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  • From the "Bionic Bunny" episode, as we go behind the scenes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, we see Michael Dorn getting into makeup as Worf. As he leaves the makeup trailer by shoving the door hard enough to bang against the trailer, he says "Stand aside, I take large steps!".
    • The episode also features the only officially released TNG outtakes (until the blu-ray releases), the highlight of which is Patrick Stewart's "Kill me now" expression after one too many flubs.
  • The opening of the Kickstarter video, with kids and adults alike struck utterly speechless by Levar walking in and asking where a certain classroom is. And at the end, Brent Spiner arrives to meet him and no one recognizes him.
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  • Kermit the Frog's cameo, including a marvelous Parental Bonus joke regarding Hamlet.
  • The end of Episode 5 of the new UTech segment of Reading Rainbow. Not only did LeVar do a Call-Back to both Star Trek IV (where a clueless Scotty tried talking to a computer mouse) and Star Trek: The Next Generation by verbally asking a 18th century stove for hot Earl Grey tea (Captain Picard's preferred drink), the stove actually obliged (through the magic of video editing, complete with the teleportation VFX from ST:TNG).

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