Cat comments "finally." Amusingly enough, at the special's release, and as of June 2017, Peg + Cat is one of the few shows of this type that hasn't been merchandised as toys. Though as of January 2018, toys are now available, so maybe Cat's comment was prophetic?
  • In "The Big Dog Problem":
    • Peg calls the dog "Your Bigness".
    • Peg and Cat try to sneak past the dog but they're singing about it while doing it.
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    • When Peg's mother ask her if she is having a big problem, Cat pretends that he is having a "jig problem" and cannot stop dancing. Then a wig falls on his head and he says that he is having a "wig problem".
  • The Three Bears and Ludwig van Beethoven arguing over the correct way to eat porridge. Papa Bear prefers blowing on the porridge softly and then eating it loudly, while Beethoven prefers the other way around... And when he demonstrates, he ends up blowing porridge in everybody's faces!
  • Speaking of Beethoven, when the titular protagonists are trying to help him write a new symphony, Cat gets caught up in some feathers and laughs in a familiar rhythm. And that was how Beethoven got inspired to write Symphony #5.
  • Another Beethoven moment ("One wasn't enough!?"): When Ramone explains that anyone who steps out of line has to go all the way to the back, Beethoven sticks his leg out of line. His excuse for doing so? He was doing the Hokey Pokey.
    • There's also the running gag where he alerts Ramone whenever someone steps out of line.
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    • And during the song at the end, there's a "seven ate nine" joke. Explanation 
  • In "The Potty Problem", Peg, Viv (one of the Neighbor Ladies) and Cat are explaining that "listen to your body" means to pay attention to what you might need based on physical sensations. While Viv's example was a bit serious (a sore back), Cat adds the comedy by giving his example: "My tummy's saying, 'Please, a piece of cheese more'."
  • From "The Roxanne Problem":
    • When Roxanne hears Peg counting by twos, she thinks it's Cat and so Peg talks and Cat lip-synchs. Cat also speaks for Peg because he once spoke for her so he decides he has to keep it up. When they are stuck up the pyramid, they speak in their normal voices...
      Cat: "Help!"
      Roxanne: "Why do you speak in the voice of the girl I saw by the rock?"
      Peg: "Whoa!"
      Roxanne: "Girl I saw by the rock, why do you speak in the voice of Cat?"
    • When Peg is saying, "Yes" for Cat but nothing else...
      Cat: "You can't just keep saying 'yes'!"
      Peg: "I'd say more but you wouldn't know when to move your lips."
      Cat: "I'd move my lips more but you wouldn't know what to say!"
    • When Peg tries the old Be Yourself advice, Cat says, "I don't want to be myself, I wanna be yourself!".
    • The things Roxanne and Cat learn in the "You Can Learn" song: Roxanne learns how to draw a pumpkin and fall on her bottom ("How do you fall so it's funny?" "Use your bottom!") and Cat learns how to eat a dumpling and land on his feet.