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    The Whole Series 
  • The fact that this show got greenlit at all and still stands up as a definitive preschool show despite all the hate it gets. Respect man. Respect.
    • The PBS series nearly didn't get greenlit, but it did after PBS executives saw how children enjoyed the videos. It's even more amazing that Barney has survived for over 30 years (since the release of the first Barney video) and is still beloved by children across the globe.

    The Backyard Gang 

    Season One 
  • The Season 1 finale "Everyone is Special." Barney and his friends learn about what makes everyone special, while waiting to see what's inside a package the purple guy received. It turns out to be a mirror, which Barney uses to reinforce the message that everyone in the world is unique. In June 1992, PBS decided not to renew Barney & Friends for another season. Had they not reversed their decision that August, "Everyone is Special" would have been the Barney & Friends series finale.

    Season Two 

    Season Three 
  • Barney jammin' in the song Happy Dancin'. You can tell the voice actor and costume actor had the most fun in this. According to the episode's article on the Barney wiki, the scene was filmed in one take.

    Season Four 

    Season Five 

    Season Six 

    Season Seven 

    Season Eight 

    Season Nine 

    Season Ten 

    Season Eleven 

    Season Twelve 

    Season Thirteen 

    Barney's Great Adventure 
    Other Media 
  • One of the actors that played The Winkster (he doubled for Ashley Wood, who did most of the show) in Barney Live in New York City.... is Barney's original costume actor! So seeing the Winkster with Barney in the show is like "passing the torch" from one suit actor to the next.
    • David Voss played roles in a few Barney videos and took part in many of the stage shows. Carey Stinson, David Joyner's eventual replacement on the TV series, also appeared in the show, being Barney during quick changes and the balcony scenes. In a way, it's like seeing three Barneys in one show.
    • John David Bennett II's first act as a circus clown is to breakdance on the stage.
    • Barney doing his famous pose during the "Everyone is Special" song right for the camera at the very end of Barney Live in New York City performance also counts for this [1]
  • Barney making a reference to Jurassic Park.... no seriously.
  • The Confetti Drop at the end of Sing and Dance with Barney manages to be awesome, heartwarming, and funny all at once. Apparently, the cast was surprised by it. Some of the kids jump, some start tossing it around, and Brian Eppes (Michael) breaks character and looks up at the ceiling in a "How did I not see that coming?" sort of way.

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