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Awesome / Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

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  • Jack's escape from Beckett's ship, if only for the one-liner immediately afterwards:
    Jack: And that was without even a single drop of rum!
  • And the exchange before he escaped the ship:
    Beckett: You're mad!
    Jack: Thank goodness for that, because if I wasn't, this would probably never work.
  • And another one for Jack after that scene, even though he wasn't there:
    Beckett: Signal the Dutchman to track down Sao Feng. We follow the Pearl. How soon can we have the ship ready to pursue?
    Officer: [looks back towards a cracking sound, and watches as the large mast falls down; he looks on towards the Black Pearl, admirably] Do you think he plans it all out, or just makes it up as he goes along?
  • A deleted scene expanded upon Beckett and Jack's past.
    Beckett: ...I contracted you to deliver cargo on my behalf. You chose to liberate it.
    Jack: People aren't cargo, mate.note 
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  • Will as an unflappable Deadpan Snarker when he next meets Davy Jones.
  • James Norrington gets fatally wounded while ensuring Elizabeth's escape from the Dutchman and Jones offers him a place in his crew of monsters as a chance to avoid dying. James' response? He stabs Jones—the most feared Humanoid Abomination in the seas—with his last breath as a way of saying "Screw you." Talk about an epic way to die.
    Davy Jones: James Norrington, Do you fear death? [stab] ...I'll take that as a "no".
  • Lord Cutler Beckett's ship being blown to bits and more specifically, Beckett's death scene itself. Despite what he is, the man knows how to die in an awesome fashion. At that point in his Villainous BSoD, it was all he could do. That shot of him going down to the deck, and the final one of him before the flames engulf him, are eerie and, in a way, beautiful.
    • ...Until you look at the panicked sailors around him and realize that a lot of them are going to die for his ego. If you must be that evil, then take the cream of the Royal Navy with you.
  • The battle at the end, where pirates battle against Davy Jones and his crew of undead fishmen in the middle of a thunderstorm called down by a furious sea goddess while both ships circle a whirlpool. It does not get more epic than this.
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  • Davy Jones tauntingly calls Jack "A lost bird that never learned ta fly!" Jack responds, "But...ever too late to learn, eh?" and soars straight up into the Dutchman's rigging with a bit of help from a severed line. Which leads directly to Jack and Jones having a protracted sword fight on the yardarm. During said duel, Jack conclusively outfights Jones with raw skill, despite the former basically being the worst of the main cast as far as technical fighting ability goes. The dialogue right before the duel on the yardarm is noteworthy:
    Davy Jones: The chest! Hand it over!
    Jack Sparrow: I can set you free, mate!
    Davy Jones: My freedom was forfeit long ago!
  • Davy Jones bellowing FIRE! at the top of his lungs while this magisterial piece plays. Epic indeed!
  • Barbossa, when he marries Will and Elizabeth during the middle of the aforementioned battle. "Just kiss!" Them marrying themselves in the battle. Also the flood of music and water when they kiss.
    • Additionally in this battle, as it zooms out and you get the full image of the Pearl and the Dutchman, locked in battle, caught around a swirling vortex of doom with the aforementioned epic music, and the sheer magnitude of the battle hits, what do you hear? Barbossa's cackle. This matches his line from earlier as they went into battle "Dying be the day worth living for!" which was pretty awesome as well.
      • The most important thing? The ship they're on comes out of it in one piece.
  • Four words: Pirate King Elizabeth Swann. This is Ascended Fangirl Up to Eleven; she is not only a pirate but highest authority pirates the world over recognize.
    • As well the method of her ascendancy, as part of Jack's Xanatos Gambit to come out alive and free.
    Gibbs: See, the Pirate King is elected by popular vote.
    Barbossa: And each pirate only ever votes for himself.
    Jack Sparrow: I call for a vote!
    All the captains vote themselves.
    Elizabeth: Elizabeth Swann.
    Barbossa: (resignedly) Barbossa.
    Jack Sparrow: Elizabeth Swann.
    Elizabeth: What?!
    Jack Sparrow: I know. Curious, isn't it?
  • The Brethren Court. Especially when Captain Teague walks in and everybody immediately shuts up out of respect mixed with fear. Even Barbossa.
  • An amazing Crowning Line of Awesome: "It's not just about living forever, Jackie. The trick is, living with yourself... forever."
  • The flipping of the ship. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • And the same goes for Jack tipping the odds in the Court.
  • Elizabeth's epic "What Shall We Die For" speech. "Gentlemen... hoist the colors."
    Barbossa: Revenge won't bring your father back Miss Swann. And it's not somethin' I'm intendin' to die for.
    Elizabeth: (long beat) You're right. (walks away, then turns back) Then what shall we die for?
    Elizabeth: (to the crew) You will listen to me. LISTEN! The Brethren will still be looking here, to us. To the Black Pearl, to lead. And what will they see? Frightened bilge rats aboard a derelict ship- no. No, they will see free men! And FREEDOM! And what the enemy will see is the flash of our cannons. They will hear the ring of our swords and they will know what we can do! By the sweat of our brows. And the strength of our backs. And the courage of our hearts! Gentlemen... hoist the colors.
    Will: (nods) Hoist the colors.
    Ragetti: Hoist the colors?
    Pintel: Hoist the colors!
    Gibbs: Aye. The wind's on our side boys! That's all we need!
    All: (celebrating) Raaaargh!
    Elizabeth: (to all the ships) HOIST THE COLORS!
  • In the final battle, there's a close up of Jack smiling and aiming a pistol at Davy Jones. That shot is a Crowning Moment without considering he manages to shoot the chest out of Jones' hand successfully.
  • The part where Jack guides a dying Will's hand into stabbing the heart of Davy Jones. To elaborate, the captain of the Flying Dutchman is supposed to guide the souls of those who die at sea to their resting place and is immortal so s/he can do it. The downside? Ten years at sea for one day on land. Davy Jones can only be killed by destroying his heart, and since the Flying Dutchman needs a captain, whoever kills Jones becomes the new captain.
  • Jack stealing the map at the end.
  • Jack rescuing himself and Elizabeth from the deck of the foundering Dutchman by improvising a parachute from one of the sails. Particularly ingenious since parachutes hadn't been invented yet.
  • Elizabeth masquerading as Calypso to Sao Feng. Not only has Barbossa, an old enemy, wagered his entire plan on Elizabeth's ability to both figure out what she needs to do and to do it convincingly, she delivers some of the sexiest, most beautiful lines worthy of any goddess. Tia Dalma would be honored.
  • Elizabeth has an offscreen one as captain of Sao Feng's ship. She chooses to stay with her crew in Davy Jones' brig despite Norrington's offer to use his cabin. When Norrington comes to free them, you realize that Sao Feng's crew look to her and follow her unspoken orders. In a matter of hours, in a brig on an invincible ghost ship with a crew that has betrayed her friends, Elizabeth gains their trust and loyalty. Girl didn't becomes the Pirate King for no reason.
  • The townspeople at the beginning get one. When they join in the singing of "Hoist the Colors", they actually make the EITC marines back up apprehensively.
    • Especially poignant, since they were quietly walking to their deaths. But then the child starts to sing. And some others join in, slowly, until the entire line of condemned people do so as well. They were going to die, but they were going to die as pirates.
      • This becomes even better when you learn that "Hoist The Colours" is the call to arms for the Brethren Court. The pieces of eight resonate as the pirates sing, which is how the other Pirate Lords knew to meet up at Shipwreck Cove.
      • "Hoist The Colours" is used repeatedly throughout the movie, until after "What Shall We Die For", at which point, they use "He's A Pirate" again. But it's so well done because it's not until the Brethren Court have assembled to go to war with Beckett over piracy that it stops. It's a fantastic use of the tune throughout the film.
  • When Elizabeth is accosted by Sao Feng's pirates before they meet with him. It looks like they're going to do something evil, then Barbossa comes in. As the pirate turns to talk to Barbossa, Elizabeth grabs him around the neck and puts a knife to his throat.
  • The fight between the EITC and what looks like all of Singapore, causing a city-wide battle that keeps the company busy enough for the main cast to escape unnoticed.
  • "Witty Jack is closer than you think". Cue Jack inverting his first MOA and standing on his ship as he sails it across land into the sea. The rest of the cast is stunned by this.
    Ragetti: "...Boat."
  • No love for Tia Dalma, the sea goddess herself? In her first and only real appearance as Calypso, she grows to about 100 feet, delivers what can only be assumed as the loudest and deepest "Screw You" any woman has ever uttered, turns into thousands of crabs and escapes into the sea. She then summons a maelstrom and a thunderstorm just to piss off everyone.
    • According to the PotC Wiki, she says "To your graves, wrongdoers! I bend your paths to the bottom of the sea!" Cue her taking her revenge against Davy Jones for showing the Brethren Court how to seal her in the first place.
      • Not to mention the fact that immediately after she summoned a giant malestrom, into which the Flying Dutchman and Black Pearl descended to do battle. She really did bend their paths to the bottom of the sea!
  • When Will's dad attacks Davy Jones to protect his son who just got stabbed. This is after he became so assimilated into the Dutchman crew (and ship) that he stabbed Norrington without a thought.
  • Ragetti releasing Calypso from her human bonds is an awe-inspiring moment.
  • Though it's mainly a Funny Moment, you gotta give Pintel some respect when he interrupts Jack and Barbossa's argument about the captaincy of the Pearl by shouting them both to shut up, doing what the audience would probably want to do to them at that point. All the two captains do in response is silently staring back at Pintel.
  • Cotton's parrot and Jack the Monkey during the battle in Singapore. The two work together, armed with nothing but an unstable rocket and a match, sending it hurtling across the docks towards a fireworks warehouse-and it's still a direct hit. The fireworks go up with a very big boom. Read that again - a bird and a monkey manage to obliterate boxes of fireworks... with nothing but rocket and their own wits.
    • And then later during the Battle of the Maelstrom, Pintel and Ragetti load Jack into a cannon and fire him at the Dutchman. Despite hurtling out of control and on fire he manages to hit Maccus dead center, and save Turner from being cut down, and continues to contribute to the battle until the end.
      • Just the perks of being an undead monkey, eh?


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