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Nightmare Fuel / Kim Possible

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"Don't be shocked at my Disproportionate Retribution just because Shego was. Now I feel much better."

Question: Can a Disney show like Kim Possible with its Lampshade Hanging humor still be terrifying? The answer: Very much so.

  • Have fun trying to sleep after being subjected to this wonderful image. Bonus points for being part of an actual nightmare.
    • Even worse, that scene was also a promo for Season 4! What was Disney Channel's advertising department thinking?!
  • Gill is an rather memorable character despite only actually appearing twice on the show, in no small part for being arguably the most frightening antagonist in the series. He was mutated from a swamp, and wishes to see everyone become a mutant freak just like him.
  • Camille Leon's Humanshifting. Not only does every part of her body bulge out, but she had to undergo surgery to get those powers.
  • Warhok and Warmonga's plans for Kim after she was defeated: Hang her head on their trophy wall.
  • In "Mathter and Fervent", the Mathter blasts Ron and turns him into an Anti-Matter machine, destroying everything he touches, even humans or worse, Rufus!
  • Shego's shock collars in the Bad Future. (It doesn't happen, but if it did...)
    • Even worse? Bonnie is completely loyal to her. By that point, anyway.
  • The Synthodrones, especially when they die.
    • Special mention goes out to Eric's death. Once Rufus bites him on the ankle, unlike the Synthodrones' deaths, we actually get to see the whole thing happen: his face turns zombie-like and he begins to wither.
  • You can see Kim being a Super OCD in "Coach Possible". When she takes over as Coach, she's scary. Even Ron admits that she's scary. After tiring out the Soccer Team, Jim and Tim can't feel their legs, and when Kim pats them on the shoulders, you can hear their Bones cracking. Ouch.
  • Ron's Mystical Monkey Power is hilarious anytime, but the fact that it can be used to kill people is scary, even if it is strictly used on really nasty enemies.
  • Nanny Nane's Baby Army. They may be Nightmare Retardant, but the way the go into a bar to capture and beat up people begging for mercy and perform a surprise attack on Kim and Ron is quite creepy.
  • "Attack Of The Evil Snowmen" is quite creepy. Think of the best things you could make in the snow and then imagine them suddenly coming after you. They can even make more of themselves!
    • Also, look at the end of the episode, and see what happens when other things are hit with the water that made the Snowmen evil.
  • The giant machine that destroys Kim's house in "Graduation Part 1" right as the Possible Family leaves.
  • Kim and Shego's Mood Whiplash in "Emotion Sickness". Both Ron and Drakken are creeped out by them, and when they go berserk, they were willing to do anything it took to kill them. Even worse when the science that made them do it was human science.
  • The Yono and his ability to turn people to stone.
  • Monique's Near-Death Experience in "Fashion Victim".
  • Drakken is usually the Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain with the Zany Scheme, but at one point he tires of Kim's interference - so he has her shackled into a steel box that is then welded shut and tossed into a pit full of sharks and carnivorous squid. Then he uses a freeze ray to put a foot of ice over the top. A bit Darker and Edgier for Drakken.
    • Earlier in the series, Drakken makes Evil Knockoff Clones of Kim, Ron, Rufus and Bonnie. He combined the DNA with a cobra, a rogue elephant, and his vicious dog.
    Ron: How many Bonnies are there?!
  • Señor Senior, Sr's plan to freeze Kim and Ron to death, and then freeze everyone at the club he was banned from.
  • Shego using a blender to attack Kim in "Two To Tutor".
  • All of the Seniors' Traps installed into their house.
  • Shego being willing to kill Martin Smarty.
  • Kim's mutation in "The Full Monkey".
  • Adrenna Lynn. She performs the most death-defying stunts (even though she fakes them), but if the time she puts Ron in danger and Brick at a Near-Death Experience isn't enough, try her Laughing Mad Black Comedy.
  • The Teaser at the beginning of "The Fearless Ferret", full of The Un-Smile that everyone is infected with, even Rufus.
  • Ron under Dementor's Control when he wore the Battlesuit.
  • Ron when he's Zorpox. Not only does he prove to be a Badass and a Jerkass, but he actually gives Shego a bad case of What Have I Done.
  • Evil Team Go. As if Kim didn't have enough trouble dealing with Shego when she had all of the powers, but now Kim has to deal with all the former good members, most of who are more powerful than Shego herself.
    • Then there's the Death Glare Shego gives to Kim when she's accidentally zapped back into being evil again.
    • The above mentioned Zorpox makes a brief reappearance, and tries to zap an unsuspecting Kim with the Attitudinator. He misses, but imagine if he didn't. If Zorpox was terrifying enough, imagine what Evil Kim would've been like...
  • Kim actually leaves Drakken and Shego to drown on two occasions.
  • Kim being sucked into Drakken's Underwater lair while in a current in the Lilo & Stitch: The Series Crossover episode "Rufus".
  • Kim and Shego's Creepy Monotone dialogue when they are under Drakken's Mind Control.
  • Drakken's plan to drain the Earth of its oxygen.
  • Warmonga. She is able to beat Kim even while she is in her Battlesuit, managing to break the shield, and brutally defeats Shego, twice!
  • Kim kicking Shego into a tower and getting electrocuted.
  • The Bebe Bots' attempt to kill Kim in "Queen Bebe" by placing her on a conveyer belt and trying to crush her.
  • Kim getting eaten alive by the Monster of the Week in "Mother's Day". Fortunately, she survives.
  • Ron and Yori nearly getting dropped in lava in "Exchange".
    • Earlier on, Monkey Fist's Mad Laughter when he has the Lotus Blade.
  • In Shego's Bad Future, the fact that Duff's entire body was presumably amputated so that he could become a cyborg.
  • Jackie becoming the Jackal in "Pain King vs Cleopatra".
  • The Shadow Discretion Shot of Drakken's Mutation.
  • Ron in Kim's Body's Point Of View when everyone swarms him/her with questions.
  • Shego's Slasher Smile when she finds out that Kim lost her memory in "Clean Slate". She was actually willing to kill her at that moment had it not been for Drakken.
  • The Bebe Bots attacking Dr. James Possible in "Attack Of The Killer Bebes".
  • Jumba's description of Rufus (which he mistook for Experiment 607 aka Launch): to rip open the fabric of time and space, causing everything to collapse upon itself.
  • The Bebe Bots' disfigurement in "Queen Bebe".
  • The Phantom Monkey in "Overdue".
  • Ron's troubling flashbacks. First him with the mascot for Camp Wannaweep in "Monkey Fist Strikes", where we see a demented monkey and then in "Showdown at the Crooked D", where Ron was riding the horse at Smarty Mart.
  • Prior to Wade's Heroic BSoD, the way his systems were spiked were quite shocking and horrifying.
  • The Piranha Tank in "Naked Genius".
  • Drakken's plan to kill Kim in "Blush": spraying her with a deadly serum that will cause her to disappear every time she blushes.
  • The Death Trap machines in "Fashion Victim"
  • The shot of Shego with a Slasher Smile while standing in front of the Diablo Army.
  • DNAmy and her mutants.
  • Kim's Psychotic Smirk at the end of So The Drama is just so, so wrong on Kim. Especially since she just kicked Shego to what would have been her death if she wasn't Made of Iron.note 
    Kim: You know what I hate most?
    Shego: That your date melted?
    Kim: Nah... You.
  • When Bonnie kisses Ron in "Homecoming Upset", Kim is the most furious we've ever seen her in the series.
    • Bear in mind, this is AFTER we saw Kim kick Shego off the roof in The Movie. And Shego hadn't trying playing around with Ron. Kim that pissed off might well have decided to stop holding back and finally unleash a can of whoopass on Bonnie. Fortunately, Bonnie crumbled from the combined stress of trying to face down a legitimately pissed off Kim, the failure of her gambit (since Kim flat out stated that she knew Ron wasn't cheating on her), and the fact that Brick Flagg had broken up with her for good, and Kim was too nice a person to let her have it once she started crying.
  • Drakken's two henchmen from "Mother's Day" are tied up after Kim and her mother escape. They're not seen again for the rest of the episode, and the Monster of the Week ate everything on the side Drakken and Shego parked their hovercraft.

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