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Nightmare Fuel / Pirates of the Caribbean

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The Ride

  • The opening scenes set an eerie tone with the skeletons of pirates, one still at a steering wheel while others are strewn about. Notable is the trio with blade wounds showing they clearly turned on each other and died fighting for their treasure.
  • The haunting refrain of "Dead Men Tell No Tales" during the opening scenes is jarring.
  • The original version of the Disneyland Paris ride flipped it around to show the skeleton scenes after the main storyline, with the idea this is where a life of piracy ultimately led.
  • Every version has the famous scene of a trio of pirates in a jail cell trying to coax a dog to hand over the key. The Shanghai version? Those three skeletons are still reaching in vain to a skeleton dog in their cells, a chilling flip on the classic scene.
  • During the ride's first half century of existence, an example that likely went over some children's heads would be the presumed fate of the wenches sold as brides in the original version of the auction. This was eventually deemed too disturbing for Disney, which in The New '10s led to the auction being bowdlerised into the pirates merely selling goods they looted from the town.