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Nightmare Fuel / Cinderella III: A Twist in Time

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Quite a face there Human Lucifer...

  • When Prince Charming meets Anastasia for the first time, he recognizes, slipper or no slipper, that she is not the woman he fell in love with. Lady Tremaine overcomes this obstacle by mind-wiping him with her wand.
  • Cinderella watching Anastasia, changed to look exactly like her, emerge from the shadows while getting ready for the wedding.
  • The Demonic Pumpkin Carriage scene.
  • The entire sequence where Lady Tremaine uses the Fairy Godmother's wand to turn back time, wherein we don't just see the events from the first movie being put in reverse, but Cinderella and Prince Charming being literally torn from each other. And then it zooms in on Lady Tremaine's face, with a look of sadistic glee as she revels in the power she has to tear apart time, space, and the universe itself simply to destroy her stepdaughter's happiness.
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  • The sheer lengths Lady Tremaine is willing to go to for no other reason than making Cinderella miserable, even after Cinderella is long gone. Drizella and (formerly) Anastasia were bullies at best, and even their worst treatment of Cinderella was only after being goaded by their mother. Lady Tremaine is either a sociopath or is as close to the line as you can get without crossing over it. And if the first movie is to be believed, she does all of this because she's bitter Cinderella is prettier and more well-mannered than her daughters.

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