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Hans Zimmer helped crafted much of the tracks that sets the tone of Pirates of the Caribbean, contributing to the first film that was scored by Klaus Badelt, who was his protege.

  • "He's a Pirate" that serves as the leitmotif of the entire franchise.
  • Jack Sparrow's Intro Theme, "The Medallion Calls", first scored by Klaus Badelt. That one theme, with the character intro and The Reveal, made the whole movie for the first-time viewer. It's also the bridge melody in "He's a Pirate."
  • Davy Jones' Theme, which he plays himself on the organ.
  • Other notable tracks include the Bach-esque "The Kraken", particularly the moment where the leviathan smashes the Edinburgh Trader clean in two; and the love/adventure theme from At World's End, presented up-tempo in "Up Is Down, and more sedately in "One Day."
  • "(Captain!) Jack Sparrow" has an especially fitting theme in part 2: alternatively tense and sedate, somewhat ambiguous, and slightly drunk.
  • "Two Hornpipes (Tortuga)" is a bouncy, catchy number that's perfect for a brawl in Tortuga.
  • "At Wit's End," an epic song when the crew of the Black Pearl undertake the journey to save Jack Sparrow. There is also a heartbreaking and dramatic rendition for Davy Jones theme as he is forced to destroy other pirate vessels under command of Lord Beckett.
  • "Hoist the Colors." What shall we die for takes "Hoist the Colors" and catapults it into Ominous English Chanting levels of awesome.
  • Finally, a small but beautiful motif from the "parasail" scene in At World's End: Here at 2:37 from the "Marry Me" suite which sadly hasn't seen nearly enough of the light of day. It was a crime to leave it off the soundtrack...
    • "Part of the Ship... Part of the Crew..."
    • Will and Elizabeth's theme. Just... God damn, Will and Elizabeth's theme is just heart-swelling. Anakin and Padmé have got nothing on these two. That theme alone could play on loop for several hours and the soundtrack would still be awesome.
    • Also in the grand finale of "One Day". First heard on the voyage to World's End, and then completed with The Big Damn Kiss, it's basically the unifying song of the third movie.
    • Sadly, the music from the climactic scene ("Part of the Ship"/"Hold On") is only used once in World's End, and not in any other track. Zimmer said he had come up with a musical cue so good, he kicked himself for using it in an existing work.
  • The wonderful Morricone homage "Parlay" from the At World's End Soundtrack.
  • And the background score for the Battle of the Maelstrom (track listing; 'I Don't Think Now Is the Best Time') is a Moment of Awesome all by itself. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra has a darker, alternative tribute version on their Best of Hans Zimmer album.

Alternative Title(s): Pirates Of The Caribbean The Curse Of The Black Pearl, Pirates Of The Caribbean Dead Mans Chest, Pirates Of The Caribbean At Worlds End, Pirates Of The Caribbean On Stranger Tides, Pirates Of The Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales