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Nightmare Fuel / Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

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This is what happens if you piss off Davy Jones.
  • The opening begins with an onscreen hanging of pirates, including a child. They also execute anyone who'd bought things from, sold things to, provided shelter for, or had pretty much anything whatsoever to do with pirates. Possibly without them even knowing the pirate in question was one at the time. For all but the most powerful people, the mere accusation would have been a guilty verdict and a death sentence.
    • The EITC soldiers are visibly unnerved when the pirates begin singing in unison. Beckett and Mercer knew exactly what it meant, but the others likely had no clue, and the haunting lyrics of the song certainly did little to ease their nerves. Indeed, they have cause to be nervous; the song means that a Brethren Court has been called, meaning that the pirates are organizing and preparing to go to war.
  • Davy Jones killing a man with his tentacles.
  • Will being inducted as Captain of the Flying Dutchman, Bootstrap Bill personally cutting out his son's heart. Made even more unnerving is how the crew approaches Will while muttering "Part of the ship, part of the crew" in a Creepy Monotone.
  • When the heart of Davy Jones is stabbed, there's just something horribly... unnerving... about the way Jones' tentacles writhe.
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  • The People who end up in Davy Jones Locker would be considered to be a Fate Worse than Death because they are left unable to die, and would be trapped there for eternity. Jack is in his own personal hell, with his ship marooned in the middle of a seemingly endless desert away from the seas and oceans he loves so much. Not only did he start hallucinating an entire crew but he became so desperate that he starts trying to physically yank his ship away. When this fails, he finally falls to despair and collapses.
  • Jack's hallucination of himself as part of the ship, just like Bootstrap Bill. A funnier instance, but still pretty freaky.
  • When the Black Pearl Sails the waters of Davy Jones Locker, the crew soon see floating bodies in the water soon followed by the lost souls of the dead. Tia Dalma's reaction clinches it. These souls are supposed to be in the care of Davy Jones, being ferried to the afterlife. Instead, they're left adrift to find their own way... or not.
  • Kind of a minor one, but in the Bathhouse scene Sao Feng was going to skin off Will's FACE. Not to mention they had him submerged in a Bathtub before the reveal, who knows how long they had him underwater for.
    • Even creepier is the fact that bodies left underwater for extended periods of time (think days or months instead of minutes or hours like Will was) eventually do have their skin bloat and then peel off as the connective tissues dissolve.
  • Another small one, but it drives home the point that Tia Dalma is not to be messed with. As the Black Pearl approaches Shipwreck Cove, Barbossa assures her that he will uphold the terms of their arrangement, but they'll do it his way, but when he gets too familiar with her...
    Tia Dalma: (grabs Barbossa's wrist) Caution, Barbossa. Do not forget it was by my power you returned from the dead... (in her grasp, Barbossa's hand withers to the zombie-like state it possessed when he was cursed in first film, and Barbossa's expression becomes one of horror)...or what it mean if you fail me!


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