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Tear Jerker / Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

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  • Groves' death near the end.
    • "Someone make note of that man's bravery."
  • The whole of Philip and Syrena's subplot.
  • In the end, when Jack leaves Angelica on an island. Take into consideration that Gibbs had Jack admit that he has feelings for Angelica (and note, "feelings" is what Jack could barely manage to say, when "love" was the word he intended to say). Throughout the film ever since he met her again, Jack's been doing his darndest to keep Angelica safe. Then he saves her life, and now he has no choice but to put as much distance between them because she'll be wanting to get revenge for his hand in her father's death. Being Good Sucks indeed for ol' Cap'n Jack.
  • One-legged Barbossa resulted in a bit of Fridge Grief. Old Hector's getting older, which means so is everyone else. The End of an Age threatened in At World's End seems to be creeping ever closer.
    • His "I'm the master of my own fate" line becomes Harsher in Hindsight in light of his Heroic Sacrifice in Dead Men Tell No Tales. Barbossa wished to die by his own terms, not someone else's-and he did so, sacrificing himself to save his daughter.
  • Barbossa's voice and expressions of horror while telling Jack about how the Black Pearl had turned against them is surprisingly painful to watch. And it might've been someone's imagination, but when he says, "So I did what needed done," his voice has an edge to it like he's near shedding tears.
    • Jack's expressions as he's listening count, as well.
      • Goes into Fridge Horror when you consider that both highly value the Pearl- to them, it would be as if their closest lifelong friend had betrayed them.
  • Then there's the end, particularly for Angelica. The entire escapade saw her torn between her father and the man she loved. She went to hell and back trying to save her father's soul, and in the moment it counted, Blackbeard put her up on the proverbial altar to be sacrificed. Still, her love for him and her desire to see him redeemed led her to comply. Then, thanks to Jack, she gets a second chance at life... at the expense of her father's. She watches him utterly consumed, stripped to the bones by the waters of the fountain. Then she is marooned by her love/"betrayer," with little hope of rescue. Even if she recognizes that Jack did it all to save her, HEARTBROKEN LIKELY DOESN'T BEGIN TO COVER IT.
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  • A Tear Jerker moment, but for a good reason: Jack and Barbossa have stopped trying to kill each other, Jack gets the Pearl back (even if it is tiny and in a bottle) and Barbossa obtains the Queen Anne's Revenge. He and Jack, finally, have put things aside and are on equal footing, ruling the seas as Pirates. For how long, yet remains to be seen.


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