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Awesome / Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

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  • Blackbeard declares that "Mutineers hang!", and the entire ship turns on and grabs the mutineers with living ropes.
    • That entire scene is a crowning moment for Blackbeard. Jack's mutiny seems on the verge of success, Jack declares 'the ship is ours!', and then the doors behind him open. All we see is a silhouette, and that silhouette slowly walks forward to reveal Blackbeard, casually sipping rum while embers burn in his beard:
      Blackbeard: Gentlemen. I be placed in a bewilderment. There I were, resting, and upon a sudden, I hear an ungodly row on deck. Sailors abandoning their posts, without absence, without leave. [clutches his sword's hilt, causing the ship's ropes to coil and twist] Men before the mast, taking the ship for themselves. What be that, First Mate?
      First Mate: Mutiny, captain!
      Blackbeard: Again.
      First Mate: Mutiny!
      Blackbeard: Ah. Mutiny, is it? And we all know what fate befalls mutineers. Mutineers... hang!
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    • One mutineer even tries to jump overboard. The ropes lash out, snag him, and haul him back in.
    • Jack deserves one for his completely calm snark while hanging upside down. The man's fought krakens, come back from the dead, been worshiped as a god and almost eaten, and become an immortal zombie. A ship coming alive? Nothing new for Jack Sparrow.
      Jack: Captain, I wish to report a mutiny. I can name fingers and point names.
  • The moment "Mr. Smith" enters the courtroom and we guess who it is. And much of the following 20 minutes.
  • Jack's escape from the palace as "He's a Pirate" plays.
    • Heck, the whole chase scene, culminating in Captain Teague stepping in to save his son from a lingering sniper.
  • Jack's duel with an imposter of himself (Angelica in disguise) is a deft display of swordplay that reminds us that Jack can rely on more than his wits.
  • One of Gibbs' best moments is when, before his intended hanging, he burns the map before the others can do anything, and he tells Barbossa, "I've had just enough time to memorize [the map]. Every route is saved safely right here." [taps his head]
  • The swiping of the silver chalices, complete with a very nice Bash Brothers moment between Jack and Barbossa.
    • Which leads to an even more awesome moment when they get captured, and Jack escapes confinement in a truly acrobatic and creative fashion. Words cannot do it justice; see for yourself.
  • "Someone make a note of that man's bravery." Why? Think about it. It takes guts to jump in front of an army of elite Spanish soldiers and claim the Fountain for England, knowing full well that they're probably going to shoot you anyway.
    • Worth additional mention: This is the same officer who stood by Norrington as Jack stole a ship at the beginning of The Curse of the Black Pearl and commented on him being the best pirate he's ever seen. He was also present in the third film, when Jack escaped on the Pearl and crippled Beckett's massive warship—he was the officer who wondered if Jack planned it all out, or just made it up as he went along. After three films of admiring the badassery around him, this minor character finally got a awesome moment of his own!
    • Pity it was his last moment.
    • Doesn't that also mean that he went out with a bang?
  • The Spaniard's unwillingness to be corrupted by the promise of living forever with the use of the evil artifact. He nonchalantly topples it like he does this every day.
  • Phillip dressing down Blackbeard, just moments after he was strung to the mast for who knows how long. He leaves Blackbeard speechless. Later, he steals a sword from one of Blackbeard's crew just to get Syrena some air, then wedges in his Bible with perfect timing when the pirate takes his sword back.
  • Syrena is pretty awesome too, in her own way. She's very proud and strong and yet seems to have a heart of gold. The best moment is probably when Blackbeard is trying to force her to shed a tear. She gives him a look that just screams "to hell with you."
  • The entirety of Blackbeard's and Barbossa's fight. For a brief moment you think, "Barbossa is a cripple, he's screwed", then Io and behold, there you see Barbossa Dual Wielding his crutch and his sword against Blackbeard with enough mastery to make any other character jealous. There are to specific moments that illustrate this:
    • After a whole lot of fighting:
      Barbossa: For the Pearl. [stabs Blackbeard with his poisoned sword, finally ending the life of the infamous dread pirate]
      • Even though he completely fails to live up to it, this Blackbeard's uterance was pretty badass:
      Aye, that be the cold breath of fate I feel down my nape but I'll have one last fight, by God!
  • Jack gets one that cements his status as a Guile Hero. He offers a dying Blackbeard the two chalices, begging him to surrender his life to save his daughter's. Blackbeard pretends to agree... and then drinks the chalice that will provide the drinker with immortality at the cost of the other's life. Jack hangs his head, as if ashamed... and then nonchalantly admits that he switched the chalices beforehand, tricking Blackbeard into giving his life to save Angelica after all!
  • At the very end of the film, Gibbs reveals that while everyone else was off dealing with the Fountain of Youth, he was busy single-handedly neutralizing the men that Blackbeard left on his ship, allowing Gibbs to make off with not just the Black Pearl, but every ship that the dread pirate had magically trapped in a bottle!

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