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    Barney & The Backyard Gang 

  • In "Three Wishes," Barney trolls the Backyard Gang as they ask him to take them somewhere special:
    Barney: I know of a wonderful place where the sun shines down on the thick green grass and there are lots of beautiful flowers and trees. And the birds are always singing.
    Michael: Where's that?
    Barney: Your backyard.
    [kids sigh]

  • In "A Day at the Beach", Luci comes into the yard, asking if there is room for "one more" with Michael and Amy in the paddling pool. When they say yes, she brings in Adam, Jason, and Tina as well.
    Michael: You asked if there was room for one more!
    Luci: Well...I'm only one!
    Adam: And I'm only one!
    Jason: And I'm only one!
    Tina: And I'm four!

    Season One 
  • Barney has a ton of these in "Treasure of Rainbow Beard." One notable example is him trying to read the map backwards, while holding it upside down.
    Barney: *reading clue backwards* Tra ekam uoy erehw sepahs emos tniap.... Uh oh, now the words are upside down
    Kids: Barney!
    Barney: Just kidding!
  • In "Hi Neighbor," Barney pretends to be a dog-walking neighbor, complete with an "imaginary dog" (an invisible dog leash). The "dog" suddenly runs across the playground and drags Barney along with him.
  • "Doctor Barney is Here": Derek The Strong Man.
    Derek: [walks in with fake muscles in sleeves] [in deep voice] I am Derek, The Strong Man! I'm so strong, I can lift this school bus.... over... my... head! [lifts toy school bus overhead]
    [rest of cast, save for Michael, cheers]
    Michael: [waves toy school bus with one hand] Yeah, yeah...
    [Barney chuckles in amusement]

    Season Two 

    Season Three 

    Season Four 
  • "Is Everybody Happy?": Scooter and Miss Etta see that Baby Bop is about to destroy Chip's tower. They ditch her.

    Season Five 
  • This poem in Books are Fun
    Barney: Roses are red, violets are blue
    But mostly they're flat,
    'Cause they're under my shoe
    Season Six 

    Season Seven 

    Season Eight 

    Season Nine 

    Season Ten 

    Season Eleven 

    Season Twelve 

    Season Thirteen 

    Barney's Great Adventure 
  • When Cody tries to explain Barney to his grandparents:
    Cody: Barney isn't just a little doll. He's very big!
    Grandpa: Oh sure, he's big now, but you just wait. These fads come and go.
    • While Barney and his friends search for the magic egg, Barney talks to a pair of shoes with his feet.
  • There's a Credits Gag that reads "No dinosaur was harmed during the making of this film".
    Other Media 
  • In "Live in New York City":
    B.J.: I'm B.J., The Human Cannonball!
    Barney: B.J. the who?
    • Same scene:
    B.J.: Bring it in, guys!
    Barney: Bring what in?
    B.J.: My cannon!
    Barney: Your cann- Woah, a cannon?!?! *clowns drag in giant cannon, as Barney panics*
    • B.J. pours it on with a list of impossible stunts, accompanied by Barney's bemused (and hilarious) attempts to bring him to his senses.
    • Another scene in Live in New York features Barney makes an amusing attempt to catch the Winkster on one of Radio City Music Hall's balconies. He fails and ends up getting a mop and a bucket stuck on his foot.
    • The Winkster, just The Winkster.
  • In "Barney's Night Before Christmas," the group plans to put up the Christmas tree ornaments. Guess which purple dinosaur got the job of untangling the lights?
    Barney: *struggling with lights* OK, let's see... "Rabbit goes out of the hole and around the tree..." No, "over the tree and under the hole...." Gee, this is tougher than I thought.
    • BJ pretends to be Santa Claus in the same video, with the kids playing along with BJ, believing he actually is Santa. Barney's response as he and Baby Bop comes back into the house takes the cake.
    Barney: Oh, hi. Merry Christmas, BJ.
    * BJ becomes shocked from his cover being blown*
  • Whenever Barney has an A Dork Able moment and tries to make a joke only to get confused.
    • From "Imagination Island:"
    BJ: "Hey, this tree makes a great drum!"
    Barney: "And a good drum is hard to beat! .....Or is it a good drum is easy to beat? I always get that mixed up."
    BJ: "Whaaa?"
  • In the concert "Barney's Colorful World," Baby Bop chases BJ with sunscreen when the rest of the cast is singing "Mister Sun." She finally catches him and squirts him with Silly String-esque sunscreen. It Makes Sense in Context
    • What adds to it is soon afterwards, Baby Bop notices the audience doesn't have sunscreen either and Barney playfully agrees with her, adding that it's nice to share. Let's just say had BJ not interrupted her, the crew would have a whole lot of "sunscreen" to clean up after the show.
    • And then there's this little exchange from behind the scenes.
  • In "Imagination Island".... Tinkerputt. Just Tinkerputt. Every time he's on screen, you're bound to laugh.
    • Also in "Imagination Island" when their ship is in the middle of a storm.
    Shawn: "This is fun! Like a roller-coster ride!"
    Tosha: "It sure is! I'm not scared!"
  • In "Barney's Magical Musical Adventure," the kids all challenge each other to a horserace. Barney agrees to watch, but the second they leave off screen-
    Barney: "Well I guess I can go to lunch now."
    • The kids are walking through a forest when suddenly they hear a noise. Cue hilarity.
    Tina: "What if it's a giant?!"
    Darek: "What if it's a scary monster?!"
    Barney: "Or what if it's a DINOSAUR?!? OOOOHHHH! Hey, wait a minute. I'm a dinosaur..."
    • Not to mention Barney's ad libs as they are running away from the noise.
  • At one point in "Dance with Me", BJ, of all people, is wearing a purple tutu. When Barney calls him on it, BJ, in a rare occurrence of his referring to Baby Bop by her real name, explains himself by pointing out, "Baby Bop says that ballet dancers wear tutus."
  • In "Barney's Adventure Bus", one of the stops the dinos and kids make is at a pizzeria called Barney's Peppy Purple Pepperoni Pizzeria; Baby Bop and BJ's mis-pronounciations of the name are hilarious.
    • Robert tosses a pizza crust but it doesn't come down right away. Then after everyone else goes to find pizza toppings:
    "It's got to come down sometime." *the pizza crust lands on his face*


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