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It was many years ago today
In a galaxy so far away
It's a period of civil war
They don't want the
Empire any more
The rebels made a
daring move
They've got some data
in their hands
Princess Leia's stolen
Death Star Plans...

Princess Leia's Stolen Death Star Plans is a Concept Album by Palette-Swap Ninja retelling the events of Star Wars: A New Hope, sung to the tune of the songs from The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.


  1. "Princess Leia's Stolen Death Star Plans"
  2. "With Illicit Help From Your Friends"
  3. "Luke is in the Desert"
  4. "Never Better"
  5. "Imperial Holes"
  6. "He's Leaving Home"
  7. "Being From the Spaceport of Mos Eisley"
  8. "The Force Within You"
  9. "AA Twenty-Three"
  10. "Dianoga"
  11. "Keep Moving Keep Moving"
  12. "Princess Leia's Stolen Death Star Plans (Reprise)"
  13. "A Day in the Life of Red Five"


"They're Princess Leia's stolen trope page plans, she's got them and it's time to go":

  • Be Careful What You Wish For: "He's Leaving Home" has Luke leaving with Ben... after learning the empire killed his family.
  • A Day in the Life: "Never Better" and "A Day in the Life of Red Five". (The latter is an homage to the original song, while the former is mostly Luke complaining how his life sucks.)
  • Grief Song: "He's Leaving Home" is one for Owen and Beru Lars.
  • "I Want" Song: "Luke is in the Desert" is about Luke wanting to leave Tattooine.
  • Last Note Nightmare: "A Day in the Life of Red Five" ends with the Death Star exploding.
  • Leitmotif: Occasionally, some snippets from the original film's soundtrack will appear on the album.
  • Lyrical Dissonance:
    • "With Illicit Help From Your Friends" is about Darth Vader cheerily telling the rebels on Tantive IV they're going to die for betraying The Empire.
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    • "Imperial Holes" is about Darth Vader and some Imperial officers discussing the titular plans.
    • "AA Twenty-Three" focuses on our heroes rescuing Leia.
    • "Keep Moving Keep Moving" has Obi-Wan's death and our heroes' escape.
    • "A Day in the Life of Red Five" is the climactic Death Star assault.
  • Medium Awareness:
    • In "Never Better" when Luke acknowledges his life is in fact getting better, the choral backup singers remark that "it only took one verse."
    • "Princess Leia's Stolen Death Star Plans (Reprise)," the second to last song, notes that "it's getting very near the end."
  • Tyop on the Cover: The video for "Princess Leia's Stolen Death Star Plans (Reprise)" credits the original writers of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Clue Band (Reprise)." That should be "Club."
  • Sampling: Dialogue and sound effects from the movie are occasionally used.
  • Sgt. Pepper's Shout-Out: Naturally.
  • Villain Song:
    • Darth Vader has "With Illicit Help From Your Friends".
    • Grand Moff Tarkin has "Imperial Holes".


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