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  • Adored by the Network: Tiny Pop in the UK has aired the series ever since the network launched as Pop Plus in 2003, all the way until 2017. This makes it the longest running show to air on the network.
  • Blooper: In "Mama Don't Go," the characters take turns telling a story using a "story hat" in which each time one of them wears the hat, they get to make up the next part of the story. Juanita, the new girl, is the last to wear the hat, and gets to make up the ending, in which the main character returns home, gets a party in his honor and eats churros. Juanita explains to the class what churros are and suggests she and her mama could make some to bring in. The scene switches to a wide shot as Mrs. Jenkins thanks her for this and says that it's time for recess. As the kids are shown in the circle, Grace is suddenly wearing the story hat. The focus then switches back to Juanita, along with her mama and the Franks, and Juanita is now wearing the story hat again.
    • In "Having a Wonderful Time", Grace says that Lilly can sit next to her on the bus to the park. When Grace is picked up the following morning, she is shown to be sitting with Claude while Lilly is sitting with Yoko. They do sit next to each other for the way home though.
  • Channel Hop: The show went from PBS Kids (as part of a Sunday morning block "Bookworm Bunch", which featured an array of Nelvana cartoons based on books), where it completely aired its two seasons, to a weekday morning block, "Ready Set Learn" on TLC and Discovery Family (when they were Discovery Kids). Reruns then began airing on Qubo in 2013.
  • Children Voicing Children: A total of 4 child characters are voiced by actual children.
  • Crossdressing Voices: Fritz is voiced by Laurie Elliott, while Claude is voiced by Joanne Vannicola. note 
    • Timothy, Charles, Fritz, and Claude are all voiced by females in the French dub.
  • Dub Name Change: In France the show and the original book version of "Timothy Goes To School" is called Timothée va à l'école.
    • Timothy is called Timothée in France.
    • The series is called 티모시는 학교에갑니다 (timosi neun haggyoe gabnida, or "Timothy's Kindergarten Days") in Korean.
    • When it was airing in Germany, the series was known as Timmy Geht Zur Schule. Timothy's name was also changed to "Timmy" in the German version.
  • Edited for Syndication: When rerun on Qubo, scenes were sometimes cut for time (justified, as it was intended to air on non-commercial stations without ad breaks). Tiny Pop aired these prints during the show's later years on the network, too.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • Some DVD releases are difficult to obtain, but installments can be found online. For a while it wasn't airing on TV. It used to air on Qubo, though that channel could be hard to get. However, the full series is available on YouTube, although the episodes uploaded in Treehouse's official channel are blocked in some countries.
    • The French, Spanish, Malay, and Hungarian dubs are even more difficult to find. Only France has gotten a couple DVDs which contain a few episodes.
    • The Latin Spanish dub was lost from 2008 until it was added to the local version of Pluto TV in 2019.
  • Playing Against Type: Lisa Yamanaka who previously voiced the tough and tomboyish girl Wanda Li in The Magic School Bus voices the kindhearted, sweet, and soft-spoken Yoko.
  • Pop Culture Urban Legends: According to some sources, there appears to be an episode titled "The Butterfly Away", which is one of the first things that appears as an add-on when you start to google the show's title. However, given that the only source claims the episode premiered in August 2014, it's completely false. The plot for this fictional episode involves Timothy and friends watching the migration of Monarch butterflies.
  • Recursive Adaptation: During the show's original airing on PBS Kids' Bookworm Bunch between 2000 till 2001, Rosemary Wells made three book tie-tins, two activity books, and a Dress-Up sticker book for the show. Notably the Get Set for Kindergarten! series which had a total of six books note , "Timothy's Tales From Hilltop School", and a giant flip-the-lift boardbook "Timothy's Lost And Found Day". While Wells was able to illustrate the covers for the Get Set for Kindergarten! series, Michael Koelsch was brought in to illustrate the books. She also wrote "Timothy's Lost and Found Day" but was entirely illustrated by Johanna Hurley. Same goes for the Yoko and Friends books where Wells only illustrated the book covers, while different illustrators were brought in for each book in the series.
  • Recycled Script: The episode "Mama Don't Go" where it's Juanita's first visit to Hilltop School with her mother after moving was adapted as a Yoko & Friends book of the same name. Yoko takes the place of Juanita, but basically is the same plot as the episode.
    • Recursive Canon: Yoko's 1998 debut was supposedly her first day at school as well along with the 2008 book "Yoko Writes Her Name".
  • Self-Adaptation: Rosemary Wells worked closely with Nelvana during the production of this show.