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Heartwarming / Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

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  • The whole opening scene where Jack saves Gibbs from being hanged.
  • Mr. Gibbs making Captain Jack Sparrow admit to having feelings about Angelica and that she isn't just like any other girl in his past.
    • The ending, which shows that despite their screwed-up relationship, Jack and Angelica still love each other, and always will.
  • Philip and Syrena's kiss towards the end, depending on how you interpret the following scene.
  • In a strange way (no pun intended), in a scene that mirrors the end of the first film, there's something about the moment when Jack finally gets hold of his ship that really closes out the movie.
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  • When Barbossa finally tracks down Blackbeard and stabs him he gets this line...
    Barbossa: For the Pearl.
  • This little moment
    Barbossa reveals a hidden stash of rum in his peg leg
    Jack: I want one of those.
    Barbossa: [immediately shares his rum]
  • After Barbossa admits to Jack that what he really wants is revenge against Blackbeard for stealing the Black Pearl and costing Barbossa his leg, Jack's response is a surprisingly heartfelt, "I'll see you get the chance, Mate." The heartwarming part comes when you realize that, while "Mate" is a fairly common pirate term, he's using it here with the utmost sincerity to address his former first mate. It's an acknowledgement that the two of them both loved the Black Pearl and Jack understands Barbossa's wish to avenge it.
  • Jack and Barbossa's relationship as a whole in this movie is pretty touching, considering that they went from hating each other in the first movie to an antagonistic rivalry in the third, but now that they finally have the same goal, the two seem more like old friends than rivals. It makes one wonder how things might have turned out if Barbossa hadn't mutinied against Jack back in the first movie.
    • Might even be more touching as this might be what they were like before the mutiny. Barbossa was Jack's first mate, essentially his right hand man, so there had to be trust there at some point. Rather then seeing a new friendship forming this might be the two finally burying the hatch and restoring the friendship they had years ago.
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  • The Spaniard taking a moment to request one of his men make a note of Lieutenant Groves' bravery in claiming the Fountain for England in the face of an entire force of elite Spanish soldiers, even though the act was his last. A Worthy Opponent moment at its finest between two hostile powers.
  • When faced with the Sadistic Choice of who to save and who to let die with the cursed chalices and the water from the Fountain of Youth, Jack urges Blackbeard to give his own life to save his daughter. Granted, Blackbeard crosses the Moral Event Horizon by making his daughter drink (what he thinks is) the fatal chalice, and Jack's Batman Gambit suggests that he KNEW Blackbeard would sink that low, but the way that Jack urges Blackbeard to save his daughter's life suggests that his request was sincere.
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  • Gibbs waits for Jack. There's nothing to stop him from walking off with the sackful of bottled ships, not Captain's orders (there are none) and certainly not the Pirate's Code. He got that prize all on his lonesome, with a little help from the compass, and it's his by rights. "Take what you can, give nothing back..." But Gibbs waits.
  • As Jack and Gibbs reflect on their adventure, our favorite Lovable Rogue has a surprisingly poignant and insightful commentary on the prospect of immortality, suggesting that he understands the heavy weight of eternal life, particularly when it comes at a price:
    Gibbs: Jack, I have to ask... you had the chalices, the water, the tear... you could have lived, maybe forever!
    Jack: The Fountain does test you, Gibbs. But better to not know which moment may be your last—every morsel of your entire being alive to the infinite mystery of it all. And who's to say I won't live forever, eh? [air quotes] "Discoverer of the Fountain of Youth!" I have no say in it, Gibbs... it's a pirate's life for me. Savvy?
  • Jack's father showing up out of the blue to save him from a random mook then giving him as much helpful advice as he can. Their short greeting, complete with genuine smiles and a little salute, really sells how happy they are to see each other.
    Teague: Hello, Jackie.
    Jack: Hello, dad.
  • The previous two films had showed Jack's interest in becoming immortal, hence why he was looking for the Fountain of Youth to begin with. But once Angelica tells him that the fountain requires the sacrifice of another life, Jack immediately comments that he's suddenly no longer as eager to make use of it.

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