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Shout Out / Pirates of the Caribbean

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  • The first film contains numerous highly specific Shout Outs to the theme park ride on which the film is loosely based. These persist almost throughout the entire series, though never as frequently as in the first—one such example is the declaration of "It be too late to alter course now!" at the climax of At World's End.
  • The ending of Dead Man's Chest has Will rowing in a coffin to a skull-shaped hut in a swamp, in a scene that's an almost exact duplicate of a scene in Monkey Island, although the writers insist they've never heard of it.
  • There are a number of references to Treasure Island, including:
    • Depp's role as the Jerk with a Heart of Gold mentor.
    • The setup where the new captain of the pirate ship keeps a pet named after the captain he mutinied against. Are we talking about Barbossa and his monkey named "Jack", or Long John Silver and his parrot "Cap'n Flint"?
    • In On Stranger Tides, the reason Blackbeard seeks the fountain is because he receives a warning about a one legged-man, in this case Barbossa.
  • The Team Power Walk scene [1] is a Shout-Out to Sergio Leone westerns, complete with a Suspiciously Similar Song 'honoring' Ennio Morricone's music and a close up on The Good, The Bad... and The Ugly (Davy Jones, who winks at the camera).
    • Jack's run was said to be inspired by our TBPJMR.
    • The Mexican standoff could be a reference.
  • The musical locket owned by the villain (Jones) with an identical one owned by a good guy with a history with the villain (Tia Dalma, aka Calypso)? Straight from For a Few Dollars More, though the relationship between the corresponding characters is quite different.
  • The scene in the first movie, with the upper class lady getting rid of the alcohol after the lower-class wild man got drunk and started singing the previous night while they're stranded together? Yeah, happened in more than just this movie.
  • In AWE, one of the Boats Of Deceased Souls contains two identical, stoic-faced little girls- rather reminiscent of the Creepy Twins in The Shining.
  • Sparrow's ad-libbed "And then they made me their chief" was a running gag Orphaned Punchline from The Fast Show, of which Depp is a fan.
  • In the fourth film, Blackbeard remarks on how he has to shoot one of his own crew every so often, so they don't forget who he is. This line was also used in the Tim Powers On Stranger Tides novel, but is also allegedly (according to the 18th-century book A General History of the Pyrates by "Captain Charles Johnson") a real-life quote from Blackbeard, after he shot Israel Hands (a Real Life crew member whose name Stevenson stole for Treasure Island) in the leg for no readily apparent reason.
  • At the end of On Stranger Tides, Jack quips to Mr. Gibbs 'It's a pirate's life for me, mate', like the song that plays in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.
  • In The Curse of the Black Pearl's very first scene, Governor Swann's costume looks exactly like Captain Hook's. Also, in the final fight, Jack cuts off some of the feathers on Barbossa's hat, just like Peter does to Hook.
    • In a scene in Stranger Tides, Jack and Angelica threaten each other with meat hooks.
    • A. C. Crispin's prequel novel The Price of Freedom sees Don Rafael of the Brethren Court mentioning a recent reunion with a long-missing "James", who seemingly hasn't aged a day since his disappearance many years ago and in the intervening time has lost a hand (which he replaced with a hook) and gained a mortal terror of little boys.
  • In On Stranger Tides, when Syrena's glass coffin breaks, she is forced to walk on land. Her tail changes to legs, and every step causes her agonizing pain. These details are obviously borrowed from Andersen's fairy tale.
  • The climax of On Stranger Tides evokes recollection of a dilemma from another adventure film.
  • The Fountain of Youth looks suspiciously like the Guardian of Forever, surrounding scenery (and fog!) included.
  • The scene of pirates walking along the seabed with an air-filled upside-down boat held over them is based on an incident in The Crimson Pirate, a 1952 pirate flick with a similar tongue-in-cheek attitude.
  • Beckett's world map painted on a wall recalls the opening of The Sea Hawk, an Errol Flynn movie also featuring a monkey sidekick.