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Nightmare Fuel / TRON 2.0

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Even though it's Lighter and Softer than most entries in the franchise, we're still talking about a first-person shooter.

TRON 2.0

  • The first real battle after the tutorial. You turn the corner from a relatively peaceful, uninfected sector into a virus-covered Sickly Green Glow nightmare where the walls look like viral code is growing out of them. And at this point, neither Jet nor the player know much of anything about what's going on - the game drops right into fight or die.
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  • The reformat level. You're outrunning a bright red Advancing Wall of Doom. Z-lots are charging you, throwing viral weapons which cause damage and make your weapons less efficient, and you can see hapless Programs dissolve when the red wall reaches them. Worse, you spend much longer than is comfortable backed up against the wall facing oncoming doom while Byte unlocks the only way out.
  • Finders. You hear that click-chirp noise, and it's instant Oh, Crap!, since they are small, hard to hit, rain death from above, and do a lot of damage. It's somehow not a surprise that Alan's home computer is crawling with them.
  • The overclocked server level. It's shaking like an earthquake, you have to go through a complicated - and timed - jumping puzzle to enable enough safeties to buy the place a little time before meltdown.
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  • Thorne's appearance in the Bar Brawl. He truly lives down to the whole evil deity image as he appears out of nowhere looking like a gigantic, green and gray half-dead monstrosity, and starts attacking everything while you try to defend Ma3a from attack.
  • Thorne's server. Take all the nightmare fuel from the first level and imagine it covering everything. Alien Geometries, Malevolent Architecture, ominous lightning storms overhead, Z-lots everywhere whispering about the things they plan on doing to you, and knowing Alan's is stranded in the center of it without any way to contact him.
  • The Datawraiths on a meta level. These are uploaded human mercenaries, speaking an unintelligible encrypted language, there on a mission of conquest to loot any secrets and enslave Programs so that their fCon masters can covertly rule the human world through domination of the Program one. To the Programs, these are their gods coming down and brutalizing them.
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  • The three-headed Body Horror fusion monster that became of the Terrible Trio when they got uploaded without the correction algorithms.

Tron 2.0: Ghost in the Machine

  • Ma3a contacting Alan by showing herself as Lora, then going completely Ax-Crazy Yandere, accusing him of killing her and stranding her in the computer, and then turning the laser on him.
  • The Ron the Death Eater scenario Red shows Blue. Alan and Lora are in the lab after hours and an argument turns ugly. Alan accuses Lora of cheating on him with Flynn (her ex). Lora denies it. Alan ups the ante by commenting that maybe Jet's not his. Furious, Lora tells him she's leaving and getting a divorce. As soon as her back is turned, Alan attacks her, leaving her bleeding on the floor. Then, to finish her off and cover up the crime, he murders her with the laser.

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