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  • Adored by the Network: Toon Disney continued to air it in reruns until its demise in 2009.
    • It's also a staple of Disney Junior's programming in Japan, and they have aired it ever since the channel began life under the Playhouse Disney name.
  • Banned Episode: According to The Other Wiki, "Oregon Astray" and it's sister episode "New Guinea Pig" were never seen in rotation again after their first airing for unknown reasons.
  • B-Team Sequel: Season three could be considered this, as it gained a new set of writers and directors, was being produced by Studio B Productions in Canada, and aired three years after the second season ended.
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  • Edited for Syndication: Timon stealing the warning light from the airport in "Oahu Wahoo" was edited out for probably obvious reasons.
  • International Coproduction: The final season was mostly produced in Canada by Studio B Productions.
  • Out of Holiday Episode: "Don't Be Elfish" aired in July.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: It depends on which country you live in. The U.S. only got six VHS tapes (with three shorts per tape), or the equivalent of three full episodes. However, Europe got more on VHS, and also got three DVDs. No matter the country, however, there are still plenty of episodes not on home video. Thankfully for fans of the show, most seem to be intact on the internet between all the YouTube and Dailymotion uploads.
    • Three episodes contain deleted scenes: "Guatemala Malarkey" has one of Timon putting a padlock on Pumbaa's mouth (although this edit is only on Disney Cinematic in the United Kingdom), "Oahu Wahoo" has one with planes crashed into a building, and "Catch Me If You Kenya" has an additional scene with the butterfly collector. The problem? You cannot find the original versions of these episodes, since the Dailymotion uploads are taken from airings on Disney Cinematic and Toon Disney/Disney Channel, all of which have the edits. While the scenes from the former two episodes were eventually restored on the YouTube uploads, the deleted scene from "Catch Me If You Kenya" remains forever lost, thanks to that episode and it's sister episode "Scent of the South" never being uploaded.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Really, everyone at some point except Rafiki, Pumbaa and Ed. In his guest appearances, Simba is voiced by Cam Clarke instead of Matthew Broderick. Shenzi is voiced by Tress MacNeille rather than Whoopi Goldberg for the series. Zazu is voiced by Matthew Gough instead of Rowan Atkinson. Likewise, Banzai is voiced by Rob Paulsen instead of Cheech Marin. Timon alone had four different voice actors over the course of the series (including Quinton Flynn).note 
    • Averted in many foreign dubs, when almost everybody retains their voice actors from the films in the TV series. The only exception to this was in the Japanese dub, as Pumbaa is still voiced by Atomu Kobayashi (a theater actor and his original voice actor in the films) in the first seven episodes and replaced later with Hiroshi Hatanaka, who also voices him in the Kingdom Hearts games.
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  • Screwed by the Network: The show was originally canned after its second season due to Disney purchasing ABC behind CBS's back. Overseas demand led to Disney reluctantly ordering a longer third season, but said season didn't air in the US until 1999. Sadly, it was deferred to the then-lower-rated Toon Disney, without much promotion.


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