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Nightmare Fuel / The Jungle Book 2

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  • In general, Shere Khan is far less Affably Evil than he was in the first movie. His motivation in this film is mainly the same as it was before, what with him trying to kill a man cub. However, unlike before where it was so Mowgli wouldn't be a threat to him when he's older, this time, he is out for Mowgli's blood for humiliating him at the end of their previous encounter. Because of that, every scene with him in it carries a sense of dread as he stalks the jungle, seeking out his prey.
    • Getting Tony Jay to reprise his role from TaleSpin was a fittingly terrifying choice, as he manages to capture George Sanders' sophisticated take on the character while his own baritone brings a chilling vibe similar to that of Frollo.
  • Early on, Shere Khan actually sneaks into the man village so he can get his revenge on Mowgli. This is an actual Truth in Television as tigers have been known to enter villages and kill people when asleep, and it's really scary.
    • Tigers, leopards, lions, pretty much any predator that realizes that humans are comparatively slow and weak have a tendency to do this, especially when they've lost their hunting grounds to humans. Of course, it then becomes Nightmare Fuel for them when the humans get pissed and start culling their numbers.
  • The No-Holds-Barred Beatdown given by Shere Khan to the goofy vulture Lucky is as violent as Disney gets (especially for comic relief characters), even if it's done via Gory Discretion Shot. It's even implied that Shere Khan kills him. He reappears in the end of the film, but still...
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  • Shanti encountering Kaa in the jungle. Her whole life, she was told that the jungle was a dangerous place. What happens when she finally goes in there? She comes face to face with a python that wants to eat her. Much like Mowgli in the first film, Kaa uses his Hypnotic Eyes to get Shanti to lower her guard. Unlike the first film, Kaa does not mess around as much and tries to eat her right away. If Ranjan had not been there to save Shanti, she would have definitely been Kaa’s unfortunate meal.
  • Shere Khan interrogates a terrified Kaa on Mowgli's whereabouts while Kaa truthfully has no idea where Mowgli is. But the tiger won't believe him and continues to threaten the python. Realizing Shere Khan won't believe him, Kaa quickly gives the tiger the first guess that comes to mind, allowing him to flee.
    Kaa: Oh, mercy... (hears an evil chuckle and sees Shere Khan right in the nearby grasses!) Sh-Sh-Sh-Shere Khan? (Whimpers)
    (Shere Khan comes closer to Kaa and sneers...then punches the snake’s rock bulge with his paw like a punching bag)
    Shere Khan: Anyone I know?
    Kaa: I wish...stupid Man Cub! (Shere Khan grabs him)
    Shere Khan: Man Cub?
    Kaa: Oh, d-d-did I sssay man-cub? Well, I…I…I you know. (tries to slither away) I’d love to ssstay and shoot the breeze and all, but…
    (Shere Khan places his paw on Kaa's rock bulge, preventing him from leaving)
    Shere Khan: What's your hurry?
    Kaa: (gulps) Uh, no reason! I-I-I...AWG! (Shere Khan lays his claws extended out on Kaa's body, barely touching his skin)
    Shere Khan: Where is he?
    Kaa: Who he?
    Shere Khan: The Man Cub, Mowgli. I know you know.
    Kaa: Well, b-b-but I-I-I don't! (Shere Khan grabs him by the throat)
    Shere Khan: Oh, please don't insult my intelligence. It makes me irritable.
    Kaa: Oh... Oh...Well, he's not in the village. (Shere Khan tightens his grip on Kaa's neck)
    Shere Khan: I know where he isn't. Now tell me...where...he...IS!
    Kaa: Well, he's, um, he's...he's...THE SWAMP! He's at the swamp, yes!
    Shere Khan: The swamp, eh?
    Kaa: Yes... (uses his hypnotic eyes) Trust in me...
    (Shere Khan rolls his eyes to resist Kaa's spell and drops him. He then starts make his way to the swamp)
    Shere Khan: He'd better be...for your sake.
    Kaa: (wheezing) He is, he is! I'd take you there myself, but I'm afraid I'd slow you down. Indigestion and all.
    • There's more: since he just swallowed a large rock, he wouldn't have gotten very far by the time Shere Khan found out he was lying. Fortunately for Kaa, he went straight after the kid.
  • Mowgli tries to apologize to Shanti and Ranjan for his scare prank as they stand petrified... only for Shanti to point in terror at something right behind Mowgli. He turns around and gasps when he sees Shere Khan emerge from the shadows.
    Shere Khan: You seem surprised to see me, Man Cub. (chuckles) I can't imagine why. (he slowly walks in a circle around the trio) I wasn't going to let you get away with what you did to me. You see, you humiliated me, Man Cub. Surely you do realize I simply can't let you live.
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  • While fleeing from Shere Khan, Mowgli eventually comes across an abandoned temple surrounded by a river of lava. He narrowly manages to jump across the gap of lava and retreat into the temple just as Shere Khan leaps across and follows in pursuit.
    Shere Khan: No matter how fast you run, no matter where you hide, I will catch you.

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