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"Come on, boys, let's biddly-bust some crime!"


  • Timon and Pumbaa's world traveling adventures. It's like they're inviting the viewers to explore the world with them.
  • During the first season, Timon and Pumbaa sing their own versions of three classic songs, which are "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", "Yummy Yummy Yummy", and "Stand By Me". These music videos are featured after the second segment of three episodes of the show.
    • The fact that for the “Stand by Me” music video, they got Phillip Ingram to voice the frog that does the amazing solo at the end.
  • Timon and/or Pumbaa having their fair shares of Big Damn Heroes / Beware the Silly Ones moments. One example is when they try to rescue their new friend Speedy the Snail whenever he's in danger, with the best moment being when they angrily storm into Culinary Quint's kitchen and charge at him for trying to cook their friend.
  • The other supporting characters (Rafiki, Zazu, and the hyena trio) getting A Day in the Limelight, especially Zazu, as he is considered by some fans to be an underrated character.


In particular episodes

  • In Timon Alone, Pumbaa scaring off a cheetah, a bear, a crocodile, a python, a wolf, a bat, and even a Tyrannosaurus rex to protect Timon...if you can get past the complete absurdity of it.
  • In Roman Alone, the standoff between Simba and Clawdius...until Clawdius falls asleep before they can fight—-a direct result of Timon and Pumbaa's all-night efforts to get Claudius to ditch the fight. Because of this, they deserve all the credit.
  • In "TV Dinner", the laughing hyenas take director's chair and get payback on the Asshole Victim TV presenter. Essentially Scar's fate Played for Laughs.
  • Shake Your Djibouti: After Timon and Pumbaa try three attempts to whip Simba into shape and they all end in failure, Simba believes that he "stinks as a lion." Therefore, Timon and Pumbaa plot to have their friend believe he's saved them from the monster in order to instill his confidence. But then, when the real monster, Bartholomew, appears and tries to eat Timon and Pumbaa, Simba does an epic roar, which is a mix of awesome and funny. This shows that Simba regains his confidence as a lion.
    Simba: You know what, my lion instincts really did kick in!
    Timon: Well I never had any doubt, Simba. I knew all along you can beat the stuffing out of any predator foolish enough to cross your path.
    Pumbaa: Me too.
    • In addition to that, upon realizing that Bartholomew has been lost, lonely, and all alone ever since he got out of Dr. Happy's lab, Simba invites him to join his, Timon, and Pumbaa's Hakuna Matata club. Doubles as heartwarming.
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  • Pumbaa defeating the butterfly collector and freeing the butterflies in "Catch Me if You Kenya."
  • Boara Boara: The Samba
  • "The Man From J.U.N.G.L.E." is full of awesomeness. This includes Speedy singing his version of When the Saints Go Marching in, Pumbaa and Speedy trying to rescue Timon from Chromosome Quint, Speedy revealing that he's a superhero, and the three friends defeating Quint.
  • Monster Massachusetts: Timon beating up two hungry alligators with a wooden board.
  • Timon's Time Togo: Timon rescuing Pumbaa from falling off a cliff after (knowing that he will die after doing one good deed as the meerkat angel told him) having to choose between his own life and his friend's life.
  • Sense & Senegambia: The scene where Pumbaa talks to his Uncle Ernie. This is followed by Pumbaa waking up and regaining his confidence on catching bugs.
  • This scene from "Gabon with the Wind".
  • Big Jungle Game: After getting injured from a round, Pumbaa decides to quit the jungle game, but Timon encourages his friend to not give up and therefore, continue following his dreams. Hearing Timon's words, Pumbaa regains his confidence and decides to race against the cheetah.
  • Kahuna Potato: The battle between Timon & Pumbaa and Pimon & Tumbaa. During the fight, Pimon and Tumbaa give the two friends an atomic wedgie, making the two friends feel utterly defeated. But then, Rafiki appears to tell Timon and Pumbaa to use their Hakuna Matata to fight the bullies. Listening to Rafiki, Timon and Pumbaa resume fighting and successfully defeat the bullies.
  • Ivy Beleaguered: When one of the college students comes clean with Pumbaa about what they did with Timon (which is not accepting the meerkat as PLOP material and tricking him into thinking that he has a new job and making him sit far away from them at lunch so that he doesn't bother them), Pumbaa becomes outraged and attacks the students. This doubles as heartwarming.
  • Timon's speech in "Miss Perfect".
  • You Ghana Join the Club: When the savage lion attacks Timon and Pumbaa for repeatedly coming to his home, Timon and Pumbaa explain to the lion that the Teds are responsible for them bothering him and they bring the lion along to confront the Teds.
  • Maine-Iacs: Timon and Pumbaa risking their lives saving Boss Beaver when his lumber mill catches on fire.
    • When Boss Beaver's lumber mill burns down, Timon maturely confesses to Boss Beaver that the fire was all his fault and that he's sorry and learned his lesson about safety. Sure, it took Pumbaa's glaring to make him do so, but still, it showed that Timon knew what he had to do.
  • Once Upon a Timon: Timon and Pumbaa outwitting Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed as they prepare to eat the two for dinner.
    • Timon and Pumbaa rescuing Tatiana from the king cobra. This results in the meerkat colony having a joyous celebration and all the charges against Timon are dropped.
    • There is also the Friendship Song Alone Together, which is about Timon and Pumbaa deciding to suffer their loneliness together in friendship.
  • Home is Where the Hog is: Timon and Pumbaa trying to save Pumbaa's former sounder from the guinea fowl.
    • Sharla sticking up for Pumbaa when the three male warthogs try to force him to leave because of his gas smell, telling them to give Pumbaa a chance as he and Timon came all the way to their hut to rescue them from the guinea fowl.
  • Unlucky in Lesotho: When the lucky jar (which is in fact unlucky) gets broken by the panther kitten, Timon attempts stick the jar back together to fool Ned. Ned, however, is not convinced and he laughs and makes fun of Timon. He is then about to humiliate Timon by telling the entire jungle about how much of an "unlucky loser" Timon is. But then, the panther kitten shows up to stop Ned, making the elephant fall into a ravine. Timon then praises the panther for saving him from major humiliation.
  • Rafiki's Apprentice: Rafiki using one of his additional sticks to reverse Nefu's original spell which went terribly wrong. He then offers his nephew half of his broken stick for him to use to return the gourds back to the tree, but Nefu decides to do the chore on his own instead.
    • A brief moment, but the way Rafiki chops one of the gourds that was being thrown at him by the tree is pretty epic.
  • The Sky is Calling: This episode shows an example of teamwork. When a meteorite falls and lands between Timon and Pumbaa, the two argue over what to do with it: Pumbaa wanting to put it back while Timon wanting to have nothing to do with it. Rafiki tells the duo that the meteorite is a sign that they are no longer friends and suggests that Pumbaa puts it back up where it belongs while Timon has nothing to do with it. However, Timon and Pumbaa come up with a clever idea. When they get to the top of a very high mountain, Timon builds a net, with Pumbaa commenting that it looks like it would be perfect to use to get the meteorite back up in the sky and suggests that he should build one as well, but Timon suggests that he can "purchase" the one he built. Therefore, using Timon's net, Pumbaa successfully sends the meteorite back up in the sky. Timon and Pumbaa state in the end that they were really helping each other all along and decide not to let Rafiki know about that.
  • Zazu's Off-by-One Day: Zazu finding out that the one animal he forgot to count was himself is both this and heartwarming, as it implies that despite the abuse and disrespect he goes through, he does genuinely get taken seriously.
  • Okay Bayou?: Timon and Pumbaa showing their bravery, wisdom, and truth as they rescue Boudreaux, an Ancient French-speaking possum, from an alligator.
  • Manhattan Mishap: Timon and Pumbaa helping the castaway get off the deserted island so that he could go to New York City and find some good food, with the last attempt ending in success.
  • Animal Barn: Even though Timon cheating is wrong, you gotta give him credit for trying to help Pumbaa win the Mr. Pig contest.
  • Brazil Nuts: Timon and Pumbaa outsmarting Ralph and Eddie (two carnivorous snakes who built an all-you-can-eat bug buffet in order to trap the duo) by setting up a food establishment called "Carnivore King", which actually leads them to the Amazon River, where they get attacked by piranhas.
  • Good Mousekeeping: Nobi standing up to the leader of the elephant bullies.
  • Bumble in the Jungle + Beethoven's Whiff: The episode itself is a CMOA, as it is a special musical episode of the series. The animation of "Bumble in the Jungle" is also different from other episodes.


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