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Awesome / Pirates of the Caribbean

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Works in this franchise with their own pages:

  • The theme carried through the movies is awesome, with people commenting that without it, the movie would have been nothing.
    Commenter 1: For when you're boarding a pirate ship.
    Commenter 2: For when you're fighting over the last slice of pizza.
    Commenter 3: For when you're wiping your arse.

The Ride

  • The fact that the ride is updated to tie-in with the movies.
  • Even before the movies' tie-in, the ride itself was incredible, with its atmosphere and grittiness.
  • The auctioneer pirate counts as Visual Effects of Awesome. The imagineers themselves found him to be an essential part of the ride.
  • The Davy Jones animatronic at Disneyland Shanghai surpasses the auctioneer in terms of technical innovation.
    • Also in the Shanghai ride, a skeleton becoming Jack Sparrow.
  • Johnny Depp showing up in-character as Jack Sparrow on the Disneyland version of the ride to promote the fifth movie.

The Online Game

  • The very existence of things like "The Legend of Pirates Online". Fans, out of honest love for the game and not making any profits in the process, restored and continued to operate the game on public, free to access servers for years with frequent updates that hundreds of players a day can enjoy.
    • Bonus points for doing away with the paid membership advantages, meaning players on a budget can experience everything in the game completely free of charge.