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Nightmare Fuel / TRON

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As one of the Darker and Edgier entries in the Disney canon, the franchise manages a surprising level of brutality and violence while still managing a PG rating.

  • The way Clu 1.0 is tortured to death. Master Control telekinetically lifts the poor script and throws him across the room into an electrified wall. Clu 1.0 shrieks in pain, but still has enough of his creator in him to mouth off to his tormentor one last time. Then Master Control really cranks on the juice and takes the poor guy apart a voxel at a time.
  • The same Electric Torture is used on Dumont and the other Guardians, to the point where you can see that there is a skeleton (or reasonable simulation thereof) inside.
  • The casual way Master Control talks about taking over both the Pentagon and the Kremlin during one of the most unstable bits of the Cold War because he's "bored with corporations."
  • The part where MCP digitizes Flynn can also freak someone out, seeing as the laser starts out with his fingers, which you see get zapped out of existence close up, then the beam moves down his body ever so slowly. So good, it was recycled almost shot-for-shot in TRON 2.0 .
  • Sark getting his head hit by Tron's disc. It's hard not imagining the bits flying on the ground as brain matter.
  • Sark in general. Cindy Morgan related when David Warner told them they were going to die, she actually believed it.