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Nightmare Fuel / A Goofy Movie

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  • Seeing Goofy almost plummet to his doom. Sure, he was saved by Max just in time, but it must've freaked out pretty badly a lot of younger children back then.
    • The scene is played so straight that Goofy doesn't even do his iconic yell - he screams in a very realistic and unsettling way.
    • Even scarier? Goofy's reaction at seeing his only child (who he has just reconciled with after a nasty argument) being dragged to the waterfall and doing everything in his power to save him...even though the thought that he might not be successful has probably crossed his mind.
  • When Goofy performs his Secret Test of Character, Max feels guilty enough that he puts off his decision until the very last minute. Goofy is not only panicked that his son may be about to prove he's betrayed him, but the fact that he's seriously cutting it close and they may very well crash on the junction. The panicked screams from both of them as they get closer and closer to potentially hitting the center divider and crashing is terrifying.
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  • Goofy's angry face when at the junction Max chooses the route that goes to LA instead of Idaho; to see Goofy of all people mad to the point where he doesn't speak and stop the car out of anger as a real parent might in this situation is actually quite unsettling. Indeed, Beware the Nice Ones.
  • Fittingly enough, Max's Nightmare Sequence of turning into Goofy in mid-love scene with Roxanne is/was terrifying to a lot of young children in the audience. Even though it's Played for Laughs, it can still give off a genuinely creepy vibe, whether it's the abrupt change in atmosphere or the transformation itself. It also brings Michael Jackson's "Thriller" Parody to mind.
  • Max's creepy principal, Mazur, and his disturbing allusions to the electric chair. And on a deeper level, the notion that this animated world — the world of Mickey, Donald, and Goofy — has capital punishment.
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  • The movie relies very much on dark humor. During the beginning of the road trip and the musical number the viewer can see among others singing: a prisoner which reminds Goofy of the whole chair thing, a man in a car trunk obviously implied to get the "cement shoes" execution method and a rotting, green Goofy-like corpse in a hearse who turns out to be the soul of the party and does a Prospector dance at the end. Seeing the face of a known cartoon character decaying is more disturbing for many people than adult zombie stuff.
  • There's a creepy little girl frequently seen at Lester's Possum Park with big intense eyes, stringy pigtails and an unsettling grin with missing baby teeth. Even Max is freaked out.

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