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Nightmare Fuel / Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

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And you would assume all mermaids to be nice and friendly....
  • The mermaids. Especially when you can hear the terrified screams of Barbossa's men as the mermaids slaughter them. Especially when the one of them convinces a guy to poke his head underwater, by acting like she wants to seduce him. And once he does, her beautiful face quickly becomes scary and menacing, revealing her TRUE intention. And the horrified guys reaction only makes it worse.
  • The scene where one mermaid is singing and the others are swimming underneath the boat is very suspenseful and quite reminiscent of Jaws.
  • Blackbeard being seemingly flayed alive by the waterspout as his skeletal hand reaches out to the horrified Angelica. Not to mention the fact that we can see his blood while his body is being torn apart. One can also see his guts for about a second, leaving his body only to be torn to pieces.
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  • The results of the Queen Anne's Revenge's riggings coming to life under Blackbeard's power and snatching up the would-be mutineers—the men hanging from the now-tangled rigging like flies caught in a spider's web.
  • The cook's Family-Unfriendly Death where he gets killed by the flamethrowers on Blackbeard's ship. Twice.
  • Barbossa's story about how Blackbeard attacked the Black Pearl. Given what we saw when Blackbeared dealt with the mutineers, we can assume that the attack on the Pearl was even more horrifying. Especially as Barbossa explains how it led him to a Life-or-Limb Decision...
    • Plus you can hear screams during the story.
  • On Ponce de Leon's ship, Jack attempts to take the map his skeletal corpse was holding. Then the skeleton turns to look at Jack. Wisely, Barbossa and Jack decide to leave the map alone.

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