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Peg: "Is that what I think it is?"
Cat: "It sure smells like what you think it is, if you think it is what I think you think it is."
Peg: "Can we even say it?"
Cat: "We can sure smell it!"
—"The Potty Problem"

"You genius cat! Or genius me! Pretty much everyone here is a genius except for the pig."
Peg, "The Giant Problem"

Peg and Roxanne: (singing) "Problem solved, the problem is solved, we solved the problem—"
Cat: (singing) "Actually the problem was getting Roxanne to think I'm smart but now she won't because she really knows me so problem not solved."
—"The Roxanne Problem"

Cat: "You can't just keep saying, 'Yes'!"
Peg: "I'd say more but you wouldn't know when to move your lips!"
Cat: "I'd move my lips more but you wouldn't know what to say!"
—"The Roxanne Problem"

(singing) "I make my best friend feel yucky, da da da da da, just by being near her, da da da da da, I feel sad and lonely, da da da da da da da, whoa! Now I'm feeling sad and high up... and scared!"
Cat, "The Allergy Problem"

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