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Heartwarming / Timothy Goes to School

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Would you like a friend like Timothy by your side?
This is a show that takes place in a World of Funny Animals and is based on the works of Rosemary Wells. It has tons of these moments.
  • The show's theme song perfectly sets the mood for what the viewer is about to watch. It also tells how friendly and sweet Timothy is if you had a friend like him.
  • Just about any scene in the show and the books that features Timothy and Yoko together. Especially since Yoko liked Timothy's outfits in the first episode and even told him to ignore Claude due to his arrogance. Timothy also protected Yoko from getting hit by an oncoming football and taking the push by Claude which resulted in Yoko grabbing him off the ground and asking if he's okay. It's also one of the only times where Yoko is actually mad and upset at Claude's behavior. They even became best friends; now that's the true power of friendship.
    • There is actually an entire episode dedicated to the pair, aptly titled "Friends Forever".
  • The entirety of the Valentine's Day Episode which focuses on the boys (Timothy and Charles) and girls (Yoko and Lilly) discussing and giving each other there Valentine's Day cards. Timothy appears to be nervous about his gift to Yoko and for once doesn't sit next to her on the bus but instead sits with Charles. Charles later admits that he's worried his Valentine's Day gift to Lilly too.
  • The entire first episode where Timothy is looking forward to his first day of school. First is when Timothy meets Yoko in the school bus where she says "Hello" to him while the other students in the bus are mostly quiet and looking at Timothy with either surprise or disinterest (except for Doris). Second is when Miss Jenkins sings their welcome song where each student says their names and introduce themselves. But the biggest is when Timothy protects Yoko from getting hit by an oncoming football. Unfortunately Claude pushes him on the ground and Yoko quickly lifts him up and tells what she thinks about Claude's behavior. Timothy agrees with her statement and the episode ends with them playing tag.
  • There's a very sweet cover to the Yoko & Friends book called "Practice Makes Perfect" where Timothy is seen behind Yoko helping her practice. Another cute cover is the "Letters And Sounds" book which features Timothy and Yoko pointing at the chalkboard at the viewer which is very similar to the original book version of "Timothy Goes To School".
  • The ending to the second episode "Yoko" where Timothy is seen trying to use chopsticks to try Yoko's sushi but Yoko teaches him how to use them. This doubles as a Funny Moment since for the entire third half Timothy wants to try what each student's food from a different country but gets distracted by another tasty food. Meanwhile Yoko is later seen telling Timothy that everyone didn't get a chance to try her sushi; even calling him out. The episode ends with both of them eating sushi together. Yoko's expression when she begins to eat the sushi in front of Timothy is one of the cutest expressions in the show. Timothy is also the only student who didn't tease or make fun of Yoko and her food; he's not enthusiastic about the food but he's very polite when explaining that her favorite foods aren't anyone else's favorite food and never once says anything mean, even as he's declining her offer of the food.
    • The original book version's ending is extra cute and sweet. After school, Timothy sharing one of his coconut crisps to Yoko, she delightedly compares to one of her favorite Japanese sweets. He alongside Yoko then make plans to move their desks together and opening a restaurant the next day. The final page shows Yoko and Timothy eating Tomato Sandwiches and Dragons Rolls, and later had Brownies and green tea ice cream for desert.
    • Also this cute exchange between Yoko and her mother in the beginning of the episode when she's waking up and preparing for another day at Hilltop School.
      Yoko's mother: Good morning my little cherry blossom. Today is a brand new day.
      Yoko: What am I going to do today? All my favorite things. And what am I going to dress today? All my favorite clothes. And what am I looking forward today? All my favorite friends! And what I looking forward to eating today?
      Yoko's mother: All your favorite foods.
    • Let's just say Yoko's mother,Timothy's mother, and Juanita's mother are one of the sweetest and nicest mothers in a children's show/book.
      • The Franks' dad is also great, gently but firmly guiding his sons towards proper behavior and giving good instructions for how to show they're sorry for breaking the taketombo in "The Taketombo".
  • Speaking of "The Taketombo", it's very sweet to see Yoko's mother forgiving them for their actions. Knowing how nervous The Franks are fearing that Yoko and her mother might scold or get very upset with them. It actually ends up with the Franks's dad and Yoko's mother finding a good solution by having The Franks repair it by gluing it back together. The next day after the accident, Yoko finally shows the taketombo for "in the spotlight" but invited the Franks to demonstrate what it does. The episode ends with the taketombos flying into the air. This gets a Call-Back in the "Yoko's Show-And-Tell" book where The Franks are seen sweeping and cleaning outside of Yoko's house to make up for breaking Yoko's doll Miki for Girl's Day.
    • While also a Tear Jerker, seeing Timothy and Grace calling the Franks out for their actions is very heartwarming. Knowing how close and personal they know Yoko. Grace had ballet practice with Yoko for an entire week and Timothy and Yoko have been very close to each other and best friends. It's even more touching when you remember that Timothy was a little bummed out in a previous episode where Grace would remind Yoko that they have practice. But in this episode Timothy and Grace really express how they feel about seeing Yoko crying and heartbroken due to how close and personal the two known Yoko outside of school. A smaller but still notable thing is when Timothy is calling the Franks out for their behaviour, Charles is standing next to Timothy and he looks uncharacteristically angry.
  • The ending to the episode where Timothy is worried about the pictures he took which he thinks looks awkward and embarrassing to some students. Such as getting a picture of Grace's toes, Doris's teeth and Charles tripping over a pile of cards. Turns out the class gets really amazed by the pictures taken. Doris loves Timothy's picture of her loose tooth and Charles finds the picture of himself tripping over a pile of cards to be pretty funny.
  • In the episode where the class has to go to the museum to see dinosaurs, Nora is scared of them during a slideshow presentation held by Miss Jenkins. Timothy notices this and later holds a meeting with his friends. He later decides to help by have a short talk with Nora before heading inside the bus to the museum. When the rest of the class gets off, Nora is the only student who hasn't gotten out due to her fear of dinosaurs due to them being huge. Timothy tells the class that if Nora isn't going, then he won't go too. When Nora comes out the bus still in fear, Timothy tells Nora to hold his hand and lets her know when it's okay to see a different type of dinosaur. The entire time, Nora is seen covering both of her eyes with her right arm while holding Timothy's hand with her left arm. Timothy then signals Nora to open her eyes and see the dinosaur. Nora then says that type of dinosaur is small and isn't scary. When she gets home in the end of the episode, she has a fun discussion with her parents about her fun experience at the museum.
  • The scene in one episode where Timothy and Yoko run up to hug each other after Timothy sees Yoko's ballet recital expressing how much they missed each other during the week due to Yoko's ballet practice with Grace and Timothy playing with Charles.
    • In the same episode, Timothy's mother has a short talk with Timothy on why Yoko hasn't spent that much time with him. She tells him that she thinks she's busy at the moment and is still friends with him.
  • Another heartwarming moment between Timothy and Yoko is the episode "The Music Tree" where the class has to put up their homemade musical instruments. In the beginning of the episode, Yoko is seen playing her violin with her eyes closed while the class is practicing for a show for their parents. The entire class stops for a moment to notice how wonderful Yoko is playing her violin. Yoko then opens her eyes noticing that the entire class is looking at her when she realizes that the class stopped playing their instruments. Timothy replies by saying how good Yoko was. While also making her proud, this makes Yoko nervous for their upcoming musical performance with all of the adults including her mother watching her. A few times in the episode Yoko would mess up when she begins playing her violin mostly due to the students messing around with their musical instruments. Timothy is later seen talking to Yoko with his encouragement and tells her to don't be scared and tells her she got her back. Before the real performance begins, Timothy is seen hiding behind a pair of chimes where Yoko is standing; he whispers to her that he will be by her side even if she messes up.
    • In the very start of the episode, Yoko is seen playing her violin with her mama and asks her mother to sing the song that she uses to sing to her as a baby. She continues humming the lullaby to Yoko as she plays the song on her violin. This is a very sweet scene since Yoko's mother is heard humming a Japanese type tune in a soothing and gentle tone.
  • In the episode where Hilltop School is holding a field day, in one of the earlier races, Yoko and Timothy are picked as a team. There's a cute moment where Timothy and Yoko (pictured in the illustration of this article) politely ask each other to go first in the style of The Franks in the beginning of the Three-Legged Race.
    • Charles behavior in the episode is cute to look at. Especially the way he handles being in #3 or #2 place where he can be seen holding both of his knuckles and shaking them left and right.
  • The ending to "Lifesaver Lilly", where Lilly quickly takes out the class pet goldfish during a cold winter day to prevent the ice bowl from freezing which could cause the fish to die.
  • In "Don't Lose It Lilly". Charles throughout the episode tries to help her remember certain things. This is especially sweet, since Charles actually talks more instead of being shy and quiet. Even though Lilly forgets to buy an ice cream for the two of them, and later buying two ice cream cones for her and Charles only for her to lick the second ice cream that Lilly was going to give to Charles, Charles doesn't get mad at her (just a little sad that she let him down) and has obviously forgiven her by the next day.
  • In the episode "The Talent Show", after Grace sprains her leg resulting in her not performing, Timothy decides to let her be the one that opens and close the curtains. At first Grace looks bored but she later gets used to it and gives some advice to a few of the classmates that are performing. When curtain call begins, Timothy gives a special dedication to Grace who was given flowers. She gets very flattered and proud of the dedication and tells them that she was only working on the curtains.
    • Lilly and Fritz's interaction in the entire episode is very sweet to watch. Basically Fritz teaches Lilly how to do a magic trick such as saying "Abracadabra" to her. Lilly forgets the words and the trick so Fritz has to keep reminding her how the trick works. Lilly and Fritz had a similar moment like this in "The Great Obstacle Course", where they are teammates.
  • Near the end of "Small Change" where Nora doesn't want change and has a hard time adjusting to it, she begins to change her mind after she starts befriending Lilly. There's also a sweet and funny moment where Nora and the Franks argue on who's the loudest; they start out angry and upset but then start having fun seeing who's the loudest. Finally when Nora gets back home, she now wants her room to look different since in the beginning of the episode, she doesn't want any adjustments to her bedroom.
    • Lilly's reaction to Nora's anger is also sweet, just letting Nora rant and even making a special paper tree for Nora's alligator.
  • The ending to "Shy Charles" where he rescues Timothy (who is trapped inside the locked door) by running the school's fire drill. Miss Jenkins gives him a badge honoring Charles for rescuing Timothy. Even Doris is very proud of him, when she was previously trying to pull him out the shelf during a rodeo style dance.
  • In the last two episodes where Juanita is introduced, the entire class sings the welcome song, but this time all of them are smiling and have cute expressions really showing how happy they are seeing a new student enter the class.
    • When Juanita's mother leaves for the first time, Juanita starts feeling sad and already starting to miss her. Yoko walks up to her and tells her not to worry and she will be back. This scene could also be a reference to the Yoko & Friends book "Mama Don't Go!" where it's Yoko's first day at Hilltop School and doesn't want her mother to leave making this scene even sweeter. Yoko understands how Juanita feels when a parent leaves the class for the rest of the day or temporarily and tries comforting her.
    • The interaction between Juanita and Timothy is also pretty sweet to look at since this isn't the first time Timothy tried becoming friends with a certain shy student in class.
    • Grace's behavior in the final two episodes gets special mention. When Juanita encounters Grace for making a mistake. She actually doesn't get upset or mad but acts kind with her and gives her recommendation to hang out with the other students.
  • At the start of "Cherry Blossom", Lilly does a spring presentation where she is seen wearing a costume with petals demonstrating how seed grows. The way she shows it to the entire class is adorable.
  • The ending to "The Big Snowfall" where Doris and Lilly are supposed to spend time with each other on a snow day at school. Most of the time, Lilly is seen spending time with a different student and does the majority of the winter actives that Doris was planning to do with her. When she finally reunites with Lilly later in the episode, she feels left out and thinking that she abandoned her and thinks she left. One student did tell Doris one activity they haven't got a chance to do. This results in one final shot of the episode showing Doris and Lilly snowboarding.
  • "Read Me a Story" in which Nora worries that her mom won't read to her anymore once she learns to read on her own and her mother assures her that she would miss their story time too much, and Nora suggests that they could take turns reading stories to each other once she learns to read.
  • It's really nice that Timothy is so willing to help Claude out and teach how to be a better swimmer in "Taking the Plunge," even though Claude hasn't been very nice to him in the past, and that Claude is willing to swallow his pride enough to let Timothy help him, despite generally having a reputation as The Ace, even if he does insist on keeping it secret.
  • Nora's instant forgiveness of Lilly in "The Friendship Stone" for losing the titular stone and the hug they share.
  • Mixes with Tear Jerker, in "Fritz on the Move", everyone gives Fritz a goodbye present and on the bus, Timothy and Fritz promise to write to each other and share a hug.
  • Timothy's reaction to Fritz's return in "Many Happy Returns" is to run over to Fritz and hug him.
  • "Tea for Two"
    • Nora and Yoko's interactions are darling even as Nora bumbles her attempts to help by not understanding tea ceremonies are different from tea parties. And in the end, Nora's tea party treats are served at the ceremony.
    • Yoko's mother talking about how tea ceremonies are meant to teach how "ordinary things can be special if we take special care with them" is also sweet.
    • Charles, being a small mouse, splits his crispy square. Lilly, who is next to him, but not paying attention, asks if there are anymore. He gives her the half he just split, saying that he has two.
  • Grace's distress at Timothy and Fritz's friendship being damaged by her actions in "Abracadabra" and her confession and apology are quite sweet.
  • While the book "The Halloween Parade" never got turned into an episode. The book gives use this adorable illustration showing Yoko holding Muriel's hand as they along with Timothy prepare for the Halloween parade.
  • In "Paint By Numbers," when Doris and Charles are admiring the abstract paintings in the art museum, Charles tells Doris "They're almost as good as yours."