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  • A majority of what they did at E3 2012, which usually got those moments turned into memes.
    • The Wii U software montage is preceded by a piece of footage of Iwata holding a bunch of bananas in his hand for no reason and looking at it as if it was a skull from Shakespeare's Hamlet.
  • To promote Sonic Lost World, Nintendo changed their Facebook cover photo accordingly. To someone who only knows of gaming from The Seventh Generation of Console Video Games onwards, this is nothing. To someone who grew up in the days of the Super NES and the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, back when Nintendo and SEGA were bitter rivals ("Genesis does what Nintendon't"), well...
  • The announcement of Nintendo's plans for E3 2014 in the form of a Mega64 skit. Rocco attempts to sneak into Nintendo headquarters and learn about their E3 plans and upcoming games by using a robot replica of Reggie Fils-Aime. There's many humorous moments such as the robot vaporising an executive with laser eyes and Erik Peterson blowing up the robot with a glass of water, but what takes the cake is when Rocco bumps into the real Reggie.
    • Music from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is used hilariously throughout. Such as Ghirahim's boss battle music when the Fils-A-Mech is walking, and when the real Reggie shows up and looks at the robot in confusion, the music from when you are spotted in the Silent Realm plays.
  • E3 2014's introduction by the team behind Robot Chicken.
    • Mario storming out in anger when Reggie announces that there will be no new Mario games. Which turns out not to be true.
      Mario: What?! I'm getting bumped? Bring my kart around! I'm out of here!
    • Twilight Princess Link telling Toon Link to back off.
      TP!Link: HEY! They promised me you wouldn't be here!
    • We have four words that should describe most of the fanbase, "GIVE US MOTHER 3!!!" Which is then followed up by Reggie becoming Fire Reggie and hurling fireballs at the fan. Immediately following:
      Fan: Wait a second! If the heroes are backstage, who's watching the bad guys?
      Reggie: Not my probl- (Wario and Ganondorf drop in)
      Wario: It's a-me, Wario!
      Reggie: I guess this is my problem. While I go Reggie on these fools, here's what's new. (cue Reggie charging Wario and Ganondorf screaming)
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    • To promote the Mii Fighters, we have Iwata and Reggie fighting each other.
    • The two in-between scenes are hilarious in their own right:
      • Bowser and Peach reach for the last donut, and an awkward moment ensues when Bowser tries to apologize to Peach for kidnapping her "80+ times".
      • Fox questions why Little Mac wears his boxing gloves all the time. While Little Mac tries to get some coffee.
        Little Mac: SHUT UP!
    • The last scene opens after Mario and Reggie flatten Wario and Ganondorf. Mario then asks Reggie to reconsider Mario Ballet, much to Reggie's embarrassment. This is followed by the now charred fan screaming "WHAT ABOUT STARFOX?!", to which Reggie incinerates him with Eye Beams. Extra funny because Miyamoto was making a Star Fox game for the Wii U at the time.
  • During Reggie's announcement of games that support the Amiibo, when he states that there's one people are currently playing (Mario Kart 8), it cuts to the famous Luigi Death Stare.
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  • The January 14, 2015 Direct demonstrated Amiibo Party for Mario Party 10 with the new Super Mario Amiibo. A dice roll was done, and it proceeds to knock over only Luigi.
  • The reveal trailer for E3 2015 (also produced by the Mega64 team like last year's) has Reggie pitch a Nintendo World Championships 2015, and since he can't compete as he's president of NOA, he steps down and announces a kid as his successor. Then we get a training montage of Reggie playing old Nintendo games. For bonus laughs, at one point in the montage he's playing on a VIRTUAL BOY of all things.
    Reggie *Playing with the Virtual Boy*: These games are great!
    • "Hey, Bill! You're fired."
      • *Dramatic slow-motion and thunderclap*
  • During the Nintendo World Championships 2015, the final stage for the challengers is to complete difficult and trollish levels made by the Nintendo Treehouse team in Super Mario Maker. At one point, John Numbers aces a particularly hard part, making the crowd go wild, and misses the pipe at the end by a hair, forcing him to do that part all over again. What makes it even better is that someone in the crowd can be heard saying "This is exactly what I wanted to happen!".
  • The E3 2015 introduction, made by the team behind The Muppets, shows Muppet-fied Iwata, Reggie and Miyamoto walking slow and badass-like. Uncanny Valley aside, it's very funny.
    • The crowner is Muppet Reggie appearing with the line "My puppet body is ready."
    • Then, all of a sudden, they turn into Muppet-fied StarFox characters (Iwata as Peppy Hare, Reggie as Falco and Miyamoto as Fox). It's freaking weird, yet funny as heck. Reggie still had a feather on his shoulder afterwards.
    • There was a lot of Meme Acknowledgement in general, including Iwata saying "I will head directly to the stage" and doing his Memetic Hand Gesture, followed by a brief scene where he does the same hand gesture while saying absolutely nothing. Later there's a scene where he stares at a banana bunch for 8 seconds and then turns his head quickly, again while not saying a thing.
  • This montage of fans at the San Diego Comic-Con humming the Mario theme. Bonus points for Charles Martinet opening the video with a "Here we go!", and some of the fans cosplaying as characters completely unrelated to Nintendo, like Marvin the Martian, Madoka Kaname, Finn, Princess Bubblegum, and Harley Quinn.
  • In August 2015, a Nintendo filed patent for a disc-less console was discovered. While it is unknown at the time if this is the next generation Nintendo system, a disc-less variant of the Wii U, or just something a Nintendo guy doodled and patented for legal reasons, the overall reaction to this has been shock that Nintendo might just be going for such a radical change first.
  • For the Super Mario Bros. 30th anniversary, Shigeru Miyamoto did a video answering some common fan questions. When asked who Bowser Jr.'s mother really is, he pointed to himself.
    • And when asked whether he would let Dr. Mario operate on him, he vigorously shook his head. NOOOO!
  • The November 12, 2015, Nintendo Direct had Bill becoming inspirited by Hungramps and eating all the donuts for a staff meeting. Reggie walks in after that... and his reaction is priceless.
  • At the beginning of the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017, the company discussed the innovations of their previous systems and how the Switch took one major element from each of their previous consoles: the Nintendo Entertainment System came with two controllers for easy multiplayer, the Super NES introduced the now standard shoulder buttons and four face buttons for more complex actions, the Nintendo 64 gave us the analog stick and rumble, etc. What was highlighted about the Nintendo GameCube? It had a handle.
  • In the Switch promo for parental controls, they could have just had talking heads. Instead, they had Bowser and Bowser Jr. demonstrate it.
    • Bowser imagining what could happen if he set the system to suspend itself when the set time limit expires. You thought the Blue Shell was enough to ruin someones day.
    • Bowser running towards Bowser Jr. and covering his eyes.
    • Bowser with an iPhone. It's as funny as you think the image of a giant turtle with an iPhone is (that, and the fact it looks absolutely tiny in Bowser's hands). And the lock screen has an image of Princess Peach on it.
    • Jr. and Bowser playing on their Switches together. Like with the iPhone, Bowser's hands are simply too big to hold it properly, so he holds it between his index and middle fingers. The Switch looks comically tiny in Bowser's hands.
  • The 2017 E3 presentation had a subtle one with the Metroid Prime 4 reveal. A common theme across reactions is massive freak outs and mad hysteria, immediately followed by Yoshi's Crafted World which is all about calmness. One has to wonder if Nintendo timed that specifically to calm fans down.
  • How Nintendo revealed Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can be called this: the direct ran into overtime and they nonchalantly mentioned they had one more thing. Cue a trailer that initially seemed like another Splatoon trailer at first...
  • When Reggie Fils-Aime announced that he was retiring as President of Nintendo America in 2019, his replacement was revealed to be... Doug Bowser. No, we are NOT making that up. Cue the flood of 'Bowser is taking over the kingdom' jokes.
  • The E3 2019 Nintendo Direct opens with introducing President Bowser for his first live appearance. No, not that Bowser, Doug Bowser. Nintendo is pretty much self-aware of the connection, joking with the One Bowser Limit before dismissing the koopa king.

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