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Nightmare Fuel / Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

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You best start believing in ghost stories, Miss Turner. You're in one!
  • Anytime the crew of the Black Pearl become skeletons. "You best start believin' in ghost stories, Miss Turner. You're in one!"
    • These aren't clean skeletons, (like in most of the films up until this one) either. They've got bits of rotten flesh and clothing hanging from them, and perfectly intact eyes.
    • Elizabeth knocks one of the skeleton's heads back using the ship's wheel. Said skeleton makes a sickening gurgling noise as he cracks his head back into place.
    • For no other reason than to terrify Elizabeth, Captain Barbossa, in his skeleton form, takes a long swig of his drink, and the audience is treated to a disturbing shot of the wine trickling down his mangled ribcage as Elizabeth watches in horror/disgust.
    • Also, when Elizabeth is trying to escape from Barbossa in his cabin, and stabs him in the chest with a knife is a particularly horrifying moment. Barbossa simply stares down at the knife sticking out of his chest before casually reaching up and pulling it out, while Elizabeth watches in horror. Then Barbossa holds up the knife, which is covered in his blood, and looks at Elizabeth with a terrifying gleam in his eye...
      Barbossa: I'm curious! After killin' me, what was it you were plannin' on doing next?
  • The first half of the Black Pearl's attack on Port Royal is actually pretty scary, especially with the choice of music when it switches the cannon fire and the pirates slaughtering people.
    • Plus when the ship quietly comes in the night is a little creepy.
    • The Adult Fear of, in the middle of the chaos, watching as a falling building nearly crushes a screaming toddler. Fortunately, the boy's mother grabs him and rushes him to safety at the last second.
  • The destroyed merchant's vessel in the opening scene. At that point, first-time viewers have no clue of what happened beyond that creepy ship with the black sails that may or may not have been out of Elizabeth's imagination. When you know about the Pearl and its crew, you have to wonder how horrifying it must have been for them. Their first sight of the Pearl, the attack, the realization that this pirate crew just won't die...
  • The threat made towards Elizabeth after she tries to reject Captain Barbossa's dinner invitation and gown.
    If that be da case, den you be dinin' wiv de crew. An' yewll be nekkid.
    • Also take into account that the Pearl had been doing this for years. All because they were trying to find the last medallion.
  • Remember the hand that Elizabeth's father breaks off of a pirate's arm, then shoves into the drawer during the fight when it attacks him, that apparently turns back to flesh once the curse is broken? Now remember that Elizabeth knocks two guys to pieces when she's freeing Gibbs and crew on the Pearl, and the fact that we never see those two again...
    • Or the three blown up when one gets one of his own grenades put inside him, then pushed out of the moonlight.
  • The fact that any organic creature could become cursed. Case in point, Jack the Monkey. Just imagine if you trained other animals besides small primates to steal the gold, like a bird of prey or something... bigger, with teeth and claws. Now imagine the kind of terror that could be instilled if that something bigger couldn't die, no matter what. Just put it back together if it falls apart and it's good to go again for another set of rounds...Especially something much bigger and more dangerous, like say, the Kraken. And it looks really scary too.
  • What Barbossa did to Bootstrap Bill. He tied a cannon to the feet of an immortal and tossed him overboard in the open ocean which would be deep and dark. Sure, he got out of that by making a deal with Davy Jones but it's pure nightmare fuel for people with claustrophobia, the dark or fear of drowning. The curse only grants immortality and removes the ability to feel physical gratification; from the taste of food to temperature and that gratification. It doesn't grant superhuman strength; the weight of the water around him immobilized; which he outright stated in the second movie. Of course, the fact that he made a deal with Davy Jones in the first place might point to how horrible it was for Barbossa to leave him like that.


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